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  1.  Great Mic friends say they can hear me clearer than ever.


    Great mic, comfortable and you don't have the annoying spongy mic dangling in front of you.

    Ear piece is also better than the official 360 one.

  2.  Very entertaining, keeps you playing to find the killer


    I really enjoyed this, its just the right length and very well made. The graphics and characters are great and it leaves you guessing who the killer is right to the end. You can't end the game by dying so every thing you do with the different characters changes the entire outcome of the story.

    Move controls were good, managed to play through the whole game with only a couple of issues with them.

    As a nice bonus you get some paper to make the origami figure on the cover while the game is installing.

  3.  Good all round experiance


    Multiplayer is fast smooth and exciting.

    If you don't like the way call of duty has changed the multiplayer fps then you will like this game. This is an fps that does not need cheap gimmicks like abilities and hundreds of unlocks to successful. It still has unlocks and some kill streak bonuses but does not go over the top like call of duty has.

    The single player is exciting yet short enough to not out stay its welcome. There is an extra mode for single player that lets you go back and compete for high scores on each level.

  4.  Excellent Features for the money


    If your tech savvy and can find all the apps to put on this you can really get alot for your money. (It comes with an app store but not the Android market place) you can however install individual apps easily just by downloading and clicking on them from sites.

    Good performance for the price as review of more expensive tablets say they perform poorly which I certainly would not say about this device.

    The touch screen is resistive but very responsive and you comes with a stylus to use. I work with tablets and this is the best resistive screen I have used so far.

  5.  Not a military sim, more a tactical shooter. [Console Port]


    Now the well informed will know this is not the true sequel to operation flashpoint, nor is it even made by the same company. The Arma series is the next thing from the original operation flashpoint and continues down the same realistic route. This game is best described as a cross between cod4 and battlefield. The game is quite a good shooter and fun to play LAN coop, although it suffers from console port syndrome and its clear the pc version was an after thought. The menus do not work very well as they are still built for the 360 controller and the online is very poor. There are not dedicated servers, just xbox style lobbies which do not work on this type of game. The menu system is so buggy if you press friends on the online screen you actually have to force the game to crash and re launch it. Online is ok if you can get a game going but very laggy due to the lack of dedicated servers.

  6.  Great Singleplayer, Multiplayer is a joke.


    No wonder the multiplayer team were fired on the day of release, it has been left unfinished. The multiplayer menu is made for consoles so the server browser is lacking any functionality. The few servers that are up are laggy and numerous people are getting multiplayer crashes. I am happy with singleplayer but this is getting one star because the multiplayer might as well of been left out. Its a shame to see an Id classic revived as a broken console port!