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  1.  One that younger children will enjoy.


    I bought this for my children (4 and 7) and they love it!
    It's very simple, so older children and adults probably wouldn't like it.
    All you have to do it take care of some animals by feeding, cleaning and playing with them. You earn points/stars for doing it well, but nothing really happens if you do it badly - which is why I think younger kids enjoy it. It's also very easy to control with the mouse and the instructions are very intuitive. My children picked it up in minutes. They especially enjoy customizing the animals and their homes.

  2.  Limited entertainment but fun


    I bought this for my 4 year as she loves Peppa and was struggling with other supposedly simple games, and it was cheap!
    I agree with the other reviews - It IS very simplistic and there doesn't seem to be any point to some of the games, but having said that, my daughter (now 4) still absolutely loves it, especially the George/Hide and Seek game.

  3.  Simple and fun for all ages


    I bought this mainly because of the price, but have to say I really enjoy it.
    It's really easy to play for all ages. It's one of the few games my three year old can join in with. The music is really catchy and it's great fun to play, especially when you've got a few friends round for a drink in the evening!
    It is better played with maraccas, so I would recommend investing in some.

  4.  Great workout


    I thought thought this was going to be just another workout video type thing that I'd give up on after a week, but I have to say how wrong I was!
    I had been using the fitness software that came with the Wii, which was fine, but a bit slow and too easy to wimp out on.
    This is completely the opposite. You set the type of workout you want to do and the duration and even the music you work out to and then for the next hour, or whatever, the trainer puts you through your paces. No long pauses, no irritating 'encouragement', and no wimping out. There's a handy countdown timer showing how long you have left, but it cleverly fades in and out with each new exercise so that you don't clock-watch.
    I'm already noticing a difference in my own fitness.
    The only things it loses points for are that you can't keep track of your daily progress, and some of the exercises require more room that the average persons lounge. Apart from that, highly recommended.

  5.  Fantastic game for younger kids


    My two children, aged 3 and 6, LOVE this game!! They were finding the usual sports games tricky to play so I bought this based on the recommendations of the other reviewers.
    The game is like a big treasure hunt using loads of different actions to help Dora find stuff, like digging, climbing, flying, shaking trees, rowing etc etc. It can be a bit long, but you can start and stop it any time, or just do the bits you enjoy most.
    The kids find it really simple to play and great fun. Definitely 5 stars!