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  1.  Poorly developed game


    I have came across some major performance issues with this game, mainly in Warzones. My processor is well above the "Recommended" and my graphics card plus other hardware is the same as recommended so I don't know why I am getting major frame rate drops on the lowest possible settings. The questing is fairly dull apart from the main storyline which is a big draw back since you have to do side quests to level up. However the voice acting is good. Graphics are average for a MMO but I can't rate the game above 1 star when it runs so badly compared to other games such as Witcher 2 and Crisis 2 on my computer.

  2. Brink


    PC Games

    16 New from  £4.85  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £26.44

     Best game that has came out this year!


    This game is very unique, as soon as you press play you start to notice how revolutionised the game is, it's next-gen compared to other shooters in todays market (Call of Duty), it may have some flaws but a few updates and the majority of the problems will be ironed out.

  3. Rift


    PC Games

    11 New from  £14.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.73

     5 Star based on Beta alone


    I have been a massive fan of mmo's including world of warcraft (Which i have been playing for 6 years), this game is similar to WoW in some ways but improves in many different ways. This is a must buy game for any fan of the RPG/MMO genre. I have been playing the Beta for a few weeks now and i have not found anything wrong with this game. It's very polished for a beta, the storyline is intriguing and exciting to say the least. The PvP is miles better than WoW. (This game should and might end up being the WoW killer)

  4.  Not the best of games


    This game is decent but alot of things need adjusting, like the sniper is does tiny amounts of damage and the graphics arnt as good as it makes out to be. This game has some potensial though so, give it a few months then get it (when it goes cheap)

  5.  Best Deal going


    Best deal going since it has all the best games in the box, not one game can be slagged off in this box.

  6.  Good Fun


    By far the best music game going, miles better the guitar hero.

  7.  One of the worst games ive played


    One the gameplay is faily bad. the graphics are not too good, and it doesnt perform very well on my computer and i can run Crysis on Full so i dont know whats happening here.

  8.  Worth the money but £10 is nothing


    The game is a decent game but EA has to mess things up with it, you can barely get into a online game, they need to make you get the updates all the time instead of making you search for them and finding out you still dont have the latest patch.

  9.  For the WoW players


    This game is good, but for the people who play WoW its not worth quitting WoW for it, i would highly recommend waiting for a differnt MMO if you want something differnt since this just doesnt seem to replace it, but for the new people who havnt had a MMO experience this is a good pick, easy to learn, the buttons are simple and it gets you straight in the game and fighting (unlike eve online)... overall i good game but dont substitute WoW for this.