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  1.  Hard to say...


    I've had these headphones for a good while now, and they've been fantastic!

    Key features include;
    Amazing sound quality
    The sound doesn't escape into the open world
    Long wire
    Can go up to VERY LOUD volume

    The sound never seemed to fade through use, their max volume is VERY loud and don't ignore the warning because you very well could hurt your ears.

    Main let downs;
    They feel very plastic
    Can become very uncomfortable after a short amount of use
    The feel quite hard which adds to the point of them not being very comfortable.
    Easily broken due to the poor build.

    I never thought these would break due to internal problems. I had them for about 4+ months without any issues at all. Then it happened... The wire developed a fault, and there was nothing I could do to fix it. So yes, now I have to buy new headphones as now they're almost totally impossible to use.

    I don't know if the price is worth the 4 months of use I got out of these but nothing I can do but warn other about the problems I encountered.

    I recommend taking on board the common problems people have been getting with these and find a more reliable pair of headphones which have a much better build and are more comfortable.

  2.  Really underated


    I love how this film isn't the average vampire film. Vampire films are normally set in the modern day world or in the past. But this is actually set a considerable amount of time in the future.

    The ideas that were in the film were really good and it was nice to see something different. The idea of there being a blood ration crisis really worked well. Ethan Hawke put in a good performance but Willem Dafoe once again steals it.

    Unfortunately this film didn't seem to have a big enough budget and the film seemed a little cheap at times and short too. Because of that, this is going to be 4/5 but it's close to a 5*.

    There isn't a lot of gore considering it is a vampire film, I suppose the last scenes are a little more gory than your average 15 certified films though.

  3.  Impressed but don't be fooled!


    I had also heard mixed reviews of this film, so I wasn't expecting a lot out of it.

    I love how this was set in the 80's and is recorded using the old school video tapes. One guy mention about the HD, that is picky haha...

    This was the first of the series I watched by the way.

    And I can confirm, that many scenes from the trailer are not included in the film for some reason, but I wasn't dissapointed not to see them because then we'd already know what to expect wouldn't we? ;)

    I didn't find the film scary much, but not a lot of things frighten me as such when it comes to films. I will admit that with the wide cinema screen and surround sound, this film really works well. When the action happens it really does have an impact.

    There is a lot more action and scares than there is in the 2nd film which is a good thing. And the scares and events that happen are a lot more effective and creepier.

    I've seen a lot of people saying that the ending was bad or confusing etc. but I thought the ending was brilliant. It had a real sense of terror and threat, and with big concequences too... I heard a few people screaming out, and that is a good sign as those parts weren't even cheap jump scenes. I'm sure this film has disturbed many more than the previous films had.

    The 2nd film has a lot more anxiety to it, because it is a lot more slower than this but it didn't deliver it for me, whereas this film has a little anxiety, more action/shock/scares and I just found it a lot more enjoyable to watch.

    So if you want to see the best of the 3, then this is it.

  4.  Tedious and didn't live up to my expectations..


    The other night I went to see Paranormal Activity 3. I enjoyed it, and liked the way it was set out, but anyways... Since I thought the third film was good I reckoned i'd give this one a watch (since it was on at the time)

    My expectations were for it to be no lower than a 3 star film... So yes, it didn't live up to my expectations.

    I know that i'd have to look for something to happen, so I scanned the scenes, waited.... waited more.... waited some more.... *switches to a different scene*. I found that a big let down, this sort of thing happened too many times.

    When something paranormal actually did happen, it didn't have the scare factor or shock factor that I was hoping to see. Sure some parts I did find a little disturbing but they weren't used to an advantage and it was easily predicted too.

    The ending was a massive let down though. After waiting for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, I was expecting a lot more to happen and with a lot more effect too. But the climax was pretty poor.

    So really, I feel like i've had to wait 1 hour and 34 minutes for only about 7 minutes in total of satisfying scenes. Not good that is it?

    I would definately agree though, that if this was released in the 70's that this would have been a massive success... But people are a lot harder to scare/shock now and are a lot more impatient, like me for example.

    Watch it for the sake of knowing what all the fuss is about, and then wonder why it has had so much hype afterwards.

  5.  Extremely Consistent album


    American Slang was the first song of the Gas Light Anthem I heard and I instantly liked it. They're a different type of rock that i'd listen to normally and a breath of fresh air. The song has a very catchy riff to it and the lyrics are strong.

    If I was to describe how good each song was then i'd just be typing the same things. I can't pick which song is the weakest.

    One thing about the album as a whole though is, it only has 10 songs which is shorter than a standard album nowadays and only one song actually exceeds 4 minutes long. So yeah, it is quite a short album. But HEY! It's the quality that matters, not length.

  6.  Works for me


    For me, Biffy Clyro have a definitive and different sound to other bands. And this works for me, but I can see how others may not be a fan because of it.

    In this album, there is a good variety of different songs.

    1. The Captain.
    I've always liked this song since I very first heard it, it has a old piratey feeling to it which is quite different and is very melodic.

