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  1.  ...forget this call of duty rubbish...


    ...this is easily the best release this year ( or ever?) for ps3. there is so much to do, so many cars and so realistic it will blow your mind. ive had it only for 4 days, and already spent like 24 hrs on it. my only gripe is the AI, its pretty linear, sticking to a set path, deviating every now and again to block you. also if your rear end a car, for some odd reason u will seem to be stuck to it unless u slow down...if not, your car will go and do wotever the car you hit will do, however this is a mino problem. there is a wide expance of cars and tuning options to get your teeth into. want a real driving/racing game?, GET THIS!

  2.  dear god!


    This album is amazing. Been two years in the making and its been worth every minute of the wait! Every song on this album is unique and catchy, and considering it was all recorded by just the leading man himself makes it all the more impressive. However...as amazing as this album may be, it doesn't scratch the surface of how good this band are live. I saw them at bristol a couple of days ago, and my god were they good. Also very nice chaps to talk to. I see big things happening to these guys, and rightfully so. Buy this album now folks.

  3.  ...


    And you thought their first release was good....this i smuch better. technically it sounds more polished, more professional...heavier riffs, but still maintains their comical spin on what they write music about. I would love to see these guys live, hope they tour UK and especially near me....BRISTOL!!!...although i think the great dvd is as close as im gonna get. buy it now folks.

  4.  well


    Like most other seasons, this starts off very VERY weak. i doubt i'll wonna watch most of the first disc again, however, past the first disc, things get a hell of alot better, thank god. Stan is the best by far. although family guy is still ahead

  5.  ok.....


    right ok, not being funny ignore all the people who slate this game, i had it on for about an hour and now im hooked. its fast, fun, funny, intense, challenging and the graphics aint all that bad. Granted they prob could be better, but hey, the laughs and gameplay make up for the B+ graphics. (still good though) The story is good and in depth and characters you can connnect to.....plus if you use your ticket code....well, lets just say things get even better. really this game is like a 1940's GTA with some added charisma...i advise you to buy it...now. its fun.

  6.  Brilliant


    Not many bands can beat their earlier attempts with their newest release, however Rammstein have done this. This CD surpases any other of their earlier efforts. There is also a change in sounds and rythm of the songs. Many of the songs contain some double bass and the songs are less repetative. If you are a fan of Rammstein you will not be dissapointed. My highlights are 'Waidmanns Heil' and 'Liebe Ist Für Alle Da'

  7.  Best PS3 title yet?


    well, been on this for 2 hours, and omg, amazing. graphics, gameplay, addictability, all awesome. The Uncharted game was very good, but this is a notch above. its the little things, improvement in movement, shooting (especially with grenades) and nathans jumping is different etc etc, it all makes this an amazing difference and better game. its a little easier than the first so i recomend a harder setting, but ive laughed out loud a few times already, as the charm and comedic moments are all still here. This will be a hard one to beat. Thanks alot for this, If it wasn;t for sleep deprevation i would still be on it, but had no sleep for 23 hrs, im hanging. Thanks naughty dog

  8.  mixed bag, shame really


    Right, to begin with, if your a fan, you will like this, as i do. however, the first disk of episodes i found to be rather unfunny apart from a few moment. this is a shame really as the last half is very good. To be honest family guy is much better, but hey, this still beats the pants off many comedies out there now. buy this.

  9.  Daaamnn!


    Just opened and started listening to this latest offering from kreator, and already i know its going to be great!!! Thumping fast drums and killer riffage. Fan of kreator??...buy this now!! Plus the packaging for the digipack is brilliant.

  10.  well...


    I found this a very hard hitting and disturbing film. Some scenes i was watching open mouthed and cldnt really believe what i was seeing. In my view one of the better horror films of this year. This film says it all about the culture of today. I highly recomend but be warned. All this said, it is a very well made and acted film. You really feel for the two main leads. Buy now.