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  1.  A complete blast from beginning to end


    This is for me without doubt the best in the series. Everything here is bigger, better, bolder and more ambitous. In fact there are scenes during the game where it blew me away almost having to pinch myself as to what I was playing and seeing on screen.

    Sure the gunplay is a little iffy compared to Gears of War and the melee combat doesn't quite pack the punch Arkham City does (good for them as otherwise we'd be talking about the best game EVER). However, the strength in storytelling & cinematic set pieces is second to none and worthy of the any blockbuster movie. The best PS3 exclusive without any shadow of a doubt.

  2.  A Must Have for GOW fans


    As HD collections go this is a must have alongside the first volume (and recent ICO release). 2 Highly action packed games on one single blue ray disk remastered for optimal HD widescreen TV's you simply can't go wrong.

    Chains of Olympus is the prequel and sets the stage for the GOW series with a good story line filling in many untold elements of the latter games. Ghost of Sparta is effectively GOW1+ and so set after the events of the first PS2 release - and by heck what a game. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that perhaps this GOW game is the tightest of them all in terms of story line and gameplay settings. Whereas GOW3 of PS3 has all the flash graphics and moves Ghost of Sparta has the better diversity in environments and enemies - which is really saying something.

  3.  A True All Time Classic


    Here's a strange one - I've never been into the Mario side scrolling platform games. Not because they're no good but rather they're all too similar in style for me. However, cue Mario Galaxy and all of a sudden my attitude to Mario has changed and I realise just why I love gaming so much. The sheer brilliance of level design, the cutesy graphics & freedom of movement are unparalleled on the Wii bar Galaxy 2 and match the best the PS3 and 360 have to offer. In fact, for gaming thrills and spills I'd say that it's on par with GOW3 and Uncharted 2 and that's really saying something!!

    However, where this Mario game stands out over the other platformers lies in its substance. You'll not rest until you've collected all the stars and even then you'll want to go back to completed levels to try and get a better score. Rest assured this will all take many many many hours of your life every moment (including the frustrating deaths) of which will be gaming bliss.

  4.  Brilliant take on Modern Combat


    I've never played the first game however, after seeing the excellent trailer and online spot reviews I though I'd give it a go and by heck what a ride. MW2 might have the slighly better 'close quarter' gunplay but for sheer tactical nous, thrills and spills and variety of gameplay this is the benchmark on the PS3. Coupled with a decent campaign that does not leave you feeling short changed (unlike MW2) and great graphics and sound this is a standout tilte that deserves greater coverage than it has gotten so far. Oh...finally admist all the shooting take time out to listen to the excellent and hilarious dialogue between the comrades - great stuff.

  5.  Brilliant add on for a complete SFIV Experience


    The tournament addition stick is quite possible one of the best game controllers ever made using components directly from the arcade cabinent. Presentation is spot on, with a delicious plastic casing both for the stick and the red outer box. The art design is wonderfully drawn too giving you a real sense of optimism for the game.

    You plug the whole thing into the PS3 using a USB cable so please note that this preheripal is NOT wireless. Cables plenty long though so that should not cause an issue at all. Buttons are large, spaced out beautifully and have that great arcade feel and polish to it. Stick itself is fine, strong and hard although not sure if its the same exact height as in the (western) arcades - remember those Japanese fellas have slightly smaller hands in general! It plays solid too. I must admit that initally I found some of the special moves hard to pull off as the stick is so precise it requires almost perfect directional movement and button timing. However, once you've mastered that there'll be no stoping you and serial combos will become second nature.

    Best played on a large screen with surround sound SSFIV + Arcade stick is the ultimate fighting experience not to be missed.

  6.  The best fighter ever


    In a nutshell, SSFIV is the most complete fighter there is even surpassing the revolutionary effort of SF2. Amazing animation & character designs coupled with great backdrops make this a real looker. Everything feels just right; moves, combos, counters, online play and replays. Add in 35 brawlers and you've got some serious gaming for the next........100 years or so!

