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  1.  ~It's Party Time!


    What can be said for this game? Well, actually, quite a lot. Withstanding the transfer from 360 to DS, and making the controls, let's face it, a heck of a lot easier to control when moving about your garden. A beautiful little pick up and play game that's for anyone and everyone. Deals with collecting the different Pinata species, caring and breeding them to earn certificates and leveling up, and generally becoming a Pinata whizz-king. Sounds hare-brained, but it really works. Full house score, and with plenty of reasons. At the price it's going, I'm surprised you even have to read reviews on it first!

  2.  Awesomely unplayable~


    When you think Valkyrie Profile, you might think of the original game, which has in recent years been ported to the PSP. But have no doubt in your mind if you go to buy this game - This is NOT that type of game. While the game itself is presentable, the sprites being quite crisp, the occasional animation being a treat to watch, the game itself is literally trying it's hardest to be unplayable. A strategy game mimicking Fire Emblem or Tactics Advance/War of the Lions, yet holding little of the charm, and all of the difficulty. Thought any of those were a pain in the backside - you haven't seen anything. Music is good, looks nice, but the gameplay is it's downfall. Players are punished for not achieving the near impossible - Playable characters can also be sacrificed for a brief moment of enhanced power, but never to be used again, and characters aren't exactly plentiful. Playing this will not be easy, or will you do it in one straight play through. Attempt, if you dare.

  3.  Pokemon is Pokemon~


    To say that these games are the same story wrapped in different skin is true for most games these days - for example Mario and Zelda. Pokemon is a formula that has worked for years, and will continue to work. Why mend something that isn't broken? The games are lovely to look at (though why can we not walk wherever which way we like yet?), play well with little to no glitches, and the Pokemon designs, though considered the weakest of the series, aren't all that bad, and in Platinum a lot of old favourites become available sooner, leading to happier retro fan boys and girls. Platinum is, yes, a copy of Diamond and Pearl, but with added features and the Pokemon swapped around here and there. Other than saying if you like Pokemon, or have a lot of spare time, you'll love Platinum, there's little else to say. Anyone who is sick of the series should just not buy the games really.

  4.  An *Almost* perfect fighter


    Having been a fan of Soul Calibur 2 in the Gamecube era, I once again decided to blow the dust off my 360 and engage in this particular installment. Having played SC3 and enjoyed it, I have to say Soul Calibur lacks nothing. Weapon Master in Soul Calibur 2 may never return, but that's certainly no reason to negative stars away from such an awesome game. Graphically it looks beautiful, the fighting and weapon styles are varied, and the newest characters, including my favourite - Hilde- are welcome to the cast. The Character Creation does NOT rely on putting on armour to gain stats, weapons also give additional health and attack, and I've never had a problem with creating characters how I like. Being about to change pitch in the voice, as well as physical appearance and clothing makes the character completely yours, though the equipment is a little ambiguous on how you unlock it. The negative - the only one I have - is the game can be a little uneven at times, being incredibly easy one round, and difficult the next. I think anyone who has played the game will agree that Arcade against The Apprentice is a killer. However, the more you play, the more skilled you become, and this doesn't become much of a problem. Plenty of modes (despite what people say), and plenty of things to unlock. A niggle for non-xbox live members though - a certain amount of the achievements have to be unlocked online.

  5.  Best DS RPG out there~


    I tell no lie. Suikoden: Tierkreis snuck up on the DS community like a panther, and it's not letting go. Lovely music, interesting characters, voice acting and lush anime cutscenes as well as fantastic gameplay are all beautifully pieced together into one awe-inspiring package. Like all Suikoden Games, there are potentially up to 108 'stars'/characters to persuade into joining your campaign. With a likeable main character (that actually speaks, perhaps a first for RPGs where you name your character), interesting supporting characters and a world and universe-wide war, Suikoden will keep you up for hours. Don't just take my word for it - if you're lucky enough to own a copy, you proudly own one heck of a game.

  6. Bunnyz


    Nintendo DS

    4 New from  £12.40  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.27

     Being frank - I liked it.


    Key word being liked. To say it's a knock off from Nintendogs would be unjust. The Petz series was around a lot longer than the DS, and though the latest installments are a different formula to the PC versions, I have to say Bunnyz is actually a delight to play. The graphics are cute, rounded and ideal for young and older players. The mini games are fun, but also quite challenging in the later stages, and the rabbits have lots to do in their houses. However, said mini games certainly get repetitive, and for whatever reason 'Bunnyz' lacks voice recognition, something was to me is a major downfall. The game is fun for a good few weeks, but don't expect it to last forever. For voice recognition, I suggest Hamsterz. Last word in - Not a bad little game at all.