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  1.  Very good game


    Me and my friends all decided to buy this game, as I looked at trailers and reviews and it seemed pretty good. Nearly everything about this game is really good although the timing with shots needs a while to get used to so 4 out of 5 stars. The other star would have been given if only there was doubles matches online, they can only be played if 2 people are on the same console 4 PEOPLE CANNOT PLAY OVER XBOX LIVE I put that in caps as for me and my friends this was the main reason I bought it. Really disappointed with that and is such an obvious feature that needs implanting NOW since we live in 2011 where games are taking over the entertainment industry. Although this game is very very good.

  2.  Ok


    Good but boring in parts, found myself Playing on my iPod through some of the game, mostly because the missions 2 easy or cutscenes 2 boring, ok game if your extremely bored :/

  3.  As good as the first if not better :D


    A lot more improvements made which makes the game so much better and the story line is just as good so far, definate buy :)

  4.  I love Halo, but...


    Dont get me wrong i absaloutly love halo, ask me a halo related id probably get it right, anyway this game is amazing everything about it the gameplay the graphics everything but' it just doesnt feel like the halo i grew to love it just feels like a game and to be honest im quite bored of it after about 3 weeks, some more game modes need to be released and i think forge world was too hyped than what it actually is. The journal you recieve is absaloutly amazing and looks and feels authentic and real, even though i dont have a clue what half of it is about and im pretty sure the statue is amazing too, im gettin it fr christmas :P

  5.  Poor quality...


    Its ok
    The sound plays through your own headset so you know what your saying but the quality is not the same when other people hear it, in fact its much worse ' YOU SHALL NOT PASS' sounds funny in my mic but no-one else can stand a word. Better quality playing it straight through the mic. Its a good idea for a product but it isnt executed very well, not for around19 pound anyway.

  6. Halo



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     Good read..


    Good book, Not as good as the 1st book, it could have been spread out alot more as it seems to be crammed together in the 352 pages. I found myself sometimes becoming bored and drifted away from the book, its a good read and i liked it but its not the best.

  7.  Amazing book..


    Non-stop action, Best book iv'e ever read, reccomended for anyone, you dont have to be a Halo Fan to enjoy this book but you'd probably understand it more if you were. :D

  8.  AMAZING :D


    An amazing game and any person would enjoy playing this, if you dont have xbox live this is a must buy, soo much fun, love the storyline although it might come across as quite ordinary.
    Must buy game :D

  9.  Good :)


    Extremely enjoyable game but still some annoyance to it, much like MW2, it's better than alot of the other multiplayer games. Had a few laughs and a few good kills and had alot of fun, reccomended :D

  10.  ok, not the best........


    Im assuming it was inspired by HALO and COD as there are alot of similaritys between them both, the custom classes and the games era, its ok but to be honest i have only played it once and it was'nt even that bad but there just isnt anything pulling me back into the game. :(