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  1.  a refreshing change in this tired genre


    This is a superb over the top wrestling game. Is all about fun and is an easy to pick up and play game. All wrestlers have their official signature moves and there is a fantastic roster. The cartoon rendered graphics perfectly suit the game and bring the larger than life characters to life. There is the die hard smackdown vs raw fans who will moan about this game, the graphics aren't realistic, theres no way ray mysterio could throw big show but thats what makes this so great. It plays more like a fighter (streetfighter) than a traditional wrestling game and in my opinion is all the better for it.



    Its a great game in most senses, the graphics are amazing, the storyline is epic and it has a lot to offer. I have only played the game for less than 30 hours which I can understand this doesn't do the game justice as the game is massive, but I have already left the game for a couple of weeks and I'm not sure if I wan't to go back to it.The sheer size of the game and the amount of hours needed to finish it may prove too much for most gamers - thats the only reason I give it 3 stars.

  3. Fracture



    1 New from  £11.08  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.51



    Bought this game new as I thought it looked a good game.
    I just can't get into this game at all, raising and lowering the ground and effecting the environment with weapons may sound cool to start off with, but its not long before you realise they are just a gimmick and no amount of gadjets and weapons can make up for in my opinion what is a very mediocre game. The idea is good, and it would probably make a good film, I love Shooters, I love Sci-Fi, I just don't think the game works - to be honest I found the game very annoying and over complicated for a shooter.

  4.  Best hack n slash out there, God of War RIP!


    Darksiders is a great game, the character design is superb, everything looks superb infact, the post apocolyptic world adds to the atmosphere. Its a really simple game to get into and I can guarantee you will soon be hooked. The special kills are great, there isn't too much on the puzzle solving front but its a great arcade style hack n slash which completely follows the successful god of war formula.Yes it may not be the most original game but at the end of the day it doesn't matter because the game is so good, I would go as far to say that it is better than bayonetta, god of war 3 and dantes inferno.
    Overall an essential purchase for your PS3 collection.



    Not a bad game really if your a fan of Super Smash Bros, as its done in the same style of gamplay. Not as good as SMB but for the money its not a bad game at all, graphics are ok for the wii, sound is ok and the gameplay is fast and frantic. Quite a easy game, characters, costumes and levels are very easy to unlock.
    This is a great game for the kids, its very easy to pick up and play.



    I have just completed the game and I have to say it is superb.
    Its not your usual FPS, its completely story driven, besides following the main storyline there are loads of extras to find and side missions to complete (which to be fair can be a bit annoying at times especially the old lady who thinks it funny when you get knocked down by the train while picking up her coins). Graphics are pretty good not up to todays standard by any means, sound is good. Overall is a pretty engrosing game, a lot of thought as gone into the characters and storyline. This game isn't for everyone though, if you like your COD, Haze and Resistance this game may be a little too slow for you taste. My only real critism is that some levels are a bit boring and the cut loading scenes are frustrating at times.



    If the demo is anything to go by this game is going to be awesome. It plays almost identical to the superb God of War games with power ups, button combos etc, but based on the demo I would actually say I prefer this game. In the demo you get to ride on a massive minotaur to complete a certain area, this adds extra dimension to the game. The graphics and sound are excellent and the cut scenes are amazing, this is definetely one for the collection.
    If you are a bit bored of kratos but love the formula of god of war then this should fit the bill nicely!



    What can I say about this game, other than its genius. I have never played a game quite like this. The sheer scale of the levels is amazing. You are a young warrior who with the help of your horse must find the 13 colossus through the land, these are huge (and I mean huge) stone creatures that must be destoyed one by one, each colossus is unique and as different weak points, the fun part is finding where they are and how to uncover them.

    This is a cracking game and one not to be missed, this should be an essential purchase for any ps2 owner.

  9.  Bruce Why?


    Being a fan of Evil Dead and Bruce himself I was looking forward to this, how wrong I was. The film is so boring and it just isn't funny, I tryed watching it twice to try and like it but I couldn't. Everything is so predictable, it looks like its been rushed and he just can't be bothered with this movie, and even though there are some of the old evil dead one liners it just ain't funny anymore. Leave this film dead and buried.