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  1.  The King of All Cosmos


    A Katamari, for the uninitiated, is a ball which is rolled around on the ground and used to stick things to. The idea is to collect as many things with the Katamari as you can within a certain period of time. It gets trickier when you're requested to collect specific kinds of things and that, in a nutshell, is that. The game is crazy, camp and, depending on your preferences, as addictive as hell! It's certainly more fun than it sounds and the creators have really gone to town on making 'Me and My Katamari' ooze with crazy Japanese style. If you're looking for something fun, different and original then this is probably worth a punt.
    The only reason I'm not awarding it a perfect 5 is because the controls are little on the rubbishy side of things; I'm sure there would have been an easier way to control the Prince than having to rely on both the digipad AND the buttons to move the little fella around. It takes some getting used, is really not intuitive but, to be fair, with perseverance does start to make a little sense.

  2.  Blackbird singing in the dead of night


    Black Falcon is like the original Afterburner and G-Loc but even better! It's fast paced with loads going on all around you with lots of dextrous button bashing needed to keep you from crashing and burning. The graphics are sweet and most peoples favourite sky-whips are included with the only notable exception being the F16 (which is a crying shame for fans of Iron Eagle!)
    Everything is not totally like brilliant, though, and the main areas of concern are in the fact you can complete the game in around 3 hours and the game tends to freeze every now and then for a second or so which snaps you out of your hypnotic state and makes you pull the kind of face usually reserved for only the most spoilt of children.
    There's a bit of temptation to milk more out of the game by playing as the other characters and getting their bonus missions, or in just racking up money to buy all the planes and upgrades with but I reckon you'll be bored of playing long before then as is the nature of arcade style games: it all gets a bit repetitive.
    But like I said there's a lot to love about Afterburner and if you're a fan of the old games or just like Shmups in general then you'll have much bliss and great joy with this mofo.... while it lasts.

  3.  Great TV let down by having only 1 HDMI


    My brother bought one of these just yesterday and I helped him get it all set-up. I was expecting something pretty good as I have a Sony LCD myself (S-series) and I was not disappointed and was in actual fact very impressed.
    Sure it's only got 1 HDMI port and it doesn't have quite such high spec on paper but in reality the TV delivers every bit as good a picture as mine with good blacks, quick response and vivid colours. One thing I think Sony really deserve credit for with their LCDs is in paying attention to sound quality. A lot of LCDs I've seen/tried tend to fall down in this area and have either harsh highs or muddy lows. The Sony's don't seem to suffer with this which is great if you don't always feel like unleashing hell with your surround sound kit!
    If you have not seen one of these in the flesh (or plastic) then let me assure you that they're actually really good looking. I know black is all the rage at the moment but the silver used here is not in the least bit cheap looking and is darker than you'd probably imagine.

    It's got great aesthetics, pleasing sound quality and most importantly of all it really delivers an awesome picture.
    If you think you can live with just one HDMI then make sure you put this TV on your shortlist! Be sure, though, because over the time you own this TV you're probably going to accumulate more and more HDMI connectable devices and the last thing you want to have to invest in is one of those splitter boxes. Well I wouldn't want to anyway and that's why I'm only awarding 4 stars.

  4.  Cheap and cheerful


    I love this phone and it's currently my most used because although it's cheap it always gets people's interest and they're genuinely shocked when I tell them what I paid.
    I like the fact it's a slim no nonsense number and the Digital Ink display looks cool in a retro-calculator sort-of-way and is as easy to read in direct sunlight as black ink on white paper.
    The reason I'm not awarding 5 starts is because that although the F3 is easy to use there are some aspects that require a manual and are not common sense, the fact that the backlight only lights up either side of the phone and you have a dull stripe down the middle and finally that the screen isn't capable of displaying very many characters and your texts will contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters (though the recipient will see ALL lower case).
    Nothing major to hate it for and despite these niggles you'll have yourself a good basic handset that's mostly simple to use, has great batterylife, pulls in a strong signal, has clear call quality and great speakerphone capability, and last but not least is slim and light enough (and cheap enough) to take with you anywhere and not care about dropping it.

  5.  Great looks - Great price - Poor design


    At first I was very impressed with the Chocolate as it really seemed as though LG had put a tremendous amount of thought into it's design, but after using one for a while I came to realise that it needed just a little more.
    The things that really drove me crazy with it are firstly that the the touchpad is extremely sensitive and you'll often find it behaving in an undesirable way, and secondly that the backlit keys are too softly lit to make them clearly visible in less than ideal light.
    I think it's an attractive phone for the price but advise you to take a look at some Samsung mobiles which are mostly good looking and have the added benefit of being good little performers.

  6. Doom



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    This is not a bad book as videogame novels go but there are some really weird ideas that might shock you.
    Once you get over the protagonists insistence of referring to himself as 'yours truly' (which grates some) you find yourself embroiled in an inspired videogame world where every detail and quirk has tried to be accounted for.
    It all gets freaky when the books starts slipping in titbits of the Mormon faith with references to the Tabernacle and Salt Lake City (I'm not making this up) and this is something which continues and gets way out of control over the course of the series.
    Reminds me of the Jesus comics I saw lying in the street as a kid.

  7.  In the pink


    Nifty's said pretty much all that needs to be said about this badboy but there's a couple things I'd like to add:

    The DS is wonderful, we know that but is there anything less-than-wonderful about it?
    Oh yes! For the best part the touch screen and stylus method of playing games is brilliant and works like a charm but there are plenty of bigname exceptions where I think only the most blinkered zealot would fail to find fault.
    The better games for the DS such as Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros do not rely on the stylus and are infact very traditionally played games (with the joypad). The simple games like those found in Wario Ware Touched work beautifully and for the best part totally rely on the stylus but then there are games like Metroid and Mario 64 where you'd have to be a real Nintendo Fanboy of the highest calibre to believe that you were not engaging in a SEVERELY impaired experience because using the stylus in place of an analogue stick is frustratingly awkward and not much fun.

    If you get one then make sure you buy Mario Kart, New Super Mario Brothers and also Wario Ware Touched so you have some super stylus fun! That should keep you going until Zelda makes an appearance.

  8.  I said PINK!


    Like the other fella said, you ain't buying this for the volleyball or the other stuff and that's a fact.
    Sadly it's also a fact that what this game is REALLY about is the thoughtful purchasing of gifts. You see if you want to score with all the babes then you have to pay attention to stuff like what their favourite colour is and what kinda gifts will make them weak at the knees.
    It's no more fun than feigning interest in their day with your usual autopilot charm - "yeah, oh right, wow, I guess, *false chuckle*, yeah."
    If you're looking for a full girlfriend experience then look no further but if you're looking to have some fun getting down with the chicks then this bevy of dolls are more hard work than they're worth.

  9.  Must be terribly hot or dusty?


    Playing Wario Touched you'll probably come to think that this was the game that the DS was invented for; using a stylus to play mini games with is PERFECT.
    The only bad stuff is that some games require you to blow into the mic (imagine doing that on the bus) and because it's so easy and intuitive to play the games with the stylus that the game itself doesn't present too much of a challenge.
    All-in-all, though, this is a must!

  10.  No good if you already connection share


    If you have an Xbox or something plugged into your PC's Ethernet port then this thing will cause you more grief than it's worth because it's not possible to have 2 shared connections active at once. And when you want to play the on other you'll be scratching your head trying to figure out how to change everything back again.

    Even if that's not an issue for you, you SHOULD consider just buying a wireless router because for around 30 quid you're certainly in the right sort of price range.