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  1.  Retro classic reinvented


    New super Mario brothers is simply a masterpiece. If youre into classic Mario platform games this game will not disappoint. Theres no over the top gimmicks or pointless use of the stylus here, as often many new games try to take advantage of the DS touch screen just for the sake of it. The only time the stylus is really used is for dropping down stored upgrades, reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. 3 as well as Super Mario World.

    The graphics are superb and each level feels how a classic Mario platformer level should feel. New additions to this game include mushrooms to make Mario huge! With this new power Mario is able to run across a level smashing blocks and crushing enemies in his way, also the tiny mushroom which enables Mario to shrink in order to slip into smaller areas and discover further secrets.

    The multiplayer feature is also a fresh approach to the classic Mario Bros. Game which sees both Mario and Luigi battling It out across a small level, although simplistic and basic this is the kind of multiplayer to stick on every now and again for 5 minutes at a time.

    So, the retro heads out there should be fairly pleased, however, what about new and young players who may not have experienced Mario platformers the first time around? Fear not, New Super Mario Bros. Is very friendly and provides simplistic game play and story to appeal to all players, despite their lack of experience. Levels can be completed fairly easily to provide an enjoyable experience for all, but more advanced gamers out there will find themselves constantly replaying levels to open up new secrets and new worlds.

    This game will provide longevity for several weeks, however in typical platformer style, youre not going to get hundreds of hours out of this game, but several months down the line youll probably want another fix or indeed a quick game of the multiplayer.

    Simply put, if you own a DS, you MUST own this game.

  2.  You have to own this game!


    If youre a Zelda fan you wont regret buying this game, this is a worthy rival to ocarina of time and shares many similarities in style and graphics. However if youve never experienced a Zelda game before, this is still highly recommended.

    Zelda games allow the player to control Link, the hero and saviour of Hyrule whose aim is to save Princess Zelda. Twilight is around 40+ hours long, which will ensure youre engrossed in brilliant story line while getting attached to various characters. Expect action, adventure plenty of strategy. Twilight is sure to pull you in and give you a great experience especially with the innovative use of the Wii remote and nunchuck.

    Fight on horse back by slashing your remote like a sword, fire your bow and arrow, using your remote to point at targets, use your shield by slamming your nunchuck and cast out your remote as you would a finishing rod.

    What more can I say? If you own a Wii, you must buy this game, if you own a game cube, lucky you because its also available on this system too!

  3.  The best Mario Kart yet!


    Theres no doubt each Mario Kart game is brilliant, hectic and action packed, however double dash takes it one step further!

    Double dash, for the first time sees 2 characters per kart, this heightens the action and strategy elements of the game as players now mix special abilities unique to each character, meaning selecting characters becomes more important than ever. Characters also perform differently depending on their size, for example certain characters may have faster acceleration due to their low weight, while others may be better at cornering.

    In order to use both of your characters abilities you must switch between driver and passenger throughout each race, this also means more items can be stored as each character can pick up items.

    Double dash is full of new and exciting tracks to race around from massive jungle levels where your Kart will be fired out of a cannon to tiny circular tracks to keep you on the edge of your seat while racers lap each other and power ups are thrown everywhere!

    The multiplayer on double dash is also re-invented with several styles of play to battle it out against friends or the computer. Ghost data also returns, giving players the opportunity to beat their own lap times and race against their personal best times. Various cups are featured here to ensure players will keep returning to unlock new courses, characters and Karts.

  4.  An innovative masterpiece


    First of all, Yoshi fans, dont expect a sequel to Yoshis island or even anything similar to Yoshis story because youll be very disappointed!

    Yoshis island is more of an arcade game in the sense that the aim is to complete 2 levels with the best score possible. What, only 2 levels? You say.

    Yoshi touch & Go is structured around 2 levels, the first of which sees baby Mario falling from 1,000 yards up in the air, here the player must use the stylus to draw a path of clouds to ensure baby Marios safe arrival to the ground. There are various enemies flying around as well as spiky traps ready to pop one of Marios 3 balloons keeping him afloat. The skill is then to draw a safe path through the various traps while drawing circles around enemies and coins which then encapsulate the item into a bubble which can be thrown at baby Mario to increase his points and as a result, meet as better Yoshi latter on. Blowing on the DS will allow every cloud drawn to blow away if mistakes are made.

    On reaching the ground, a Yoshi, based on your score will rescue Mario and take him to the 2nd level. Level 2 sees the player take control of Yoshi, the controls and very similar to level 11, only the stylus is used once again. Yoshi must now fire eggs, by tapping on enemies, circle enemies and coins and finally make it to the finish line.

    New styles of play can be unlocked to increase the life of the game such as Marathon where level 2 will continue until Yoshi gets hit. There is also a brilliant multiplayer where Yoshis race against each other in order to reach the finish line or survive the longest.

    Many of you may now be put of by the 2 short levels, however Yoshi touch $ Go is one of the best games available on the DS and simply beating high scores and selecting different styles of play, as well as the multiplayer see this game lasting for quite a while. Even after intense play, youll find yourself playing this game months and even years later because of how addictive it is!

  5.  Simple and addictive strategy


    Brain Training shouldn't work but it does! Basically a player embarks on several tests to determin their brain age, or rather their I.Q.

