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  1.  Reason for revamp


    Good film, infinate improvement from the original which were the too cheesy in my opinion anyway. The reason for the revamp (to answer earlier review) is to write spiderman into the new avengers franchise.

  2.  Nothing Special...


    Like i said nothing special, but it does make it as an enjoyable film, theres not much new or original but it covers all the basic to make it a good little time waster.

  3.  Repetative but stunning


    The gameplay itself is very repetative normally including climbing buildings scaling walls and killing a target. The graphics are amazing and make that 10 minute climb to the top ofcountless towers worthwhile. The story is very deep and will absolutly keep you geussing until (And I mean this) the very last second.

  4.  Not for the loners


    This is a great game graphics arent revolutionary or anything, and there is nothing in this game that hasnt been done before, but it ticks all the boxes for a great little time burner, although I would recomend playing with a friend or you will find yourself bord very quickly.

  5.  One of the best comedys of the year


    What are you all talking about the acting was amazing, the dragon was the highlight of the film and the story line was spot on one of the best comedies of the year in my opinion! Dont let the dragon breath on you or your impregnated!!! I fell off my chair with laughter when I heard that!!!

  6.  Poor attempt


    had to give it one star as there isnt an option for anything lower......nothing happens then theres one good stunt with a motorbike and then there is a poor fight scene at the end where they throw air at each other. I could make this film with my friends in my back garden and the acting would probably be better 2.

  7.  The Dark Knight.....


    Fantastic film, make sure your comfortable before you start watching it your in for some sore cheeks after this film but it is well worth it Christian Bale is over-shadowed by the Brilliant Heath Ledger who simply steals the show. Looses one star because of the annoying voice Christian Bale puts on when playing batman.

  8.  Terminator Salvation.....


    Better than the third, not as good as the second. Definetly buying this when it comes out and definetly will make my top 20 DVD rack. Action packed from start to finish. And yes Christian Bale has ditched the silly deep gruff voice as seen in The Dark Knight.

  9. Juno



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    Cant understand why so many people like this film took me three attempts to finally get through it because its so boring nothing happens start to finish. The sound track isnt good either its VERY repetative. I bought this beleiveing the hype wished I hadnt and it is now residing in the bottom of a drawer some where.