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  1.  Expected more


    Another year passes and another CoD title gets released, but this year was the first time i was disappointed. After Black Ops being a brilliant game, i found errors with all 3 sections of the game. The campaign is entertaining and the story is written well, but it doesnt flow from the original games story at all, apart from including a few of the same characters. The lack of Reznov playing any major role is annoying. The story gets a bit predictable at times and repetitive, and the Strike Force missions are allbeit it fun, but pointless and do not follow the story at all, but the fundamentals are still there-good quality gameplay and graphics. Multiplayer is as ever action packed and I DO like the new set up of custom classes, having 10 credits to pick item with. This is a great addition and really does mean you can have proper 'custom' classes, along with proper score streaks. However, multiplayer lets itself down by being very inconsistent, with 100s of bullets being necessary to kill anyone and then just a few, and then the totally obscene, annoying hit marking. The maps are too repetitive with no real sniping ones and poor matchmaking, with teams being unfair. By far the biggest let down is Zombies. The 3 individual maps are tiny which means you have to play Tranzit, but this is self-defeating as when you get to a stop, you hardly ever want to get off as there is nothing to do of note in either town and you dont want to risk missing the buss.

    Overall, the game is a let down and i hope for more from the next-gen titles.

  2.  For all the hype, its one great game, but not superb


    MW3 had huge hype-most anticipated game in history, but for me, it wasent quite what i thought it was going to be.
    The presentation is similar to MW2, but its been improved and is sharper. I personally think it is much crisper than Battlefield, that takes a solid 4 stars at best. The gameplay is like any FPS but is repsonsive and quick. The campaign is interesting and im not sure if i like it or not-WW3 doesnt quite seem right and its not CoD4 campaign but its better than MW2 i guess. The continuation of the story is vital and works well, but maybe a little too ambitious.
    Now the mulitplayer-CoDs biggest feature and it again its a little dissapointing. The guns are actually very pleasing and the best armoury in any game. The standard prestige is still there and the addition of weapon levels is very pleasing. The fact that you can see how far players have got on previous games is very cool. The addition of the pointstreak system and the strike packages are really pleasing, but i wish there was more variation with the support package.
    Now, the bad points. Unfortunately, the maps are disappointing-they are too small and there isnt enough variation. They are almost all street maps, which result in fast paced games, and if your new to CoD, you can easily stumble and fall to being quite poor. Also, the layout of the challenges and perks are very poor-honeslty i have no idea which challenges do what. I dont know what to do to get Perk Pros. Its all a little confusing and the ambition of depth is quite poorly excecuted.
    With this said, MW3 is a very good game. It will keep you occupied for hours, and i love, adore and cherish the return of Spec Ops and now the plus of Survival mode. The multiplayer is good, but a little disappointing. MW3 is still a must buy and for me, its better than Battlefield...enough said.

  3.  5 stars...just


    The hype that went along with F1 2011 was actually very large for a motor sport game, partly because it had a lot to live up to after F1 2010 and so many new features were expected.
    There are many ways to look at this game. I do just want to put this out there-it is a lot better than F1 2010 and that is a fact. The cars handling are very sharp and crisp, like an F1 car, and the realism is unmatched. In career mode, the engineer is a helpful tool and the fact that the AI cars are really good drivers is a welcome challenge.The new cinematic, all be it repetitive, are a cool addition.The updated rules, with KERS, Pirelli tyres and DRS add to this realism and they all have effects. The new safety car feature is a welcome fan feature. Graphically, the cars look amazing and so too do the tracks, but even in 1080p, other games are crisper. The new split screen and Co-Op championship are features that add depth to a still rather shallow game. The cars sound majestic and beautiful too.
    With all of these, there are negatives. The promise of Live the Life has not been fulfilled, and that is still rather hollow. Interviews are still boring and dull and the new features are basically checking your email, which isnt that ground breaking. The game can get a bit complicated for F1-newbies but the game does do its best to guide you through it all. I still wanted to see more damage for cars, and i wish the replays could be saved. Also, race distances of 20% are too short and 50% are too long so you cant have a 45 minute stint of fun including qualies.
    Give Codemasters their due, F1 2011 is a refreshing sequel and is improved in the areas people asked for. I do recommend it to F1 fans and non-fans alike, but remember, it is the same thing over and over-practice, qualifying, race.

