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  1.  At long last!


    Waited a long time for this to appear on br, (in fact it's difficult to find even on dvd). Love the movie, very under rated, but the br is average, not much better than upscaled dvd quality, but as they were the same price it was a no brainer.

  2.  Dreadful!


    I'm a big Jason Segel fan and think he can be absolutely hilarious, but this film is truly awful! I think it has maybe 3 laughs in it and incredibly it runs for over 130mins! What the hell were they thinking? Avoid at all costs.

  3.  Cudda bin great!


    Might have been a 5 star game if not for the respawning!! Hopefully for no. 2 they will have sorted it out - remember game developers, if we kill'em once we don't want to kill'em again!

  4.  Hunt this down now!


    Saw this the other night after a gap of almost 25 years. I have to saw it's still a very fine film, with a brilliant performance from Maxwell Caulfield, so we can now forgive him for Grease 2! Seriously though how come he never got another big role?

  5.  Great!


    A scandal that Theron did not receive an Oscar nomination, her performance is simply outstanding! The film is funny, but very dark, not really laugh out loud, but nevertheless shoul be seen.

  6.  Not quite a masterpiece!


    Very enjoyable about a really interesting era in the USA. Slightly overlong with an ending that doesn't quite live up to the rest of the book (though certainly a better ending than Under the Dome).

  7.  Very fine!


    Hard to believe Olsen was ignored for the Oscars, her performance is so good. This won't be everybodies cup of tea, being slow moving and more a character study of someone who may or may not be mad. Wasn't sure about the ending but on reflection I think it suits the film just perfectly.

  8.  Excellent!


    Little heard of horror & what they lack in budget they more than make up for with style & imagination, well wort a watch.

  9.  Good but hardly amazing!


    I enjoyed this, but it hardly ranks as a great film, as all the hype suggests. Brilliantly played by the cast, esp Clooney, it's funny, touching & sad in all the right places, but it just lacks something.

  10.  Fine Film!


    Never read the books or see the original film, Finchers name on the credits drew me in & i'm glad it did. Visually it looks stunning, the whole cast are excellent & I loved the ending. Not sure just how 'Swedish' it really is but even at 2 hrs 40mins it doesn't outstay its welcome.