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  1.  I Actually Quite Liked It


    It looked good so I thought i'd take a punt with it and im glad I did. I mean in parts it is a bit disturbing and the gory bits are quite entertaining but these two aspects are what make a good horror movie these days. The whole point is to provoke a reaction from the viewer whether it be shock value etc and this film sure does that. This has a good setting with decent acting and the horror sections are well crafty and imaginative in some cases. Defo worth a browse

  2.  Sensational In Every Department


    What a film. All-Star cast (Damon, Dicaprio, Winstone, Wahlberg and many more) and then you have Scorsese. You hear that combination and you expect something great but this was just awesome. Unpredictable and had you hooked in from the start and considering its length, that is some feat. The acting is phenominal and the writing is marvelous and its clear the story is incredibly well written and precisely thought out. Anything the characters do has a bearing on some sort of outcome. Tense, great action and wonderful acting. Everything just works. This is a film you have to see in your lifetime.

  3.  It Doesn't Mess Around


    What I loved about this film is the fact that it didn't waste any time with getting straight into the action so therefore it never lagged and was gripping throughout. Gerard Butler is pretty much a genius bordering on insane is and convincing in his role. His character was unpredictable and ruthless which came across very well. Jamie Foxx also does a steller job as the "corrupt" authority. The story was intense and the death scenes were very cleverly crafted. If you want action packed, no pussy-footing around solid action, then you should go ahead and watch this film.

  4.  They Deserve Credit


    I keep reading and hearing that this series isn't as good as others but in truth, its just different. Yeah, its a little darker but they can't all be happy go lucky all the time and I think the writers deserve credit for attempting a deeper story and trying to evoke a different emotion from the Skins audience which they havent had before and perhaps will shock. You see more sides of the characters which works well for their development and it also challenges their acting skills. The first two series are my favourites but I think this series is being under-rated as it should be seen for what it is as a whole and not compared to previous series as they are going for a different outlook. Well worth a watch. Performances from Jack O'Connell (Cook) throughout and Lily Loveless (Naomi) in the last episode especially, were outstanding.

  5.  ........and I Like B**b**s


    Hilarious comedy. Paul Rudd is becoming quite the hero and here he and Sean William Scott deliver great performances and have evident "bro chemistry". The supporting cast of Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) and Bobb'e J. Thompson are awesome with Thompson delivering some stomach-aching one liners. The script and writing is great, the film has a unique story which flows well and is covered with very effective performances. So if your looking for a load of laughs and not much of a serious film, I'm pretty sure Role Models will do the trick

  6.  Michael Caine Is A Legend


    What a performance. Michael Caine is really on form in this film. He delvers a truly powerful performnce as "the old guy on the estate" trying to get retribution against a gang who killed his mate. What else I liked is the fact that this film has a girtty, hard hitting, British feel about it which is such a plus. The film is structured very well, keeping you entertained throughout and it also has some great acting, well written script and fitting soundtrack. I would also would like to mention the great performance of Jack O'Connell (Skins, Eden Lake), who continues to impress me in whatever I see him in. A great future lies ahead of him. Definitely check this film out.

  7.  Too Much Hype


    By no means is this a bad film. The hype was insane so I thought i'd give this a go, and I have to admit, I was disapointed. The acting was good as Downey Jr plays Holmes with conviction and Jude Law also does a decent job. But the little comments and attempted humour left me feeling as if I had been robbed because I got the sense I had heard it all before. The story also became tiresome and it did lag but to its credit, the ending was good and loose ends were tied up well. I just felt the script was lazy and re-cycled which really grinds my gears, hence the rating. In my view they could of done more with this but you may as well give it a watch as many thought it was great. Me........ not so much

  8. Hot Mess

    Hot Mess

    Cobra Starship - CD

    2 New from  £7.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     Nothing Like It


    In my opinion, you have to stand out from the rest these days and Cobra Starship's Hot Mess does just that. Catchy hooks mixed in with energetic beats and a unique sound is a recipe for success. Every song sounds different and has its own style. With this album you get electro, bits of dance, a touch of pop, and a tad punk. This is their third album I believe and each one has delivered. The best songs on this album are "Move Like You Gonna Die", "Hot Mess" an "Good Girls Go Bad". I definitely recommend you give this album a go.

  9. Lights


    Ellie Goulding - CD

    3 New from  £4.83  Free delivery

     ........and she backs it up


    Ellie Goulding delivers a truly refreshing sounds which seems as if it just comes natuarally. Fair play there was crazy hype over this album and winning sound of 2010 but she sure back it up. Each song is different with her own mix of pop, folk and electronic beats which are combined with her unique style and voice. With this in mind, I think Ms Goulding will be around for a while yet. This album is recommended as its easy listening and packed with brilliant vocals and lyrics, and you can really tell they mean something to the artist, which is a rare commodity

  10.  Absolutely Breathtaking


    Simply stunning film. Masterful performances from Di Caprio and Hounsou. The story really gets to the heart of the whole diamond debate and hows brutal it can be. Hounsou displays such emotion and intelligence in his performance that I will be definitley looking out for his next roles. Di Caprio's South African accent is incredible and even he delelivers and performance i thought he wasn't capable of, full of flair and prowess. For the entire film, you are hooked in with a great script, smart camera work and perfect locations. It does make you think twice about where your "bling" is from as well. This is a film that cannot be missed.