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  1.  This game makes you feel like a DJ, than GH does a guitarist


    For me it was the tracklist that won me over for the game, and the tracklist is very very good, a good mix of Queen with Daft Punk with Tiesto and Benny Bennassi, all very good mixes.

    The game itself is well done, good graphics, when you admire them! and there is no story just a number of setlists that you have to run through although they are very good!

    Online is good but as with Guitar Hero, as usual expect the crazy-ass people who are amazing at the game and 100% easily, other than thats its still a good fun game that will have many talking points afterwards.

    In conclusion at this price you have a very good deal and the game will last a while as it is a good party game, although it cant have 4 players like GH it is a very good co-op game....if you have someone else with the game. Hope this helps!!


  2.  It is the best Football Game at the moment..


    but thats because its only competition, Pro evolution soccer, has been absent, or so it would seem, the past 2 years or so.

    Having said that i am an avid Football fan and even more so for football games and therein fifa. It is my game so to speak.

    This is the only game for me at this period, this game gets me off of Battlefield 2, FFXIII and even Mass Effect 2 and as any gamer would realise those games are no push overs.

    Graphically fifa is top notch. Slick visuals with animations working every time and very realistic each and every time, even so for the refs. Players look a lot like real life players, notably Messi, Lampard and Torres.

    Gameplay wise fifa is again ahead of the game with the 360 degree dribbling working an absolute treat and again is very realistic in movement etc. Shooting works well although after a few hundred games or so you will realise that, like with Fifa 09, that there become certain points from which you can score from, having played easily over 700 games online i can comfortably say that it is apparent. Other than that it works well the shooting mechanics. Another feature is jostling although as far as i can tell all one has to do is hold the LT when in contact with the opposition which is not as complicated as first thought, albeit a bit too simple.

    The main problem for me is that of the AI of goalkeepers and the Refs. With the goalkeepers they have a real love for charging the striker when he is clear on goal, which then makes the way-too-easy-chipping an option and inevitably a goal, this is a huge problem and becomes more prominent after many many games. Now with that of the ref. It appears that the ref gives a foul for ANY tackle from behind no matter whether it is a slide tackle or not also the whole jostling idea can lead to a foul and it is hard to determine whether to make that last ditch tackle as it is possible that you could give away a penalty.

    In short the game is very very good, easily my favourite game for the 360 at the moment, however you as the buyer may want to know that Fifa 2010 World Cup is out at the end of the month ( April) which will be a mid-point between Fifa 10 and Fifa 11 so it may be worth waiting for that game. Hope this helps!


  3.  Hmm good but not his best...


    I prefer the mellow side to Moby and that is why i bought this album. I was disappointed as they seemed way too trance and i couldnt appreciate the music. Although there are some very good mellow songs on the album such as Into the Blue and When it's cold i'd like to die. Those two songs are very good but i dont think the rest of the album is on par :(

    Enjoy !!

  4.  The best of his albums


    I have 18, Play, Hotel, Everything is wrong and this album is by far the best. A personal favourite is Scream Pilots, Study War and Wait for Me. I highly recommend this album as well as Hotel if you have money to spend. This is Moby back to his best. The Ultimate Mellow album!


  5.  Got this a couple of years back...still amazing!!


    When i first got this i didnt really use it as i didnt go on msn on my xbox now with all the hatemail i get on fifa (i joke) its very good for a quick message, you just plug in at the bottom of the controller, wait a couple of second and then your away!
    it is as quick and easy as that. Although if you dont use msn or write messages this is probably not worth the money BUT even then what ever messages you do write are over in a jiffy with this gadget. An excellent product!


  6.  A really neat bit of kit..shame about its few nagging issues


    For the price you would expect pretty good quality, and to be fair you do get it. Its comfortable and many times you will take it to the toilet with you withou realising (might i say its an awkward experience - "hey rhys! what you doing?" "Uh...nothing....*plop*.....")
    says it all really.

    It looks good and lasts a good 6+ hours which is a decent length for any gamer. If your me and charge it up over night or through school/work etc then its never really out of battery.

    The main complaint is the echoing that occurs. Whether or not its the mic itself or just Party Chat messing about its really annoying and is a constant issue. It happens rarely but i is enough to put one off.

    My other complaint would be the price, you get around three standard mic's, of course they cables but with three of them for the same price its a hard choice, in the long run definately this one, but a lot of thought should happen first!!

    Other than that its a good bit of kit. If you can pick a new one up for less than 20 pounds its a steal!


  7.  Surprising good fun


    I had been waiting for this game to come down in price for quite some time, and so when it had i pounced on it like a cat and my gosh i was not disappointed. Im a teenager and so i didnt know what to expect of this game. My main reason for wanting this game was how fun it looked and how i could play it without a care in the world. Both are true and its a magnificent game.

