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  1.  Seen it!!


    This is hilarious, and buy it if you don't already own 'Live at the Bolton Albert Halls', but if you do own that, this is almost exactly the same; same tour same jokes!! Still one of my favourite comedians though!

  2.  Double Beatles


    **They haven't taken Ringo's "I've Got Blisters on my fingers!!" scream at the end of Helter Skelter. At leas they haven't on the stereo version anyway!**

    This is great album with a huge range of songs, covering countless genres.

    The remastering I don't think sounds that much different (just a bit louder and clearer, but probably unnoticeable to the casual listener) but these remasters are worth 5 stars for the packaging and presentation alone!! You even get a scaled down version of the poster that you would have got with the original LP.

    Only complaint is that Paul, George and Ringo didn't put their feet down and tell Lennon that there was no place for 'Revolution 9' on a Beatles record!!

  3.  Good collection of the song's you'll know


    This collects all of the singles and B-sides that other CD's didn't include. There are differences between this and the original CD, such as extra harmonica parts on 'Thank You Girl', and I don't know what's happened to 'From Me to you'-there's no harmonica in the intro!!

    First chance to hear some of the earlier stuff in stereo on past masters though, and a great collection of songs

  4.  Masterpiece


    This album doesn't sound drastically different to the original CD release, however it is much easier to pick out individual sounds (e.g. a cough at the beginning of 'You won't see me'.

    Definately one of their best albums.

  5.  You can't resist it!


    I'm not the biggest Muse fan, but this album is brilliant from start to finish. Every song on it is amazing, although the synphonies may get boring after you've listened to them a few times.

    Ten times better that Black Holes & Revelations...

  6.  Magical. Mystical.


    Upon first listen you don't notice much difference to the first CD release, but as you listen more closely you can pick out things much more easily than on the original CD's (such as a murmer of speach during the string introduction on 'All You Need Is Love', and bongos (?) throughout most of 'Penny Lane'.

    Having not heard any of the other remasters I have nothing to compare this to (although I have a couple on order!), but they definately sound crisper and cleaner than before.

    As for the stereo mixing of the vocals on one side and the drums etc. on the other, that was obviously the way things were done in 1967 and was how the Beatles wanted it to sound, I see no reason to change this for the new releases, after all they are remasters, not remixes.

    Also there's an error on the disc label-under the track listing it says 'Let It Be Mini-Documentary', whilst it is in fact the correct one on the disc when you watch it on your PC! Apple/EMI are likely to correct this on future pressings, so get it now and it may be worth something in years to come!

  7.  Masterpiece


    This is a great album; containing the original mono album of 15 tracks, as released in 1968 and a further 12 stereo tracks that were the original album that Ray Davies scrapped just days before the release.

    Although it was a flop at the time, this album has stood the test of time and should be ranked up there with 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' and 'Pet Sounds'.

    My only critisicm was that the CD case was cracked (although I can't blame The Kinks for that!!)