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  1.  The best TV show ever?


    There is a reason that many articles have been written debating whether Battlestar Galactica is the greatest TV show ever made and there are many reasons that most come to the conclusion that it is!
    I started watching the show rather reluctantly, believing it to be a geeky series with nothing to offer the average television fan. I was wrong.
    This show has everything, ultimately being one of the most rounded, beautiful and perfect pieces of television I have seen. It deals with modern issues and raises new questions about humanity itself in a manner which never seems like preaching but actually makes the viewer think about them in real world way. Issues like torture, terrorism, suicide bombers, what it is to be human, abortion and religion are all explored and given new outlooks on. The enemies religion is closer to Christianity than the protagonists and cases for terrorist acts are brought to the fore front, constantly challenging the audiences real world views.
    Be warned, Battlestar Galactica is unrelentingly dark and hopeless but that is the beauty of it. The characters are facing the extinction of the human race and indeed have lost a war that sees the number of humans in existence to fewer than 50,000, all searching for a planet that may not exist whilst being chased by an unrelenting force.
    Look past this darkness though and you will find a programme that is rich in action, politics, intrigue, and excitement and takes viewers on an epic journey which twists and turns right the way until it's perfect finale.
    It is rare that I find myself viewing a programme where I can not find a season which falls flat or a finale which doesn't quite satisfy but Battlestar Galactica succeeds on both fronts.
    Try, like I did, Battlestar Galactica and you will see why so many call it the best TV show ever and why so many consider it a highly important piece. After all, a show that is asked to speak at the United Nations can't be all that bad can it?



    It was always going to be risky to do a sequel to a film as great as 28 days later and I wasn't expecting anything from this film but I was blown away! It stays true to the style of the original film even with a new director but with an increased budget is able to go even more places! The story is believable and the action doesnt get in the way of character development. The action is what sets this film apart from its predecessor however. It does not let up! The opening is an amazing thirll ride and after a brief respite, all hell is unleashed again! It's a great thrill ride of a film and I cannot wait for the rumoured sequel!

  3.  Fantastic system that isn't being put to use


    I got a PSP a few months after they came out and was really excited to get one. After playing for a few months I started playing less and less. I kept looking for new games to buy but there wasn't really anything out there that I liked the look of. It sat in my drawer for months until I decided to get rid of it. The PSP is fantastic the problem is that there really are very few decent games out there for it. The ones that are any good are just copies of PS2 games which I already own. Until new and original games are made for the PSP, it's going to continue to fail and lose to the Nintendo DS which I'm now thinking about getting. It may not be as powerful but it certainly has a much wider range of games that is contiunally growing. It's a dissapointment and a shock that the PSP is failing because it could have done so much. I for one never thought that the Nintendo's DS would beat Sony but it has!