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  1.  Try it,its good(For a console game).


    I really liked crysis 1 back in 2007,but this blows it out of the water.
    For a 6yr old games console these graphics are incredible,the physics are class and theres not even any slowdown,you can pick up almost everything you see on the ground and throw it.
    The single player campaign is the best on any game i have played,including the mighty HL2,the multiplayer is flawless,there is no lag and the hit detection is spot on.
    You really should try this game,even if its not your cup of tea.
    Im a COD fan but i am going to be playing this for a long,long time indeed.
    Ok,i think i might have been sucked into the hype too much and over scored this the first time around(5 stars).
    I recently upgraded my pc with a core 2 duo to play the first crysis game on high settings,the detail and gameplay enhancement just blew me away,far,far better than crysis 2 on xbox 360.
    The multiplayer has become unplayable for me,go to the crytek forums to know what im talking about,if you have a highend pc i would go play the first crysis,it does everything in crysis2 but 10 times better.

  2.  Not what i was expecting.


    This is a very average film,if it wasn't for the all star cast this film would be a mega bomb.
    RC seems to be too old for the part of Robin hood and its a wonder that RS allowed him to use that terrible accent,am i the only one who thinks RC sounded like a half irish/yorkshire person?
    This film focuses too much on a silly war between France and England which i dont really care about,it only gets interesting towards the end when the film itself starts to be a Robin Hood film but then finishes,i found Prince of thieves to be far better than this and that was pretty average.
    Also,this should have been a 15 cert due to some gore and violence and not to mention the scene with the king and his mistress rolling about in bed half naked,if thats the sort of film you want to take your kids to watch at the cinema,then crack on.

  3.  OK


    Its good once you get your head around the new timeline,but how long before the series goes stale again?Not as good as first contact.

  4.  ok


    Good,but will NEVER outclass the 5 star originals,even in HD.

  5.  This is where the fun begins.


    For the chap who says we were not watching star wars in hd on itv1,then what were we watching?
    Sure it wasnt blu-ray quality and it most certainly wasnt the dvd versions played on an expensive deck,if that was the case my starwars dvds would look the same upscaled through my blu-ray?
    Remember,all movies are filmed in hd anyway(except movies like 28 days later etc.)which then get the blu-ray treatment,we were just watching the pre-blu-ray versions?
    I just hope that lucas film fixes some of the dodgy effects and that they also include the un-touched original versions.

  6.  Okay.


    The PQ:For a 2004 release the blu-ray PQ of this film looks really bad in some scenes,there is way too much grain.
    Also,the extended version includes newly added cgi blood and new scenes that were not in the extended DVD release.

  7.  Not the best blu-ray.


    Alien:I was very disappointed with the PQ,compared to my other blu-rays i own it looks quite poor,it does look miles better than the DVD version though.
    Aliens:The PQ looks much better than it did on DVD,the grain is nearly all gone and the detail looks good,its not perfect though.
    Alien 3:Looks okay but nothing special,due to there being browns and dark colors throughout the film its not really the best film to show off deep colors and effects.
    Alien 4:Looks the same as Alien 3 in terms of PQ.
    Well,that is my honest PQ review of the Alien anthology on blu-ray,i love all the Alien films and always will.
    If you have the Alien quadrilogy on DVD stick with it,blu-ray is overhyped for its own good and this anthology is not worth a double dip as it only looks a little bit better than the DVD version and offers very little new content.
    The new mother mode got on my nerves for being too fiddly and wasn't really impressed by it either.Thers still no interview from David fincher on Alien 3 or any opinions on the 2003 re-cut of the movie,i also found the audio quality on some of the special features was quite bad,at one point i thought my speakers had blown,nearly all the extras were in standard definition which makes me wonder why they even bothered putting them on a blu-ray disc.
    Good but disappointing,i was expecting more from this.

  8.  Think it over creep.


    Ok,i am one of the biggest fans of Robocop,i grew up watching the movies,had the toys and squeezeed my brothers throat until he said i was a cop.
    This boxset is very disappointing,no extras,Robocop 3 looks the best out of the three,infact it looks really good.
    Robocop 1 is the same disc as the first blu-ray release,it even has the same disc sticker which makes it stick out from the other two.
    Robocop 2,i had problems with this,when cain fires his weapon the screen flickers everytime,its not my hardware as all my Blu-rays work fine even with the newest update installed to my player,the transfer looks ok but nothing special.
    Think long and hard before buying this as its not as good as it should have been.

  9.  Could have been much better


    This is a fun game to play,you hack and slash all the way through it which i never got bored of.
    Some really good looking graphics most of the time but they tend to go a bit sketchy now and again,the boss battles a glitchy which results in having to start again as the bosses sometimes dissapear and dont come back.
    As for the gambit fight,it just dragged on and on for no reason as we never see him again after that,i would have preffered the deadpool fight to last longer too.
    If the movie had the action scenes in this game it would have been epic,if you like x-men then you really should buy this game.
    Also,i found it similar to the force unleashed in many ways,but no lightsabers here sorry.
    I feel the game was rushed towards the end,if a little more time was put into this it would have been a classic,a shame.

  10.  You cant do that....WRONG!


    The Terminator,one of the greatest sci-fi/action movies ever made.
    First of all,i have been itching to get hold of this for a while as it is only available to buy commercially in America and from import into this country(uk).
    As you have proberly guessed,the DVD is useless to play in this country unless you have a multi-region player but the blu-ray is region free and works anywhere.
    The quality of the blu-ray is reasonably better than the DVD edition,it could have been better in my opinion but is good enough to double dip if you already own it on DVD.