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  1.  Good build quality, let down by annoying LED


    I have always bought WD when it comes to data storage as they have a good track record. I bought this 1TB drive to use with my WD TV player. It's a good drive, transfer speeds not too shabby and looks nice next to my WD TV, like an older brother.

    The thing that is driving me nuts is the pulsating bright blue LED when it is being accessed. It is very distracting when trying to watch TV. It also stays on after the drive has been powered down by the WD TV. I may have to open the case just to disconnect it. Also an ON/OFF switch would have been useful. Can't give it any less than 4 stars though.

  2.  What do you expect for £5


    This is a cool, bright t-shirt for the summer. I love the design, however the quality of the material is not outstanding it is very thin. The fit is good.

  3.  Nice compact pad


    I bought this gamepad as I wanted something a little more compact than my Xbox 360 pad that I could carry around with my Samsung NC10 netbook for a bit of casual gaming on the go! This is a well made small gamepad that feels sturdy. The buttons are generally very responsive, but the analogue sticks take a bit of getting used to as they are just a touch too quick. The cable length is 1.8 metres. The only thing I don't like is the material of the pad is a bit 'shiny' instead of the matt finish of the Xbox 360 pad but it's acceptable.

  4.  The most complete netbook package available


    I used to own a EEE 701 and sold it because of the (very) poor battery life and cramped keyboard. I saved up and waited for a netbook that delievered on everything I required. I'm glad to say this first outing from Samsung does on all counts. For a start it has a 6 cell battery, and I have not got less than 5 hours usage on a full charge, which included watching films, playing games and surfing the web with wifi constantly on. On average I get over 6 hours, pushing 7 just surfing the net. This is pretty amazing considering the average for a netbook at this time of writing is 2.5 hours. This is what a netbook battery life SHOULD be i.e. to make it as portable as possible.

    The asthetic of the netbook is pleasing to the eye, it has a shiny lid and matt finish inside. It has a nice blue light on the power button and several neon lights indicating battery, wifi, bluetooth etc. on the rim. The keyboard is a dream to type on, spacious and responsive. Overall it looks professional and smart and will turn heads. Only downers are SD cards jut out slightly on the front and the trackpad is a bit too flush with the case but you get used to it after a day or so.

    Performance wise it is nippy and performs tasks with speed as you can expect with the Atom. I use mine for 3G web surfing, retro gaming and watching films. It comes with XP service pack 3 preinstalled and a Samsung disk backup program as well as a battery optimising tool and a trial of McAfee Internet Security. I love the 160 gb HDD its perfect for all my MP3's and videos. Have to say the inbuilt speakers are tinny as hell but are acceptable, as is the webcam.
    The wifi has an excellent range and the screen is exceptional quality.

    I'm glad I waited for this netobook because it is very, very good at its pricepoint and I can see it becoming the new standard to which to judge all others by. It has no bad points really and I highly recommend it.

  5.  An improvement on EP 630 sound quality


    I agree with the other reviewer these are a noticable improvement on the EP 630 earphones. I am a big bass fan and the bass on these is a lot stronger, you can really feel it! These have a lot of range as well, I am using them with my 3 year old Vision M (still the best player ever made) and they're awesome. They come with a pouch and the build quality seems good. I just hope they don't break in one ear like the Ep 630's did, I got through 3 pairs of them in a year!!