  7.  Stella collection


    Both GOW games on PS2 rank as among the best action games ever and now in HD running at 60 fps & 720p they look simply amazing. In fact, GOW 2 wouldn't go amiss as a first generation PS3 title and makes the recent paltry effort of the Bayonetta port look pathetic. Games still play brilliantly too with plenty of fights mixed in with some astute puzzle solving. The collection also gives you plenty of extras with pre-game footage, battle challenges and cut-scene (cinema) mode. At 17.99 its a must have for PS3 owners.

  8.  Epic finale to an epic series


    The title pretty much sums this up. So ends one of the greatest game trilogys ever. Up there with the likes of NES/SNES/64 Mario, GTA & FF. In fact, as a media GOW matches the likes of Star Wars, Matrix and Lord of the Rings with Kratos going down as one of the most memorable characters in gaming history. Ok about the third installment.

    It's bigger, badder & bolder with fight sequences to behold. The graphics are simply astounding with the best lighting effects ever and along with Uncharted 2 a showcase for PS3 HD gaming. The frame rate is steady although I'm not sure if it's running 60fps all the time. There are more enemies on screen this time round and detail on Kratos is perhaps the bets of any video game charater ever. Cut scenes are excellent and being (mostly) modelled on the in game graphics should give you a sense of how artistic the game looks and feels. A few scences admittedly had to use superior FMV/Pre-rendered graphics not found in-game but that's just a statement to the quality of the overall product and not a hinderence.

    It plays better too. 4 weapons of choice, plenty of moves, specific magic per weapon and 4 combat items make this a thinking man's button basher where all your arsenal is required to defeat the hoardes of enemies. Boss battles are plenty although, you cannot help but think that perhaps the producers missed a trick in not showing enough of the Titans because trust me you'll be blown away by the 2 scenes that they're in especially Cronos. IThe thought of a Shadow of the Collusus game on PS3 based on the scale of the Titans is mind boggling.

    The game is not without it's faults though. The story unfortuantley isn't as strong as the previous 2. Yes it's about the final revenge agains Zeus but it takes a twist and tangent path which it could've done without. And there are some strange loose ends especially where Kratos's 'extended' family members are concerned, something that the programmers should have expanded upon to give it more drama. Nevertheless GOW 3 is a marvelous achievement in gaming.

  9.  Classic Mario


    This is classic Mario at his almost best. I say almost because unlike some of the earlier titles that brought something new and original to the 2d platformer genre this merely borrows from them with added flashy graphics. Don't go expecting much of a story cos that's simply not the aim of Mario. Do however expect plenty of perfectly timed jumps, bewildering enemies and catchy tunes.

  10.  Fair but flawed


    This must be some game on the 360 to have gotten the rave reviews it has because ultimately on the PS3 I'm afraid to say that it's a different affair.

    First the good bits. The game has good varied boss battles, tons and tons of moves to master, plenty of power ups to purchase and is pretty lengthy to boot.

    However, the bad bits are glaringly obvious. Being a port of the 360 game no doubt the graphics are washed out & grainey, animation is choppy and as a result it becomes difficult to see exaclty what is going on when things get really hairy and hectic on screen. Load times are also silly due to the abscence of a hardrive installation option as is the norm with most games on the PS3. The results are that load times in between levels are lengthy, in-game loads are far too frequent and very annoying for a game that is focused on fluid combat.

    This might sound like nitpicking but as Bayonetta was being billed as the new action figure to knock em dead it falls some way short. Compared next to the competent DMC4, excellent NG Sigma 2 (which is the way a 360 game should be made on the ps3) and upcoming GOW 3 the technical flaws really stand out. A muddled story line doesn't help either something at least the other titles were strong on.

    Being offline sadly I can't comment on the possible patches that might fix some/all of the problems mentioned but somehow I doubt they could as the game on the PS3 was a case of poor programming to begin with. Overall it's worth a look at a bargain price but just don't go expecting a GOW killer flaw or no flaws.