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  1.  Reliving Childhood Magic


    Bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves it. Starting to regret it now as she's always got it on the telly and with 163 episodes, there won't be an end to it any time soon. Then again at least it stops her from having america's top model on all the time.

    Nice box and everything.
    Only four stars as it doesn't include any of the Sabrina films.

  2.  Don't even think, just buy it.


    There is a reason why this entirely 2D game managed to nab itself a boxed console release, or perhaps many:
    -Smooth gameplay
    -Chirpy yet clever Soundtrack
    -Beautifully coloured HD visuals
    -Challenging difficulty without becoming annoying
    Whether you like the old ones or not, this game is for you, unless you've been totally engulfed by first person shooters and are no longer capable of playing brilliant games that fall under different categories.
    First time I've touched the franchise since early playstation and I am not disappointed.
    As nonsensical and happy as it is, there should to be more games like this.

  3.  GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This Album really grows on you after a couple of listens and soon you may find yourself with the chorus stuck in your head for weeks on end. Since buying this CD I couldn't help but go see them live. Frank was energetic (to say the least) and i got hit in the face by the lead guitarist's guitar but it was amazing... one of the few heavy bands i truly admire and like. I would only recommend it for those who think they can tolerate the music until the point where they will quickly find that they love it!!!

  4.  A stylish and nifty little tool of genius... until it breaks


    Impressed with this as soon as i got it out of the box. A bit smaller than i expected it to be (not necessarily a bad thing) and has a beautifully overwhelming blue LED when in use.
    Ready to use straight out the packet, i have already transported data from 3 locations... and I've only had it a day!

    ...After a couple of months using it now and again, it appears to have randomly snapped in two (not a good thing) and is totally unusable (unless i feels like touching rubber or clogging up a USB slot) [lowered rating as a result of this]

  5.  There's a Reason that this is the most Pre-ordered DVD...


    Though by no means the first attempt of realising the Moore's & Gibbon's complex graphic novel, it is definitely the most akin on-screen depiction we are likely to get.
    The style has been mirrored flawlessly and the attention to detail is amazing; these aspects alone, make the film instantly enjoyable for me personally. Although it can be argued that you are required to have read the novel in order to fully appreciate (and some would even say 'like') the film, I believe that it is not at all necessary, but still highly recommended.
    Although initially disappointed with the changing of the ending and the removal of consequential sub-stories, it is understandable considering the length the film would have to be and the amount of money that it would have cost. This is not to say it has been rushed: costing around $130 million to make and being over two and a half hours long.
    The soundtrack to this film is another unblemished trait, utilising an array of both new and old tracks, whilst still in keeping with the atmosphere, as well as the period.
    Overall, I think it is a remarkable film that has been released at an appropriate time in order of satirising the common concepts of costumed 'heroes' that has been so strongly established as a result of the surge in superhero flicks over the recent years. I only give it four stars due to the fact that this adaptation has been totally disregarded by some, displaying its somewhat inadequacy to typify the magnitude of the novel... in other words, it is far closer to being the paragon of a book, than the film is to being a film.

  6.  Cleverest thing I've ever watched


    I have no idea what people are saying about this series not being as good and the ending letting it down. This is television at its best, great story, characters, action, drama. You don't even need to have seen the previous seasons (although I would advise it as they are also smashing) Beware, you'll be totally addicted after watching the first couple of episodes.

  7.  Can see why some of you don't like it... but go die


    As a big fan of the original games on the n64, i shared the slight disapointment of how banjo has basically been left with no moves and can no longer be transformed into random objects, but after you get over this primary shock, you'll see that this game is brilliant. Rare have taken a big risk in the sheer originality of this game, but in my opinion, it has paid off : ) With the stunning graphics, an easy to use (yet sophisticated) building tool and pleasantly uplifting, colourful sense of gameplay, this game is well worth buying and deserves its place in the banjo kazooie series simply because it is everything it should be.

  8.  unique, crazy and brilliant


    I recommend that you buy this DVD if you have a stupidly random (yet subtly clever) sense of humour. My favourites have to be the 'accident & emergency' and 'Alan' but 'sneezeman' always cracks me up... a great addition to any comedy collection, but beware as you may be encouraged to purchase the second series as soon as the first is over.

  9.  Best Headphones I've ever owned


    I've been using these headphones on every journey on every day since i bought them several months ago and they havn't let me down once. Am currently profiting from the design but can see how they could have problems (as stated in some other reviews) nether-the-less the sound is superb with the right amount of bass. When they do finally break there is little doubt that i will buy another pair as they represent great (possibly inevitably shortlived) value for money