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  1.  Short but very good


    Alien Vs Predator has been a strange pairing for ages now, the first games were good and I cannot say this one wasn't good. However although AvP is a very good and enjoyable game it does have some pretty major and minor flaws. First and foremost, although there being 3 three campaigns I expected a much longer and more thought out campaign however I was wrong, the campaigns being only around 4-5 missions each and hardly cinematic (Not that I was expecting a Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid dialogue) plus the fact there's no proper plot to the story. For example (SPOILERS) the Alien Campaign, Number 6 (I.e you) is experimented on at the facility and you break out etc... However all of a sudden you see the Queen burning and there's no answer to how this happened or why and to top that all off you get found by Marines and taken off world as this happens the inside of the ship is littered with bodies and blood and you see number 6 who (Bizarrely) sheds his skin, grows in size and becomes...A Queen. (SPOILER END)

    Anyway that's the major flaws out of the way and now time for some good parts. For example the Xenos (Alien for you newbies to AvP) have unmatched agility and the ability to climb any surface which I must say I love as there's nothing more satisfying than scuttling around dropping down and ripping someone to shred or even harvesting some poor sap to one of them Facehuggers. Now then onto the tactical guy, Mr. Predator, who obviously gets the better deal with weaponry here. First off your most relied piece of gear, the wrist blades, your vital weapon. The Shoulder Cannon for taking down them pesky ranged marines or Xenos. The Combi Stick which is like a spear and can be thrown with accuracy to create lethal kills, and finally the The Nifty Disk (Can't remember the name) which can be hurled like a boomerang to saw people in half from a distance. The Marines I won't go into much detail as I don't personally play as them but they do have some minor advantages such as the motion tracker and flashlight.

    So all in all AvP is a balanced deal with good and bad features. The three campaigns give you wide variety of elements to use as the Marine is the traditional FPS while the Predator uses a tactical or strategic element making you plan to attack or things can go wrong and finally the Alien campaign makes you use stealth and agility to overcome enemies by smashing lights out and hissing at the marines to (foolishly) come out of their protective squads and get slaughtered by you.

    AvP = 7/10

  2.  Average


    BioWare has always been one of my closely watched game producers and after Knights of the Old Republic I made sure that I played any games released by them as they seemed to create some good RPG games. I got Dragon Age at Christmas and although the game's graphics were good the game lacked a certain amount of freedom and creativity that games like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout create. All in all I found it an average game but I would recommend sticking to Elder Scrolls if it's a fantasy RPG your looking for.

  3.  What a Game


    I have played a lot of Strategy games, and in my experience this game is one of the best I have ever played. Sure it's old and the graphics aren't all masterpieces but the gameplay is astounding and the options are amazing. For example, you have an amazing general who has fought for you and you want to give him something that distinguishes him from the others, you can award him a title for example "General of the East" or "The Prime Minister". The Campaigns are amazing and the units that can be produced are good. To anyone who wants a good strategy game I highly recommend this as a MUST HAVE for any tactical gamer, and for 2 Pounds its a real steal. Three Kingdoms is one of the best and I can even say in confidence although of it's age it still beats Command and Conquer.

  4.  Unbelievable


    Battlefield has blown me away once again. I had bought Battlefield: 1943 from Playstation Store a couple of weeks ago and even though it featured no Campaign or split screen I loved it. I decided to buy Bad Company and I can honestly say it is one of the most realistic and amazing warfare games I have ever seen. It puts you in the midst of battle and unlike the CoD series it's more realistic to the fact you can't regenerate health or be a hero by charging up and killing. Need a tank destroyed? Use a laser designator to call in an airborne missile. In the front lines and need health? Use the auto injector to keep going. Need a pickup? Stop a Humvee or jeep to pick you up and take you to the frontlines. So Battlefield, you have astounded me once again and I applaud it. I recommend this a MUST BUY for any warfare gamer who wants a change of scenery from CoD and wants a more realistic battle type.

  5.  Amazing


    I first bought Oblivion for my Xbox and loved it. After a while I got bored of it because I had completed most of the storyline quests and there not much else I felt like doing. However I decided to invest in the PC version and when I played (I used the cheat console) I was blown away with more options than ever I could buy the Skingrad house and do whatever I wanted without getting killed. Although there are a vast amount of bugs within the game as long as you don't do anything to trigger them nothing will happen. I think this game is a MUST BUY for any RPG players out there and personally I can't wait for the Elder Scrolls V.