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  1.  Flawed but Great Game


    Gameplay is a lot different from all other Dragonball fighting games for any console. In a way it requires more planning and stratagy than the others as you have to plan your attacks leading up to others.
    The game has so many flaws cause Spikes Licence for the Dragonball games series is up, same happened when Burst Limit(Wasn't Spikes Game) came along, lack of characters and rushed in general for release. They were focused on Graphics and redoing the entire Anime cutscenes which are not taken from the Remastered or Kai. Lack of characters is easily made up with DLC but missing out Base forms and other transformations important characters seemed a little too far. (EG; Teen Gohan, Adult Gohan, Gotenks(Base) Goten and Trunks, Vegito(Base), Vegeta(SSJ2),Super Buu(Gotenks Absorbed) and so on. Even omitting Uub and both SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta concidering they have SSJ4 Gogeta. I was dissapointed when i saw the character line up a few weeks before release.

    Story Mode is your usual play through the motions of the Z series with some movie and GT mixed in.
    Hero Mode in my opinion is a great idea, finally... Custom Characters. Pitty its just Male Saiyans and Hero Mode is fairly short but requires a lot of grinding to even have a hope of completing this mode as it is extremely hard. AI is utterly ruthless.

    Ive been getting Dragonball Games since i was 12 when i picked up Final Bout for the PS, this is one hell of a change, if you don't like change, i wouldn't reccomend this but any diehard Dragonball fan wouldn't pass this up as its something new rather than spamming Super/Ultimate moves over and over to win.

    Giving it a 4/5 cause of the lack of characters mainly but Spike will hopefully keep the Licence and make another similar. I do hope future releases keep the Character Creation as again its a nice change and ive been wanting it myself for a long time.