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  1.  rubbish


    band rubbish album
    nobody will listen to this in a years time
    its a silly little phase
    dont waste your money
    dont give this band money to make any more music

  2.  this most certainly IS them


    this albums defines lostprophets
    its one of my favourite albums ever
    it is amazing

  3.  at first theres not much to do but its reasonably fun


    then it becomes amazing
    it is just so well made
    the controllers use the touch screen really well
    all the different items you get are really good
    liek the boomerang
    you have lots of little puzzles to solve
    and bosses to defeat
    and lots of adventuring to do
    as everyone else is saying
    im also addicted

    im not a huge zelda fan
    and iwasnt sure id be into this
    id only played 1 zelda game on the N64
    but even if your not a fan of the series you can still enjoy this
    its probably my favourite DS game

  4.  i love swinging round


    its a good game
    if youve played spiderman 2 then its not much of an improvement
    graphics are better
    the way the missions are set out is better
    cos theres like loads of different ones to choose from at once and you choose the one youw ant to do and a marker comes up showing you where to go

    but yeah its great to roam around and theres always 1 crime to solve on the street which is good if you cant be bothered to do the actual missions

    theres 42 missions and so far theyv been short so i dontt hink its going to take along time to complete but theres loads of other stuff to do
    get achievements
    fight street crime
    swing around
    sky diving (you have to sky dive through rings and you get points based on how well you do it)
    so yeah worth buying

  5.  its so fun at first


    but you complete it in a day
    and then you wont want to play on it
    apart from when your with mates and you try and beat each others top scores
    the mini games are also cool though

  6.  buy it


    you will love it for the same reason you loved all the other pokemon games
    this one beats them aswel though
    the game lasts a lot longer and theres more to do and loads of legendries to get your hands on

  7.  great game


    like the classic sidescrolling gameboy games
    but just 10 times better
    visuals obviously a lot better
    nicer structure to the game
    loads of new features
    definatly worth the money

  8.  this game is fantastic


    just buy it now
    its one of the best games ive ever played
    become goood or evil
    fight with loads of different swords, bow and arrow, etc.
    loads of quests to complete
    and you get to make your own choices the whole way through
    of how you want to make money, how good or evil you want to be, etc.
    i should write no more than you have to buy this game
    even if you have a 360 now and want to buy halo 3 and call of duty 4
    you still have to find time to play this

  9.  good game


    homecourt mode is good
    you build up your team
    play loads of games which are all different in terms of how you score points and how many points you have to get to win
    you can do loads of skills and its pretty cool just to watch all the insane stuff
    the letdown of this is that alot of the moves you can do dont really provide much advantage
    and its pretty easy to just run and shoot or dunk
    thats why it doesnt get 5 stars
    also i imagine that it will start to get repetitive
    but multiplayer is still fun with your mates

  10.  this game is great


    a really good FPS and at a really good price
    the missions are exciting and it plays really well
    the multiplayer is really good aswel
    loads of different weapons, maps, etc.
    i just love playing this game.
    i was expecting it to be a let down after peopel saying it doesnt live up to the original perfect dark
    it does
    you can get it very cheap now and i advise you do