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  1.  The film of 2009


    I was being subjected to Saw VI, as my girlfriend is a fan of that series. I had little to no interest in what I was about to watch - then the trailers came on and I saw the trailer for Harry Brown for the first time.

    I knew nothing about the film - I had never heard of it. I knew when I saw that trailer that I had to see the movie... and it didn't dissapoint when the release date rolled around. The film may seem slow, but it takes it's time to establish the world that Harry Brown lives in... and it's a little too similar to the real world for comfort.

    Caine gives an incredible performance... possibly the performance of his career... and it is this, coupled with the fact that the film takes time to establish itself and it's characters that lends credence to a plot that could otherwise seem rediculous.

    There's not a weak performance in the film - which manages to be a morality tale, an examination of modern society and an awesome Revenge-Death-Wish-Style movie. It's pretty much perfect, and in my opinion was the best film released in 2009.

    The disc is a little low on extras - this would normally bother me. We do get some interviews (not that interesting) and a great commentary track. But in this case, I can let the lack of extras slide - buy this disc for the movie. Nothing else really matters - it is truly excellent.

  2.  Back from the brink


    The sad thing is Batman Begins seems to be forgotten among all the Dark Knight hype. People tend to forget how good a film it is - this is the film that brought the cinematic Batman back from the brink of destruction.

    It's refreshing to have a film focus on Batman for once and not the bad guy, and the story is exciting but with enough focus on character for it to be interesting as well. Performance wise you can't go wrong with players like Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy and Christian Bale (oh I wish he was my favourite Batman, he's a much closer fit to the comics... but Michael Keaton is too strong a memory for me)

    The only thing wrong with the disc is that it's a little low on features.

    As for the price, it's a bit silly to compare the price of BluRay to HD-DVD. HD-DVD is a dead medium, no longer in production. Most retailers were selling them at low prices to get rid of now worthless stock - of course it was cheaper.

  3.  Four stars for the film, 1 for the extras.


    There's been a lot of negativity about this follow up to Casino Royale, but I enjoyed it. It's very different from any other Bond film - but I find it refreshing. Personally this new flavour is a welcome change from the dregs that the Moore and Brosnan era produced. Daniel Craig proves he owns this role now - long may he reign.

    Unfortunately the extras are garbage - no doubt being saved for a double-dip.

  4.  Fun!


    Despite a few negative reviews below, this is actually a really fun game. Activision have really done a good job here, and they seem to have stopped pandering to kids (this game is ultra-violent). Yes it can seem a little repetitive, but overall it isn't that bad. Most of the likenesses are great - during the cut scenes Wolvie looks exactly like Jackman... overall, it's awesome.