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  1.  beware


    just to let people know this does not come with a second disc of the director's cut and it's in lpcm 48k not doldy digital 5.1 sound as it says on the back cover.

  2.  remasterd classic


    under dean candy's supervision,this film looks fantastic. everything in this film has been cleaned up.well worth buying(re-buying).5 stars.

  3.  looks sharp.


    for a film that's 30yrs old,this blu ray release looks like it was made yesterday,the effects beat cgi hands down,the acting,direction is 1st class and the clostraphobia/untrust of the chractors is cranked up to the full.5 star film.

  4.  wo-man is this scary!


    this is how horror movies should be made.very little cgi,lots of atmosphere,good story telling,music to a minimum. the scares are top notch.i've watched this twice and it's worth every penny.

  5.  there's no such thing as vampires!


    this is a real classic movie,great acting,great fx,great 5.1 surround sound(not 2.0 as play stats).like donald pleasance made halloween,roddy mcdowell made fright night.

  6.  the ward


    this film deserves more respect than what warner bros gave it!they never released it in the cinemas in january,then they release a bare disc with no directors comm,no deleted scenes,no trailer nothing.warners hang your heads in shame.

  7.  scream 4


    this film is a worthy addition to the franchise,just a shmae they haven't put any special features on this disc(deleted scenes,making of docs,film trailers)a very disappointing disc to a good film.

  8.  wrestlemania 27


    the worst wrestlemania EVER!only two decent matches on the card.more wrestling next time.

  9.  still creepy


    i agree with a previous review.john carpenters greatest film,the build up and the horror scares are first class.acting first class.along with alien as the top scifi horror of all time.a must for any collector.