    2. That Golden Rule
    Because this song had a lot of airplay on the radio, I tried to avoid listening to it as much as possible because I knew it would make me hate the song. It's not one of my favourites but I can still listen to it.

    3. Bubbles.
    Quality. Definately one of the best songs on the album.

    4. God & Satan.
    Again, from the first time I heard this song I loved it.

    5. Born On a Horse.
    An odd little song, but I like it.

    6. Mountains
    Another song which recieved a lot of airtime on the radio and really made this band go mainstream. Occassionaly I will skip this song because I cannot avoid listening to it elsewhere. Shame really.

    7. Shock Shock.
    Another odd song in my oppinion, but after a couple of listens it becomes a good song.

    8. Many of Horror.
    Now this is a real shame... After the X-Factor fiasco, I don't think I can ever listen to this song and not think about how bad the other version is. It really has ruined this song for me.

    9. Booooooom, Blast & Ruin.
    Another one of my favourites.

    10. Cloud of Stink.
    This song really grew on me. Give it a chance if you don't like it at first.

    11. Know Your Quarry.
    Another very good song which seems to not be mentioned often.

    12. Whorses.
    One of my favourites on the album, and a great song to end this great album.

  7.  Nothing too different really...


    Everything is very similar to Fight Night Round 4 apart for the new Champion Mode which is a decent addition. It is VERY short and really easy until you reach Isaac Frost (takes a little more brains to beat him)

    There are many more real boxers to play as/fight which is essential I think. You will find that in Legacy Mode that characters will have VERY similar names and appearances which does make the experience a little less than you had hoped.

    Online is okay and you can have some real good battles if you meet your match.

    It's hard to point out any really bad things about this game, my main frustration is that it IS not that different from it's past games. But EA don't seem to like making new content in their games which really makes me mad at times.

  8.  Struggled to enjoy it...


    Me and my friend went to see this in the cinema a couple of months ago...

    After reading the plot I was expecting a really clever film which would have some really memorable moments.

    I like Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro is always a good sign for a film. Bradley Cooper put in a really good performance I thought but Robert De Niro didn't play much part in the film....

    It began with a lot of potential but then it slowly slowed down and got a little boring I thought with not a lot going on. It portrayed the life of drugs fairly well though.

    It felt like the film was near 3 hours long due to the lack of interesting things happening.... It's hard to really remember anything that made this film stand out from any other as it brought no real significance.

    I know this review has only really pointed out the bad sides, it's just the good sides were hard to find.

    It would be harsh to give anything less than 3/5, I would give this 3.5/5 if I could.

  9.  Great, but a few things....


    Right, i'll admit that i haven't yet played the first AC, but my brother has bought it so now i can fully live by the creed :P AC2 started off slowly but grew to be extremely gripping and fun.

    Brotherhood pretty much starts right where you ended in AC2, i was then a little confused with what was going on at first. But then you go back to normal gameplay. The start is much more exciting and there is more action. The first quarter is great and makes you look forward to the rest. You then play pretty much 95% of the time in Rome, which is really big. There are chances to go to other places though. I would have liked to do more country travelling though. Out of the Animus, Shaun as always is really sarcastic and funny, great british humour haha. Many new enemies are introduced but not many main character allies are. You stick with pretty much the same characters that you met in AC2. Your sister Claudia has more use also.

    Training assassins is more of a statistic strategy game, fairly easy to be successful too. You get some really useful weapons for being stealthy. Leonardo Da Vinci has his own side missions but i would have liked to see him contribute to the main storyline more. The main storyline was fairly short, compared to AC2. But there are many other things to do once you've done it. The storyline has a lot more aspects of war. The apple i thought was a bit confusing to use. Guards can quickly be killed thanks to the new counter attack system. A lot of the combos are the same as AC2 but a few new ones are introduced.There are a lot more things to keep you going in this than AC2. Horses can be used in the town which really annoys the civilians. But you can very rarely gallop unless it tells you that you can.

    I thought the ending of the Animus side of things could have been way more exciting and suprising than it was. And the 2012 parts were really well thought out. The ending was very suprising and got me wondering why it happened. I'm pleased to say that it looks like there will be a 4th AC, but it looks like Ezio has no more use to Desmond and the others anymore.


    I've not played online much yet, but what i've seen of it.... It is very basic and simple with only a limited amount of things to do, but can be quite fun. I'd imagine it being great playing with a group of friends. Ubisoft have the right idea with the multiplayer, but it could have had more variety in ways of hunting and escaping.

    Overall a great game, Ubisoft have produced mostly all killer and little filler, they just need to develop it more and introduce more variety in multiplayer and bring something new and fresh to the series.

  10.  LOVE IT


    Before i listened to this album the only songs I heard fro Creed were the obvious popular songs like Higher, WIth Arms Wide Open, My Sacrifice and One Last Breath. And they're great songs, but when i listened to this it did take about 2-3 listens for the songs to grow on me. One and What's This Life For are now in with my favourites.

    The bonus DVD has a few live performances which are decent for a band, the guys certainly like big buildings as well haha.

    Creed are probably one of the most underated bands i know of, and i know a lot of underated bands.

    Great album.