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  1.  Awesome Album


    An excellent compilation of some awesome tunes. Was lucky enough to see him live in Sheffield for about a tenner in March and looking at the prices of tickets on here i'm glad i did! This album offers brilliant replay value - you can listen to the tunes over and over and not get bored and it's not one of those albums where you skip to your favourite tracks either because they are all equally brilliant! I remember is a personal favourite. Top album.

  2.  Excellent.


    This game looks gorgeous. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is even better. I only ever play Fifa with mates but it causes so much controversy and light banter that it's such an experiance. I still think you should be able to slide tackle the keeper thought :)

  3.  Poor


    This is my least favourite N4S title to date. The major flaw is that they took out the free roam which has been in most of the other good N4S titles like Most Wanted. The tracks are ok at first but after the 3rd or 4th time you've driven them they just become boring and much much too repetitive, 50% of the time you're driving in the desert - where have the inner city routes gone, weaving in and out of traffic? I applaud EA for having a go at doing something different with the franchise but they went a little too far with this one. The only reason it got two stars is because the cars are nice and detailed and customization is always fun :)

  4.  A nice preview!


    I've always been a GT fan, since it's first title on the PS1 and it's been quite a while since the last installment on the PS2 which wasn't my favourite by a long-shot thanks to the b-spec mode turning you into a lazy driver. Thankfully it looks like they've gotten rid of it in this polished PS3 title. It's been 3years since the PS3 was release and it was about time we heard something from the guys at polyphony, all in all a good game, but I wouldn't recommend newcomers to GT to buy this, just wait for the full version in December because it's gonna be awesome! Their are enough cars and tracks on this game to keep you going for a while, just don't expect it to be a long-lasting title, unless you becoming hooked on the online play. Speaking of which this part of the game needs a little work, the penalty systems which penalise you for crashing into barriers and other cars is flawed, a lot of the time racers who are oblivious to other cars and not at fault for the collision will receive the penalty and their is a lagging issue too, all of which i'm 100% will have been sorted when GT5 finally hits the shelves! A good buy to keep us avid GT fans going until Christmas!

  5.  Not the best.


    As a big N4S fan I bought this game on release and enjoyed it the first time through. Just started playing through it again before the new one comes out and re-discovered all the small niggles which make this particular N4S very average. As most other reviewers have noted a particular problem is the game loading a new area of track whilst you are mid-race causing the screen to freeze for a second or two. This can happen numerous times per race and is incredibly annoying! Also the car customization has gone a little downhill from previous titles. Visual upgrades such as hoods are car specific and i'm not a big fan of the colour wheel for paint. I've also noticed how it is very easy for your opponents to bash you off the track or spin you out but give them a shunt back and it's like crashing into a brick wall. The races are pretty repetitive and the only thing which really keeps you going late in the game is the desire to race in the Veyron. The police in this one seem pointless, i think they need to take a leaf out of Most Wanted and re-introduce the bounty scheme if the police are going to be a successful feature in future titles. I know the team have had their time frame reduced to produce the N4S franchise but come on, they need to be better than this to keep keen fans like me on board.

  6.  Highly Entertaining


    My review is based almost solely on the online part of the game. I have only played the first two solo campaign levels but have notched up probably 100hours of online play and it's extremely addictive. The customization of all weaponry and armour etc is excellent and an unlockable scheme similar to that of Call Of Duty keeps you playing until the elite ranks. I paid full price for this game and would strongly advise those COD fans who are waiting for Modern Warfare 2 to give this a look, for a tenner you can't go wrong!