    Although explaining this game will do it no justice, it's very addictive and playing it once a day keeps you going back for more in order to unlock more options, compare pictures with other players and improve your overall I.Q.

    While working through the tests you'll also make use of handwriting recognition and speech recognition to make for a fresh new gaming experience.

    Sudoku is also thrown in as a bonus, there are quite a few puzzuls to get through with 3 levels of difficulty and if your a Sudoku fan the game would be worth checking out just for that.

    The reson why this game dosn't score a perfect 5 is because after a few weeks you'll have either gotten your brain age to around the 20 year old mark (the best age) or you'll have had enough of playing the same games over and over again.

    For £17 you can't go wrong, so grab yourself a copy and see how addictive it can be.

  6.  Innovative game, where your wii remote is your sword


    Red Steel is a brilliant release game that shows the Wii's potential.

    Upon hearing about Red Steel i expected a Golden Eye (N64) type game, that would blow me away and have a brilliant multiplayer, however Red Steel is not quite the Golden Eye esq game i thought it would be.

    First of all the sword fighting that everybody was really looking forward to is fine, but by no means brilliant. It's quite simple to slash away at your opponets but some of the techniques can be hard to pull off and remember.

    For me the worst part of Red Steel is how cheesy and Americanised the story is. I thought this was a Japanese samurai game? Well for the majority of the story you'll find yourself fighting a bunch of American thugs, all with guns.

    Although the story is poor, the game is enjoyable and innovative and above all hopefully shows the potential a Red Steel 2 or similar type game could have.

  7.  Old faithful!


    If you don't already own a DS this is a superb buy. The DS is currently leading the console wars, its outselling all other hand held and home systems and if that isn't enough to get you interested how about this...

    The DS features stereo sound, a microphone to interact with games by blowing to help start a fire (Lost in blue) or blow away clouds (Yoshi touch and go), and even speech recognition (Brain training).

    The DS features unique touch screen controls which game developers are taking full use of, for example performing operations (Trauma centre) or playing sudoku! The DS also features 2 screens which can be useful for playing on one screen while viewing a map or stats on the other screen.

    Many games now even feature a 2 player mode with only 1 cartridge while the 2nd DS will download the multiplayer option.

    What else could the DS possibly need you ask? Well it also features internet access to play against player's world wide on games such as Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. There are also download points in various shops where demos can be downloaded to test a game before you actually buy it, or even downloading new packages for your current games! Picross allows owners to download new puzzles to extend the games life.

    Finally the future for the DS is also looking pretty good, with connection options to the Wii, the possibilities will be endless!

    With all that said, if your willing to buy a DS from new and you have a bit of spare cash, go for the DS Lite, it's a much improved version of this system, however you still can't go wrong with owning a standard DS. However some people also prefer the Bulkiness of this older system as they can be handled easier.

  8.  Retro heaven!


    So what exactly is a point's card for you ask?

    Buying a point's card, or entering your bank account details into your Wii will allow access to a whole range of retro games.

    New additions are added to the shopping channel every Friday. Games from NES, SNES, N64, Mega drive and Turbo GFX are available to download and prices range from around 500 points (Around £4) to 1,000 points for an N64 game (Around £8).

    Games are downloaded and stored on a spare Wii channel and can be played at any time using a Wii remote, Classic controller or game cube controller, depending on the game itself.

    If your an older gamer you'll be able to pick yourself up some retro classics that you miss such as Street Fighter 2 or the original Sonic on the Mega drive, however if your a more recent gamer you can download a whole range of games from the early days of the NES up to the more recent N64 games to see where it all began and how games have progressed over the years.

    Get yourself some Wii points now and pick up a few retro classics!

  9. Picross


    Nintendo DS

    2 New from  £18.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.99

     Don't judge a game by it's graphics!


    Ok let's face it. Picross looks awful! It's got pixelated graphic puzzles and it's very basic. However you'd be totally wrong to judge a game by it's graphics in this case, look back through history at the likes of Tetris, Sudoku, Columns, they were never the most beautiful of games were they?

    Picross needs the graphical look it has, it perfectly suits the puzzles, you fill in a bunch of little squares and they finally reveal a picture, what better way to show it than a retro blocky picture just like what you've been uncovering?

    Picross has over 340 puzzles to complete with varying levels of difficulty, to top this it also includes downloadable booster packs, at the time of release there were 2 packs each containing about 10 new puzzles. There are also secret puzzles to unlock as well as a multiplayer mode to play against 5 friends using the WI-FI connection, an online play feature to play against people from around the world and an option to design your own puzzles and send them to friends.

    For such an inexpensive simple game it sure includes a lot to keep you occupied.

  10.  Brilliant, but too short!


    Another code is fantastic; however don't expect to be playing it for very long! If you have a free day you could complete this game in about 5 hours.

    The brilliant thing about Another code is how original it is, basically it's similar to broken sword but you use the touch screen in various ways such as rubbing dusk off surfaces etc... If I tell you any more it would spoil half the puzzles.

    The story is also pretty good but yet again, short! There not a lot more to mention about this game. It's well worth playing if you have money to spare, but if your looking to buy a game that's going to last you until your next purchase I'd avoid this for now!