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  1.  temple of doom cut or uncut


    will only upgrade to blu ray if temple of doom is in its full uncut US version. a quick look on the BBFC website suggests no change. missed opportunity Mr Spielberg............3 stars cut 5 stars uncut

  2.  Bravo to the BBFC


    I have owned the unrated US version for some time now, I purchased this just to see if they matched up in content and they do. So well done to the BBFC for treating us like adults. Its not a particularly great movie more of a curiosity, especially if you remember the controversy surrounding it. The Hardcore content and extreme violence will shock so be warned. This Blu Ray transfer is not really any better than the DVD which comes in this package also; I wish I had gone for the imperial edition with the different versions of the movie. Film censorship has and always will be a contentious issue so its good to see a trend within the BBFC for passing more retro films with previous cuts waived. One for the collection. The five stars are to the BBFC by the way, this disc earns three.

  3.  will Han shoot first?


    this is the question. that will probably be released in the even more complete saga! but we will buy them again and again...... and again. Still should be a top notch transfer and sound. 5 stars for reputation alone.

  4.  was it worth the wait?...


    The biggest improvement over the DVD quadrilogy has to be Aliens, the DVD picture was terrible but this is much better. All the transfers are an improvement but not the best out there. I find the Blu ray format tends to highlight poor CGI and Alien 3 is a good example of this, the CGI is laughable and ruins what is quite a nice transfer. certainly one for the collection....

  5.  More of the same...


    pretty much the same as modern warfare. excellent online play will keep this title out of the bargain bin. Mildly dissapointing. IMHO world at war is a much more satisfying game, maybe because i was raised on a diet of WW2 movies. Good but not great....

  6.  new begining for a tired franchise....


    Of all the remakes to come from Hollywood in recent years this has to be the best. The cast is almost perfect, especially Spock and McCoy. The big orchestral rendition of the original trek theme over the final credits will delight any trek fan (a nice touch). Lets hope they can come up with some decent scripts in the future. As for the blu-ray this is as good as they come, as should be expected from all new films. Picture & sound quality are superb....

  7.  oblivion on steroids.....


    I purchased this on recommendation. I am not a great fan of RPG and had i known it was oblivion set in a post apocolyptic landscape i would have left it on the shelf. It looks good in hi def but i find it tedious and boring, especially the targeting system which is fun to begin with but soon looses its charm. there are only so many times you can watch your enemies explode in slow motion before you start to yawn. Not for me! Back to world at war.

  8.  superb transfer, as expected...


    As a history lesson this is deeply flawed, as a stand alone film this delivers on every level. this film looks superb in hi def (as expected). check out the detail, from the lush green scenery to the vivid red in the battle scenes and the fur on the Deer in the woods. This is the best transfer I have scene, why cant they all be like this? Until I see better all others will be judged against this.

  9.  this is a good figure


    this multiplayer scout has great detail and good articulation. this toy i got my 10 year old son he loves it and you will like what you have payed for : ]

  10.  two of the best..ever?


    Much has been said about the restoration problems on part 1 and it shows, not a brilliant transfer but the coulours do shine through. much to my supprise part 2 has the best transfer, IMO, which is fine because it is the beat of the three, if you have been living under a rock for the last 37 years and not seen these films (1 & 2 that is, the less said about the third the better, not even blu ray can save it!) and can immerse yourself into the story you will be treated to some of the most powerful cinema ever, especially part 2. A worthy five stars for the first 2 alone, use the third as a coaster