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  1.  Easily the best Resident Evil film!


    I really liked this RE movie. it has a lot of action in it a mixture of all different kinds of monsters like the Giant Licker, The Las Plagas soldiers, Zombies and two Executioners. I also think it might be the first Resi Evil film with the most game characters in it. It was super cool to see Leon and Barry both in the film i liked that a lot.

    Will defiantly get this on blu-ray to add to my collection.

  2.  I enjoyed it


    I know that this film is going to get loads of negative reviews just because its an Uwe Boll film. But before all that happens i would personally like to say that i actually enjoyed this movie. I liked it more than the first dungeon siege film and i really liked the action and the story of the film. I thought Dolph did well as a main character in the film and also Natassia Malthe was good in the film.

    Overall i enjoyed the movie. Its a good, fun fantasy adventure movie that you can watch to kill off some hours and have fun.

  3.  you KNOW its going to be awesome!


    First found out about these guys when i went to go see MCR live last february. Ever since then i've been a huge fan of their music and cant wait for their second album to come out very soon. Plus the bonus dvd of them making the new album.

    "Do You Get What You Pray For" and "Love Will Eat You Alive" Which is a personal favourite of mine both sound amazingly awesome! and i cant wait to get the album and listen to the rest of the songs. LostAlone are a huge underrated band and deserves a lot more attention and fans.

  4.  Alone In The Dark 2


    A fun little horror film it may have nothing to do with the games and also the actor is a wrong choice for Edward. But as a stand alone movie its just a fun little horror film.

  5.  Alone In The Dark


    Am a fan of the games i like them very much and i actually like the film. I Know everyone says its horrible and terrible ect ect
    But personally i like the movie and think its a pretty good action monster film.

  6.  Loved it!


    Really funny film i liked it a lot! will buy this on blu-ray when it comes out.

  7.  Fun little action vampire film.


    Bloodrayne 3 is pretty good its not great (of course) but for what it is its just a fun little action movie with a sexy vampire girl (Rayne) in it as the main character. What more could you ask for?

  8.  Funny twilight spoof!


    I think that twilight fans will actually like this. To really like this movie and get most of the jokes you have to be a twilight fan. I persoanlly really liked this movie and thought it was really funny. I say check it out!

  9.  Great band!


    Am surprised no one has written a review for this album yet. I mean this band and this album is great. The Aquabats is such a awesome band you have to get this album to check them out!

  10.  The greatest Rock band ever!


    LostAlone is one of the most greatest rock bands ever. Every track on this album is great there's not one single track on this album that i don't like. Must Buy!!!!