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  1.  Unique album which deserves it's place in any collection!


    Panic! have a very interesting sound which can only be compared to Fall Out Boy. The fast paced choruses are very catchy and will make you jump around every time. It's not my best album, and there are two tracks i consider filler, Introduction and Intermission, but the other 11 tracks are a mix of fast drumming, catchy choruses and quirky vocals making it very enjoyable. A lot of strings and electronics have been added to the record to making the tracks have that extra oomf.
    However from the record i seem to get the feel that the whole thing is a circus act or something, and im not sure if thats a good feel or not. If you are not considering getting the album, definately download notable highlights of "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" and "Build God, Then We'll Talk".
    Overall an enjoyable listen, and a stunning debut!

  2.  The Greatest Hits From The Greatest Band Ever.


    I can't believe Feeder are not more well known. They are my favourite band ever and everyone who has heard their songs have enjoyed them immensely. Any newcomers to Feeder I would recommend getting this album, as it is the most popular singles from their past career (however personally I enjoy 1999's Day In Day Out which is not here).
    When you first hear the album most likely to stick in you head are the most famous, Buck Rogers, Just A Day and Seven Days In The Sun, which, of course, are amazing and i can gurantee you will be singing them along in no time. However every track on here is memorable, passionate and emotional and each song deserves its own merit - I particularly enjoy Burn The Bridges.
    Another great thing about this album is that there is 20 tracks here so you get your money's worth, and a hell lot more.
    Im so pleased they are writing another album soon!

  3.  A Nice Compilation From A Film I Haven't Seen!


    No, I have not seen either Transformers Film. But even if you haven't either, you should still get this fantastic complilation.
    If you are into Pop-Punk and haven't got many of these songs then you should check it out! The best track has to be Theory of a Deadman's Not Meant To Be, just because the sound and emotion of it are so real. But other greats include Ax7's Almost Easy, Hoobstank's I Don't Think That I Love You and Real World by The All-American Rejects. And before you start to frown on Cheap Trick's Transformers theme tune - it isn't actually a bad track - the verse in particular is very catchy! This is a good album that you could sit and listen to all the way through and enjoy every second.
    Good stuff then.

  4. New Again

    New Again

    Taking Back Sunday - CD

    10 New from  £7.39  Free delivery

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     TBS' Best Yet!


    Although many will argue Taking Back Sunday's previous work may be better than New Again, they compare every track to the like of Makedamnsure or Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From The Team).
    However, as an album overall, there isn't a bad track or a filler as may have been in the previous cases. Taking Back Sunday have an amazing sound with catchy choruses and catchier verses, with a distinct voice of awesomeness. There are songs of great contrast on this album (like in Louder Now), from the harder angry songs of Carpathia and Lonely, Lonely - to the quiter but emotional and brilliant Where My Mouth Is and Capital M-E.
    First single Sink Into Me is as catchy and upbeat as ever, and is a song that sticks in your head like glue and puts you in a good mood whenever you hear it.
    Those who dislike this record compared to Louder Now need to listen to it more, as it grows and grows as you listen to it more into a masterpiece of a record from New York's best.

  5.  I Love This Album!


    Rise Against are strong in their views and strong in their music, and this is clear from the start. From the Recycleable paper cd case to the vegetarian advert inside to the political quotes in the album leaflet, you can be assured these guys from Chicago have a point to get across. This leads to amazing lyrics in all the songs fuelled with passion, anger, and strong politcal views. The stuff you want to sing along to in rebellion. But lyrics aren't the only thing Rise Against do so well and so passionately. The catchy hooks of all the songs mean you get them stuck in you head instantly, from the romantic The Dirt Whispered to the anti-military Hero of War to the passionate Saviour. There is not a bad track on this album and the bonus track (Historia Calamitatum, which may not be on this cd) is just as good, if not better than some of the other tracks.
    Most famous are the Guitar Hero power song Re-Education (Through Labour) and lead single Audience of One, but as an album in general you will be playing this over and over and over again. Thank You Rise Against!