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  1.  Decent.


    Quality is decent, size is accurate. After a fair few washes the shirt wrinkles around the text, to be expected though.

  2.  New favorite genre of music


    This album opened my eyes (or ears) to how awesome blues rock really is.
    This may be the album that could get anyone into this genre.
    Well played Black Keys, well played.

  3. Babel


    Mumford & Sons - CD

    26 New from  £5.42  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.43

     Brilliance yet again.


    Mumford and sons deliver again, with an album that may be even better than Sigh No More.
    Babel has a nice mixture of upbeat, chilled and absolutely mind blowing songs.
    Would recommend anyone to buy.

  4.  Brilliant t-shirt


    Bought this 3 years ago, still wear it to this day.
    Material is good, it doesn't look old like many t-shirt do after a few months even.
    Brilliant purchase, would recommend to anyone.

  5.  Worst film I've seen in years


    This film is a complete mess, the direction of the story makes changes and has characters that are absolutely pointless. Charlize Theron's part serves no actual purpose to the story, she might as well have been a piece of furniture.

    The only reason that this is recieving high ratings from others is because they mistake overused CGI for good film making. Don't buy this, don't even accept money to watch it.

  6.  RHCP greatness again.


    The chili peppers do not disappoint with this long awaited new album.
    With new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer there is a differing style to this album, not that you'd expect any different from a new RHCP album. Always unique and different in their own way.
    The new album sees Flea take control with his legendary bass skills, as Josh provides a suttle, harmonic and awesome guitar style. Chad and Anthony bring the classic RHCP vibe.
    Overall, this album provides classic RHCP style songs and brand new sounding material which is what you always look for in a new album.

    Brilliant listen. Bargain.

  7.  Design fades.


    The material is of decent quality, however the colour and design fade after about a month of use.
    Not really what you want when you pay for a design and it rubs off after a while.
    2 stars may be generous.

  8.  Best Band On Earth


    By The Way has been my favorite RHCP album for years and when Stadium Arcadium was released I was not disappointed. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have an amazing talent of being able to produce totally different albums from previous ones and still manage to make them outstanding. I don't think I've went a few days without listening to at least one song from this album since it came out and I'm still listening now. Brilliant album.

  9.  Worst Wrestlemania of all time


    The only saving grace's to this Wrestlemania were The Rock and Stone Cold segments along with The Undertaker vs HHH match (which wasn't as good as all the hype). The CM Punk vs Orton match was alright, nothing special though. The other matches not mentioned are not for obvious reasons. Finally, the cena vs The Miz match was terrible, which was no suprise considering cena was part of it. However there was a part of this match which was really good, maybe even worth buying this for.

  10. By The Way

    By The Way

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - CD

    34 New from  £3.48  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.73

     Best album ever.


    This album is absolutely brilliant. Well worth any amount of money paid. All the songs are spectacular and all have something unique about them. Fantastic buy, Red Hot Chili Peppers with another great album.