  4.  How i want to give this 5 stars


    Crysis 2 is the follow on to the orginal Crysis game, which runs around the story of an alien invasion of Manhatten. In single player, the player takes control of Alcatraz, who is given a Nanosuit from the one they call 'Prophet'. The Nanosuit is a really cool piece of kit, which can be used to go stealth or go armoured up. The suit can be upgraded to the user's likings too. The singleplayer starts really positively but a little confusing, as i didnt really know what was going on or who the Cell personel where. This is cleared out over time, and the story is really pleasing, for about 3 hours. Unfortunately, the storyline ebs away into a very repetative bit of script. There are areas where you are suprised, but it breaks down into the repetition of : get ammo for your weapon, put armour mode on and shoot the aliens till death. By the end of the campaign, i was glad it was over, as it had got dull and quite tidious, which is a real shame.
    The presentation of the game is top class. NYC is very pleasing from both close up and far views, and the CryEngine 3 does its bit really well. Occasionally, you think that this is life like. However, to my utter dismay, the game has glitches that hamper the gameplay. A few times, a blistering machine gun noise can be heard with no gun fire, your fellow soldiers make the noise of the walking aliens and the guns turn invisible. This is really frustrating and can really spoil the experience.
    Gameplay wise, im glad its a FPS and it is really fluid and light on the controls. These are easy to use and any CoD player will feel right at home.
    Finally, i tried the multiplayer which runs by the character being able to use Nanosuit abilities while not wearing one, but the game play options are limited and its no CoD. I didnt like it to be honest, and now ive finished single player, im not going to play online.

    All in all, Crysis 2 is a good game, with things that make it a beautful game but other things that make it a poor game. I wish i could give it 5 stars, but i just cant.

  5.  A truly brilliant piece of cinema


    Inception really does have it all- a killer storyline that will have you hooked for the entire time, an exceptional list of actors who play their part very well (especially Leo), special effects that will turn you head upside down quite literally and music that fits the action perfectly. The storyline is very intense and deep but if you pay attention, you wont get too confussed. It relates to the levels in ones mind, and the story is split into 2- one with Leo not being able to get over his lost wife and the other being the attempt to try and steal information through someones mind.

    It sounds epic and it is.

  6.  Nintendo make a good game great


    Pokemon SoulSilver (SS) is a redo of the old Pokemon Silver game that was produced and sold over 10 years ago. As a redo, the fundamental story line is the same, but they have added new features that make this title one of the best.

    The game runs under the physics mechanics of Diamond+Pearl, running with a 3D landscape. It is really crisp and well designed and players can feel familiar to the old game. The attention to detail is really solid, and the controls seem heavy at start, but once you get the running shoes, they feel much lighter and easy to use. Each city, road, cave and path looks really nice and they have added little cut scenes when you enter some caves and paths, which is a nice touch. The only downside to all this hyped up graphics is that occasionally the frame rate slows just a little bit, and this is shown in heavy graphical areas, like GoldenRod City. The battle graphics are really good. Both your and your enemies Pokemon look really detailed and accurate, and look better than Black and White (on those titles, your Pokemon is really pixillated). The menu system has had a little tweak, and now the touch screen is used alot more, which is a good thing. Your menu appears on the touch screen along with your registered items. Accessing the bag is a little slow, and TMs can only be used once (unlike B+W) but its all done on the touch screen. The games presentation is really solid.

