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  1.  Just wow.


    For under a tenner you have to buy this, ignore any negative comments. Fable II is pure brilliance. For all of Peter Molyneux's quirkiness and peculiarities he sure does know the ingredients for a great game. The achievements for this game are so easy too, i've got them all but still find myself playing this game every now and then 18 months after buying it. This is in my Top 5 games of all time. GET IT!

  2.  A bold move for Halo


    A while back nobody would have ever associated the word 'Halo' with the RTS genre... not any more. My goodness Halo has now been firmly imprinted on RTS forever because this game is superb. 3v3 Multiplayer is always a good laugh, but in my experience some of the matches can last hours if each team use similar tactics, but it does challenge players to try and outthink and outmanouvre opponents.
    You really dont get bored on this, a little frustrated perhaps, but never bored. My friend and I completed this on Legendary in Co-op after maaaaany hours of cursing at our televisions; but despite the fact it was torturously difficult it was very enjoyable and we ended up masteirng the Co-op system and working together like clockwork. At this price, this game is a must buy!
    On a side-note, the DLC that is available is also excellent value for money.



    This was my first VF game, and my god i was thrown in at the deep end... Button mashing really DOES NOT work, your best bet is to try the training mode and learn your own fighting style with a character that is easy to play with for you. The combat sytem is very intricate indeed and if you want to compete at the higher levels you have to learn what to do in certain situatutions and memorise plenty of combos and special moves. It took me quite a long time but i did eventually get into this and found it to be an enjoyable and mildly addictive game. However i found it very samey after a while and just couldnt see how i was progressing because there is no clear path to follow in the arcade mode ('campaign' to us normal gamers), if this is your first VF then you will likely find yourself lost and frustrated many a time. But this is a good hardcore fighter for those who have more experience in these sort of games, especially if your into the nitty-gritty part of combat games and want a true challenge.

  4.  Immerse Yourself


    Such epicness, at first when i started playing it i thought it was average at best and i was slightly unsure of the system, due to this being the first time ive properly played a turn-taker RPG. But once you get to the point where you start to collect more characters and more sidequests become open to you this JRPG is unmatched even by Final Fantasy, you could even say that the creators have shot themselves in the foot buy outdoing their own game saga but this is just so good it doesnt even matter. Get it if you want to make the most of your xbox.

  5.  Good to see that COD hasn't lost the frustration factor


    Fairly generic game really, its typical COD... Great campaign although too short, the online play is still pretty much the same only with more WhamBam killstreak rewards, and of course: the high blood pressure that comes with the COD franchise. Seriously.... why are 11 year olds allowed to play this? not only is it an 18 but theyre also immensley annoying, and whatsmore the lag is horrendous, OH GOD its horrific. The Infinity Ward team have really gotta sort their servers out, i find that 7/10 matches are always cut off short due to lag and selecting the worst connection as host. However the gameplay, is yet again fantastic, just like the rest of the COD franchise.
    The best feature about this game is Special Ops which is MW2's saving grace when it comes to my rating, which is 4* and 8.3/10.

  6.  It's worth 5 stars purely for the banter


    I've played through this game 5 times now.... im still not bored. 250 hours of gameplay racked up and with every achievement unlocked, yet this masterpiece is still just as gripping as when i first cracked it out of the case. In terms of value for money this is a definate 10/10.
    The controls config is perfect for the combat in the game, and depending on your class/background you will always be discovering new methods of fighting that will keep you battling darkspawn for hours on end. This gets 9/10.
    However the thing that surprised me most about this game was the amount of times i found myself laughing out loud at the witty and sarcastic comments that can be unearthed in the game (mainly from Alistair i find), this brings me to the point of voice acting, which im going to give 10/10, if it were possible i would give it 11 out of 10, its truly superb.

  7.  A Modern Classic


    I've had this since Christmas 07 and i still play this game, its truley fantastic. If ever your bored of your games you can always turn to this trusty game and have a good laugh wreaking havoc in Jerusalem, and with the up and coming Assassins Creed II (very exciting) i've been polishing up on my Assassin skills and the game is still as fun to play as it was 18 months ago. When you consider this games release date you really do have to admire the aweinspiring graphics, Ubisoft really outdid themselves on this project; superb gameplay, stunning graphcs and an underlying conspiracy theory that will blow you away. Dont even think about playing Assassin's Creed II before you've blitzed this gaming masterpiece.

  8.  Bungie Have Gone Backwards


    Short storyline, a Legendary campaign that can be completed in an afternoon and the BR (the best gun ever made in any game) removed... not a great recipe. But at least you can have a bit of fun with Firefight mode and the vidmaster achievements will give you recon in your Halo 3 armoury, so not a bad argument on behalf of the Bungie crew. However i would have LOVED to of seen a whole new matchmaking experience using ODST soldiers as opposed to spartans. Only buy this game if you are hungry for recon or any easy 1000G.