    The graphics are good and cute (sorry no other word i could use to describe it!) and the sound is again.....cute -.- (grr!!)

    This game makes you feel like a child and with all the evil ninjas running around shouting "mini ninjas" its hard not to get a cheesy grin and with the a secondary objective in each level to free the captive animals, which can i say look....cute...its again hard not to have fun.

    In total i would deffinately get this game no matter who the gamer is, it brought a smile to my face i'm sure it will do the same for you!

    i have given the game 4* purely because i have not played it enough...unfortunately my great gaming love is Fifa and so this game (actually no game) gets much from me as i end up playing fifa...but based on what i have played of the game there is nothing wrong..it's pure simple fun!


  8.  Hmmm good and bad points...unfortunately


    The game is perfect for like 30 mins to an hours worth of play, and it is fun and typically arcadey although there are bad points...

    Firstly the graphics are very good, cell-shaded and good motion animation, especially with one character which happens to be....rather large and you get to see his belly move to almost every movement, pretty disgusting but good to see the attention to detail.

    The sound is hit and miss. SOMETIMES and literally sometimes the sound is good otherwise the "rock" music that accompanies the fights is just horrible. luckily (well for me) it was masked from my own temper at why my character didn't block) also the end of fight "win quotes" are not good either, typically japanese and no dubbing just text, i guess its good that there is no dubbing...considering the rest of the sound.

    The worst thing is by far the most annoying. I was playing my sister the other day, i lost, and it was down to the reason that she was button mashing, where i was trying to counter and jump and left hook right hook. Nothing would work. I havent tried it online but if the button masher becomes the winner then i will not be playing it online, in a 1-on-1 fighting game, you would hope that real skill comes into play, it doesnt seem that way in Street Fighter though :(

    Oh and by the way the single player i also found way to hard. I play on medium and theres two more difficulty levels and it really is hard. First two fights were very easy then suddenly im playing a woman who is secretly a dragon. Frustrating comes to mind.

    All in all its a very good game for quick bouts here and there and possibly in a party but if like me and you get frustrated fairly easy then i would avoid although having said that it is a good game.


  9.  The definition of fun...


    This game is fun as simple as. I had Forza 3 and loved that until races were heading for the 30 mins mark and i just got bored i'd start a race and b e bored half way through...and with a racing game thats just not acceptable...so i went out for grid after hearing great stuff by it and wow i was impressed.

    Visually i compared this game to forza and at the very least i believe it to be on par if not slightly better.

    The sound is of course amazing with the purr of then engine at the start of the race to the revving and roaring of a mid race engine. It's just fantastic.

    I kept this review short and snappy and the one word that describes this is fun. Where as Forza is serious and goes by the book - so to speak - Grid just comes straight out, reads the title and thinks "**** that" and rips out up. It's just like that.

    In short if you want a racing sim look o Forza, if you want fun and true epic moments Grid is the game.


  10.  Avoid...almost....like the plague


    Hmm where to begin with this game, i suppose i'll just give my opinion and in short i thought it was awful.

    The graphics are actually decent...not amazing but not at all bad... the environments look good....characters well....to put it nicely are horrible. The special effects are pretty good but get boring. I would give the graphics a good 7 out of 10 but purely for everything looking good other than the characters.

    The sound is horrible, many times did the music associated with action come to life after the fight was over and even then the music is just hard rock which i personally don't like very much. Also the gunfire noise is awful like that of....actually i cant compare it to a game off of the top of my head thats this bad. It's truly horrible. As such id give the sound a 4 out of 10, its only redemption is that when the music score does come into synch with the action it is fitting and an adrenaline boost.

    The controls are good and well implemented other than the fact that the LT is not used for ANYTHING! i had to look at the controls to verify this and its true it is not used other than in conjunction with the RT, this i thought was unusual oh and the aiming is just plain disastrous its not "free" like that of CoD or other top shooters and so its hard to get used to...at first when you do get used to it its still just plain bad.

    The one up side to this game is that its fairly easy for achievements, for example you would get 450G for just completing the game but thats based on whether the finishing achievements are stackable, i.e completing the game on the hardest difficulty also grants the achievements for any easier difficulties. I would not know if that is true as i haven't completed the game yet. Also i got one achievement for pretty much skipping a cutscene, basically the cutscene almost counted as a mission. and so the achievements seem simple enough too, there are no collecting achievements either which is cool.

    As a whole the game is pretty go....wait no...its just plain horrible, its good for achievements but dont get it for graphics or story theres is neither. Oh and a word of warning you have to save manually and it doesnt tell you about that too, this caught me out as i got to the first boss, died, then had to restart the WHOLE GAME!! so just a word of warning there. Hope this helped and enjoy :)