    The storyline is a rewarding one and again follows you roaming around a region, but this time the game has the Kanto region for you to explore after completing the Johto region. To date, this region is the best one, with the best legendary Pokemon. A total of 10+ legendary Pokemon can be caught on one game- :D. The Pokemon in both regions are really well designed and are the best bar none. The game has real depth and will keep you entertained for a good number of hours. The little additions along the way are really welcome: the PokeAthelon, a series of minigames are really fun and well worth your time, and the little things like the GameCorner running a new game and the GTS is good. Speaking of which, trading globally can only occur in GoldenRod city, where the GTS is based. The PokeCentres do not have these built into them, which is a shame, because it was handy on B+W. Lastly, the addition of the PokeWalker is cool, and runs by Pokemon being able to be sent to and from it via infrared. Here, they can grow (by one level each time they enter the Walker, which is a little annoying that its only one) by you taking steps: its a pedometer. Doing this earns you Watts; a form of currency that you can then use to catch Pokemon and search for items, all inside the PokeWalker. These are then sent back to the game when the original Pokemon is sent back too. It really works well, but it is annoying your Pokemon can only grow by one level each time it enters the device.

    With everything looked at, this redo of a good game has made Pokemon SoulSilver a great game. It is well worth the money, and is a Pokemon fans MUST BUY.

  7.  A benchmark for future CoD titles


    This was the first CoD game i bought on my 360 and 3 years on, it still resounds to me. The storyline is short, but very very entertaining. It will keep you entertained for a while, especially on Veteran. Presentation wise, it beats alot of games today. Every gun, every person, every building and every landscape looks crisp and precise. Being based in the Middle East means one can relate to it with current procedings. The gameplay is solid and runs with easy-to-use controls that wont make you look up what each button does. It runs smoothly and there is never any frame rate problems. The actions are responsive and precise and wont let you down when you need to be on your top performance.
    The multiplayer WAS a breakthrough at the time. Now it feels a little outdated. However, the maps on this game are all round the BEST for any newer CoD title. Shipment, Crossfire, Bog, Crash, Overgrown:the list goes on and on. The weapons are really precise and do not recoil out of control. They are also the best weapons on any CoD title: M4A30 sniper, M4 Carbine, MP5 :D-they are all amazing. The killstreaks are 3,5 and 7 which yes is a bit dull and there is very little customisation other than the classes, but it runs to level 55 and has the best 10 prestige badges BY FAR. Earning camos through headshots is the BEST way to do it, and the gold guns are very rewarding. However, there is no host migration, which can be annoying, and unfortunately, as the game is not being kept up-to-date, many people have hacked it so advertisements appear and many people can glitch on any map (yesterday people were walking around the sky). Take this aside, there are many legit lobbies full of honest gamers.
    MW is a brilliant, epic, rememberable game-end of story

  8.  Such a positive start that just ebbs away


    When you first put this game into your console, you will be greeted by a lovely, crisp looking cinematic. You will think that this game has potential, and the storyline pushes this, with it being based around eliminating demons from the land and restoring serenity. The fighting isnt bad either: you will often have to face demons that spawn through the ground, and these boss-like fights are really entertaining. However, this is only a 12+ so there is no blood or death: they just get sucked into the ground. With the presentation aside, im afraid this game is drop dead awful, and heres why:
    The game is based around you collecting light orbs around maps, Sounds fine, but there are litterally hundreds, and honestly that is all you do except throw you controller on the floor with frustration as you cant find the last 10 or so. Its like a puzzle that cant be solved: you just jump around, climp, slide and fall along a landscape trying to find these stupid orbs. It is so very dull. After about 20 minutes, you will be wondering whats the point. Next, there are so many boring cut scenes of the 2 protagonist talking about things you really dont have much clue about. You even get an achievement for having talked to the NPC for a given amount of times. Honestly, being spawn killed on C.o.D. is funner...
    Next comes the actual map: you will open it up and see areas that are covered by evil darkness and ones that are not, and have been made pure. Okay, fair enough, sounds cool. But the only way to redeem the darkened places is by COLLECTING THE ORBS. Why? Why cant we just go to the place and fight some demon to death? It is so repetative and you will just feel like hitting the off button.
    All in all, this game is a major disappointment and I do not recommend it to anyone.

