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  1.  EA sucks


    this game has so many bugs in it and feels like it's rushed out because they know people will buy it. not to mention the player ratings, fulham, everton and anyone that finished below them in the premier league last season (except liverpool) are pointless online they can't compete because their players are so slow in comparison.
    The first touch system is terrible, every time they showed it off it looked good, but it only works properly with players at top teams who are given high skill stats, i passed the ball to a player and it bounced off his foot and straight to an opponent (this was a basic pass).
    Career mode doesn't even work due to a bug i can only advance two days before it crashes. Once again teams are missing including the Turkish league which means the players on those teams are randomly allocated in career mode including Drogba (due to no chinese league) but never to your team so other teams are stronger straight away. Croatia and Ghana are both missing from the game despite being in high demand.
    EA has listened to their wallets once again and made a game for money not the fans, they have also focused on certain game modes and slacked on others (again).
    Don't buy it, just make transfers on fifa 12 so rosters are up to date and ignore the kits if it bothers you.

  2.  Underrated


    this is a great game, its almost like a movie, may not be free roam but it's better than skyrim.

  3.  not good


    just decided to change my review of the game completely as after playing against the harder difficulties it become clear to me that when playing against the cpu player the new "impact engine" and "defence system" are just there to make the game harder for the player. every tackle you go for either misses or they run through your player, slide tackles don't work and the cpu players are always perfectly placed, and yet again a football game doesn't get difficulties right, why do the harder difficulties only increase the speed, stamina and skills of the opposing players that's not a difficulty because it makes players stats pointless, the harder difficulties should make their team work better and change tactics not make them the flashx11.

  4.  best game ever


    it's flawless, i've played through both mass effect 1 and 2 about 5 times now and i've enjoyed every second of it. this one is a major step up from the first game in graphics, game play and layout. i would recommend this game to anyone regardless if you played he first one.

  5.  one of the best games ever


    now although this game doesn't knock mass effect 2 off my top game ever it is one of the greatest video games i probably will ever play. the campaign is actually a good length unlock call of duty's 5 hour campaign it took me 13 hours and that's without insane or the collectables. the online is annoying at times but name a game that isn't. the story to the game is well written and there's one part of it where you will say "i knew that was coming" but you'll still be shocked at the same time. the coop game modes are also good even if you play with people you don't know which is good.

  6.  down hill ending


    first movie was a great fresh movie that had good action scenes in it, the second was ok. but this "final" film in the trilogy is horrible, its about sam getting with a girl while being immortal and a load of explosions going on around him. not to spoil anything but one of the deaths should be cut from the movie its that ridiculous and goes against all other transformers media, dont know how people can say its the best of the three. if you like random explosions and characterless robots fighting and things that dont make sense even for transformers than this is the movie for you.