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  1.  L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition - Review


    Oh rockstar, rockstar, rockstar, why would you not give a damn about pc gamers. L.a. Noire developed by the now defunct company team bondi, thanks to rockstar games making stupid decisions on making the game fancy pants and published by the devil himself rockstar games. Why are you treating this game like rubbish?... You might ask! Well the performance is broken. Pc gamers beware of the glitches and bugs and bad performance issues and the game either doesn't start or just giving up completely, i literally had to ask the person i bought it from (playtrade) to give me another copy of the game, because the first time i got it, it played horribly and made my pc crash and i had to upgrade my pc to play this terrible optimized game, then when i upgraded my pc, it ran! Oh my god! Finally! But then, licence corruption! Yay! Had to go and ask rockstar to make a patch (which after so much excuses) they did! Played fine, then when i got a blue screen due to other problems, i had to reformat, then when i wanted to install and play l.a. Noire again, it wouldn't run! And it won't run until today! 2014! Nothing works! I have recently contacted rockstar again! And again, excuses and excuses and excuses! Please rockstar take this game into consideration, but nope. No, why would they bother!?!

    Anyways out of all these problems, the game is very good (till what i have played until the game decides to kick me out) and the story with all of its different cases and classes in the detective department is great!

    But with all these performance issues, i cannot enjoy this game to the most! Don't waste your money on this game. Unless your really rich which clearly billions of people around the world don't so... Yeah... Don't! Unless rockstar would give a damn, which probably not!

    Overall rating - 3 stars
    Written by: Xoxo reviews (formerly known as aetrading)

  2.  Ship Simulator 2008: Collector's Edition - Review


    Ship Simulator 2008 is developed by VSTEP and published by Iceberg Interactive, if you love simulation games or just want to feel like you are cruising a huge Titanic ship, then this is the game for you. You can also download custom missions to further enjoy your experience along with the missions included in the game. The Collector's Edition includes the expansion pack Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons Expansion Pack and an exclusive Captain's log and a behind the scenes look on VSTEP's new Ship Simulator game called Ship Simulator Extremes. Overall it is not a bad simulator game.

    Overall Rating - 5 Stars
    Written by: XOXO Reviews (formerly known as AETrading)