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  1.  Htc are amazing phones


    I am more s htc fan with ever new phone that comes out , this is a great all around phone and unlike most smart phones has a good battery will still need charging at end of the day but don't most phones nowadays ... The 3d function is good but like all 3d it's a fad and still a long way off from being perfect .

  2.  Hitman 47


    I love this movie , yes it has a few flaws like a love interest but I can look over that as tim plays a great 47 ..... Inside jokes like the kids playing hitman at the hotel are all tongue in check .... Just sit back and let ur brain relax and watch a movie where u don't have to over think things

  3.  Marvel at the wallet


    Great wallet bought it for a close friend for Xmas , uses it all the time and had it 2 yrs and still in great condition ....should of got my self one

  4.  I love,this movie


    I love you man is a really well put together movie from cast to writing to directing .

    It's a warm hearted comedy with laugh out loud moments plus it has the hulk in it ......Guys will love it for its bromance

  5.  Not to bad


    Has I only bought this to get strength back in hand after injury it worked fine but once ur on full strength it becomes easy and there is no gain from it .....

  6.  Too much for something so little


    I wish I had of done some searches on this first as I was disappointed with it , size was about as long as palm of hand very thin , light for size was good but not good enough for what I needed it for which was checking on dark areas while out on patrol with police. Easy to break as well

  7.  So so for the brutal


    I won't sugar coat this , I like rock I like jack black I like games should the 3 of met , yes....... Could it of been a lot better yes ... To much of the same stuff not enough to make you want to replay it

  8.  Season 2 gets better


    I was worried when season 2 said they had a new lead actress but they picked a perfect replacement , she suits don in so many ways and really challenges him ... Ed is back on form along with gollom...the story lines get better with every episode ...fantastic writing shown through and just glad bbc 3 didn't balls up by scrapping it like they often do with good shows.

  9.  Best sitcom off bbc3


    Dan Clark is a true hero of mine he created this guy called don who has has to be the worst guy ever but you can't help but love him , he shows what happens when you speak your mind ... Cast is so well fitted together ...must watch .

  10.  Sexy lady's getting cut up


    I liked it and as my gf got me it thinking it was about a group of snobs bullying other girls I loved the fact she was wrong, basically lots of cheap scares , lady's being mean and rude wearing very little.... Very good story and cast was good shame you can guess the killer . Worth the price