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  1.  Well worth a go!


    this game felt like a carbon copy of zelda with demonic theme, same weapons and dungeons but... it works and plays very well enjoyed it.

  2.  decent enough.


    it is a sandbox game much like spiderman, but much much better. story is basic infection spreads lead character stops bad guy but still remains fun to play. a decent amount of time about 10 hours for the story missions. i would rent it though as i cant see myself playing it through again. compared to other games recently released this is one of the better ones.

  3.  immense!


    played the 1st 4 missions so far on normal settings, think ill restart on hard as there is lots of save points. the graphics are great but its the sounds throughout thats make the game so gud. ive jumped a few occasions even tho im expecting stuff to jump out. nuffin better out at the moment in this genre.

  4.  love it.


    The game is great, loadsa stuff to do ive played it now for 15 hours and only 40% completed. Loses a star for a few bits i dont like which im sure most ppl wud agree with, 1- the game has alot of glitchy moments. 2- Graphics i cant relli see any improvement in this over saints row 1. Anyway if you cant justify the £34.99 rent it at least. Its a must.

  5.  great buy!!!


    Not many albums can i say i could listen from start to finish but this is one of those. Im a big fan of kol but i recomend this album to people yet to hear them. Love itt.

  6.  £24.99 after being out a month says it all.


    top games stay full price for a long time i have come to believe. its not a bad game jus isnt wat i was expecting from a sequel. the 1st ninja gaiden was immense. camera angles are shocking which ruins it as u tend to get enemys attacking you where u can see them which makes pulling of special moves much harder. overall average game. rent it dont buy it.