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  1.  5 stars Movie - 1 star DVD product.


    First of all the film is superb , one of my fav films of all time and bought the DVD on first day release.

    I'm sorry though , no wonder this format is dying a death , you unwrap the plastic and eagerly open the case to find - what? - just a empty case with a disc stuck in it , the sort you get from the bargain bins and 2 pound films from 20 years ago , I had to have the volume set louder than any other film I have got and the ' special features ' are a joke , just a few interviews interspersed with scenes from the movie you have just watched , even then a lot of the stuff is repeated per interview with shocking editing between the interview scenes.

    Everything about this product stunk ' cheapo ' which is a crying shame as this is a superb film and really should become a proper franchise.

  2.  a benchmark in music


    let me start off my saying that this album is one of the best of iron maiden, this album is also one of the best metal albums of all time and iron maiden deserved to be the metal gods they are,
    the album begins with prowler, a catchy fast song that is a good opening to the album, the next track remember tomorrow is the weakest on the album but still a good song, running free and phantom of the opera are great classics by iron maiden which have good riffs and solos, Transylvania is an instrumental song which is very good and catchy, strange world is another weak song but still pretty good, charlotte the harlot and iron maiden are two classics and a great way to end the album, 5/5

  3.  one of the best films of all time, bar none


    an amazing film, batman begins was one of my favourite films but this tops it slightly, great plot, cast and cgi, was never boring at times and was always giving the viewers some action, 5*

  4.  good film


    this a good film, some good action in it and some good acting, can get a little boring at times but still a great film

  5.  action packed great film


    after watching this the second time i never knew how good this movie is, non stop action, great suspense, great cgi and 3 hrs long, i like long films, dark knight is on for 2hr 30min, lotr3hr+, this in a brilliant film and goes into my top 10

  6.  great


    this is a good game, sonic 1, sonic 2, sonic 3, sonic and knuckles, sonic 2 and knuckles and sonic 3 and knuckles.
    all games are just like the original mega drive games, it comes with a save that you can save at any time but when loaded it starts at beginning of level, there are a few problems though,
    1) graphics seem even worse than the mega drive version,
    2) it would be nice to have unlockables, such as when you complete 1 game you unlock another or something along those lines,
    3) could have been nice to add sonic spinball or something for bigger game choice
    but still a must buy, just hoping for a golden axe classic collection or something

  7.  great


    one of the best shows of all time gets another funny, hiarious season, packed with laughs from beginning to end, best episode - the csi crossover, genius, MUST BUY



    what an under rated 3 episodes, this is the Return Of Red Dwarf, laughing all the time but should have included Holly and a laugh track.

  9.  One of the best series


    this is one of the best series, can't understand why fans give negative comments, this series is a must buy

  10.  ignore the negative reviews


    this season is fantastic, every episode is really funny, just ignore the negative comments and enjoy the season. MUST BUY