  9.  Treyach can't quite match Infinity Ward


    There are 2 areas to look at with C.o.D. Black Ops (B.O.): the single and multiplayer. Unfortunately the two are of a much contrast.

    The single player is worth paying the money in my opinion. Based in the Cold War Vietnam era of the 1960s, one can relate to the missions and people who feature in the storyline. The storyline one of the best you will play from a CoD title, and does well even seeings as a chance of a sequal is unlikely. As a one off, the storyline is gripping and runs on flashbacks and memories. This different approach just works. Graphically, the single player is really crisp and precise, and every landscape is well designed. One crucial point is that the run-and-shoot approach doesn't work on this title. Often one needs to stand back from a situation and think about how to hit the next checkpoint. This adds to the authenticity. The continuation of the Zombie mode is not fun on your own, it is with a group of 4, fighting for survival.
    However, it isnt perfect. Even though the storyline is actually quite long, can still be completed in a few hours on an easy difficulty mode. Also, the lack of a Spec Ops option leaves the experience lacking and a bit shallow. MW2 was a huge hit because of Spec Ops addition.
    Now, the multiplayer, for a 'Codder' since MW, is a big disappointment. It runs on levelling up to level 50 and one can prestige 15 times. Both are wrong: it should be to level 55 or 60, because at 50, you dont spend that long on a prestige and you glance through them before you really spend any time on them, and 15 prestiges is poor, 10 is a much better choice.
    The picture only gets worse. The maps have been poorly designed and are really annoying to play on (Only the maps Nuketown and Array will fill you with any joy) and the graphics are terrible. MW looked better than B.O. It really is a mystery how the clean-cut, well-finsihed off single player graphics have been lost. What one ends up with is a pixilated mush of colours and graphics. Even from a distance, the landscapes look fuzzy and PS2-esque.
    However, the 2 most frustrating things will leave you wondering why you waste your time playing online. The hit detection is just shocking. The cross hairs will be on someone but the bullets wont, and i dont say this as someone who is bad at the game, seeings how i have a KD of over 2.4. I dont know what went wrong and i dont know why it hasen't been patched! The same goes for the weapon damage. Very rarely will you get a one-shot kill with a sniper rifle, and often you will be scoped in on a players upper body, but the shot will miss by some distance. The whole experience fills you with frustration. The last negative point is the server the game runs on. The connection time is slow, and the host selection is awful Often you will enter a game where only the host has 4 bars. Then, even if the host change system activates, it takes around 20 seconds for it to try and find a new host, or it gives up and disconnects. Often, an even worse host is selected. The situation is made worse when you get into a good game with no lag, but the game will suddenly end with the error of "The server disconnected" or "Connection to the host was lost". How can this be, when MW2 and even WaW never had this trouble?And it isnt like the server is about to blow through so many people online (the peak players online is about 4-500000). MW2 seemed like a much more pleasant experience.
    With all this aside, the new additions of multiplayer are welcome. The level of customisation is the best so far in any CoD title. Being able to even select the reticle design and colour is pleasing, and the ability to design your own emblem is rewarding.

    B.O. is a missmatch and one should stick with MW2

  10.  One word-Beautiful


    DiRT 2 is a very, very good game. The presentation is better than Forza 3-its that good. Every car looks amazing and every detail is precise. The physics of the game are so life like, with cars responding differently to dirt and tarmac. The damage cant be faulted-a little nudge and there will be loss of body work and paint, and at full speed, the car will total, loose wheels and be a wreck. It is much more life life than Forza 3's effort.The career is lengthy and set out well.
    The only real issues i have with the game is probably the lack of customisation. You can add 'Liveries' to cars, which are pre-set themes, but you cant create decals or add individual vinyls. Also, i so wish that you could save replays and take screenshots-it is such a beautiful game, and the epic crashed want recording, but you cant do that. DiRT 3 will need that. A split screen option would have been nice too...
    Even with that said, it is one of the best racing games i have played. It is beautiful, life like and stunning...good effort Codemasters