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  1. Pure


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £22.95  Free delivery

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     A fun game


    Recently purchased this from play.com and i'm having a fun time playing it. If you've ever played ssx tricky/ ssx 3 then i think your gunna like this game. You start by building your own atv which can be pretty much fully customized and throughout the game you unlock more parts and upgrades to make you ride even faster. There are some very minor bugs in the game but nothing thats gunna annoy you. The only reason i didnt give this 5 stars is because the game can only be played on single player or xbox live and not two players on the same console.

  2.  Good game but has issues


    I bought this game recently from play.com and have been looking forward to playing it but i've had it just over 4 days now. The game itself is rather good but if you played the 2007 version then you will notice that a lot of the commentator comments are exactly the same from the previous one. Also i dont know if it is my disc or whether its a fault on the game but sometimes when i play a match a window will pop up in the top right hand corner showing the opponent like when he's under pressure, Thats all well and good but the window doesnt always disappear meaning that when i'm trying to cue a shot up the top of the table i have this stupid window which wont go away and makes it impossible to see where the ball i'm aiming for is or where the white balls going to end up, Forcing me to restart the game. I think this is a game fault as my disc is scratch free, And, as there are no updates at this time for the game it does get kinda annoying, Especially when your half way through a game. ( I still managed to get a 105 break with the window still being there) Other than that though its a great game for all snooker fans and beginners.