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  1.  More Skins !!!


    For anybody who recently started watching skins again on tv you will relise that season 3 left off before the summer break and season 4 picks up after the break.
    Surely 8 of the most outrageous teenagers in Britain did something story-worthy with a whole month of freedom.... well they did!
    The book tells what happened between all 8 characters during the 4 weeks of summer, it does a great job of roping together the latest two seasons and Ali Cronin does a great job of getting into the mind of each character which is no small accomplishment given the over the top and varied nature of the Skins cast.
    Recommended to anybody who (like myself) just cant wait a full week for a new episode.

  2.  Demo Review


    So i just finished cleaning the clocks on a couple of very unfriendly Hydra tanks and thought i'd share my views.
    The first of the two demos is clank in the great clock this area is heavily puzzle based with a few little fights inbetween and a cool time grenade weapon that made me feel slightly like i was playing future perfect all over again. The graphics are brilliant loads of colour and funky little bits and peices that youll not notice till the 5th time round, just genius.
    I only just played the ratchet demo because i didnt even notice it after getting all excited and downloading the first as soon as lay eyes on it (after all how many games need 2 demos). Having said that im glad there was a second because it was even better than the first.
    The game lands you in the middle of a battle with a handfull of huge guns and a couple gadgets and lets you run riot. It is immense fun to glide around on the new hover boots and pull off jumps around the canyon the demo takes place in. I also found 3 zoni which granted an experiance boost each and 2 constucto mods which were curious little gadgets that added perks to the constructo pistol (standard blaster type weapon) everything from flaming rounds to paint jobs can be done to this versitile little weapon im hoping to see more of that in the full release. Speaking of which i'll update this review when i get my hands on it ;D

  3. Tekken 6

    Tekken 6


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    I have been playing Tekken since Tekken 2 on the PS1 and i can proudly say its at the best its ever been.
    The game now sports Scenario Campaign which is like a very very large version of Tekken force complete with a world map, hidden stages and upgradable characters. The story is far more in depth than any other Tekken to date and revolves around mysterious newcomer Lars, although u can pick whichever character u like once u beat them in this mode.
    Arcade mode, ghost battle, time attack, survival, team battle and VS battle all make a return in offline play aswell as an Online versus. Although there are quite a few lag problems i beleive they will be patched in the near future.
    All the characters look great in HD even once youve thrown on some of the hundreds (seriously) of cusomization items. I recommend this game and ill see you guys online.
    but until then



    I ordered this game via this website and luckily enough i received it a morning where i was terribly hungover. So ofcourse i was in no mood to leave the house so i started playing, its three days later and im still going strong. I have completed the story which is even better than the first which was awesome itself.
    I am playing it through again on the hard difficutly aswell as playing the online which is highly addictive. Its sort of a cross between gears of war (3rd person shooter, similar cover system and control layout) and call of duty (online ranks and equipable perks).
    Ofcourse everything else is upgraded aswell the graphics are amazing but the voice acting is out of this world better than alot of films these days. Own a ps3? Buy it !!!!



    So its here the tenth and last demonata book. I read it in just two sitting seperated by a short break where i remembered i actually have to eat once in a while.
    Simply put its amazing, the story is nicely tied up at the end. This one really is an emotional rollercoaster for grubbs and you cant make it through a chapter without an epic battle. Recommended to everyone

    On an odd note the back cover reads "game over" which is weird this is not the "saw" films, i think check mate" would have been far more appropriate considering the way this started in book 1.

  6.  Love it or hate it.


    Its just that simple with Twilight, you either love it or hate it ! For me i love it (quite obvious from my rating). The first thing i have to point out is my love for this film has nothing to do with any crush on Rob Pattinson since i am a guy. Although i think he plays a great part and stays faithful to his character in the book. This has to be the best book to film conversion i have seen only the smallest amount of the story was changed and only minor details ignored.
    If your expecting an action packed film dont buy it, try 30 days of night a more bloodthirsty vampire movie. My only complaint about this film is that because of the restricted running time the directors were unable to develop the other characters such as charlie and the other cullens.

  7.  WOW!!!!!!! (Demo)


    I downloaded the demo from the playstation store, played it, sat with my jaw on the floor for five minutes, played it again to make sure it was reeli that good.
    IT WAS!
    I then pre-ordered it on here straight away for the sweet looking armoured batsuit alternative in challenge mode ALSO i recommend the PS3 version for its exclusive (at least for now) joker version of the challenge mode which im immensly looking forward to.
    The hand to hand combat looks insane with 4 simple buttons you can duck weave and punch through enemies without feeling like your simply repeating the same moves and it sure feels good to stand against 10 huge henchman and stand triumphant over their unconcious selfs after a few stylish combos. The sneaking element is out of this world you can go all out punch up if you prefer but the sneaking is much more entertaining (and challenging) in my opinion. It really makes you feel like Batman when you see the enemies get more and more panic stricken with each one you sweep up from the shadows. I havent even mentioned the detective mode, the amazing graphics, the return of the original voice actors from the animated series or how cool it is to pick off enemies with sneak attacks the gliding kick or your trusty batarangs, i also found hidden trophies (yes even the demo has hidden objects to find) i cant wait for the full game HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!