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  1.  A Galactic Joyride of Epic Proportions!


    A 3-D plat-former, boasting intuitive, drop in, drop out co-operative features!

    Simple, fluid and responsive controls from the original masterpiece return; however this time, the adventure lasts for twice as long!
    Graphically, this game is fantastic, rivaling many PS3 and Xbox 360 games.
    It is well suited to any audience, from little kids, to hardcore gamers, something present for everybody! Drop in drop out gameplay returns, but this time your co-op buddy can REALLY help you out!
    The original gravity manipulating gameplay greatly varies the missions, far more than its predecessor!
    The soundtrack, once again is DISTINCT; composed by none other than the legendary Koji Kondo (Mario 64, Zelda, Metroid)
    The addition of yoshi and his food powers gives the game another unique gameplay twist, giving rise to a VARIETY of ways to get those power stars!
    All in all, Nintendo have exceeded expectations! A must buy!

  2.  What? SEGA on the come-back??


    Graphically, this game is exceptional, stages look magnificent as you rush past them in mach speed. Gameplay mechanics are also very simple to become accustomed to, yet hard to master. The character rooster boasts a wide number of all stars, why they insist on leaving Streets of rage out is a mystery. Overall, this game is very much worth 30 pounds, it is not a lousy spin off attempt (Sonic spinball..hehe..the nightmares...)



    This is one magical game. The graphics appear as if the game was for a much more powerful console. The gameplay is quick, easy to learn, enjoyable forever. The orchestral soundtracks are one of the best I have ever heard (Koji Kondo Collaboration), absolutely beautiful! The ingame co-op option is easy to pick up and play, a friend can help you save the universe! There are also absolutely no loading times, the action just flows and flows. Shigeru Miyamoto worked hard to make sure of this.
    There is no question about it. This is the best game on the Wii. Look out for its sequel!

  4.  Quantum Leaping!


    For those who are new to the Metroid Prime series, with interests in first person shooting with third person elements, this is essential. MP1 & 2 are not just the same Gamecube games with Wii controls slapped on; they have been intelligently adapted for higher quality resolutions. Each one of these games are epic in the truest sense of the word. You don't have to take my word for it, just check the numerous game reviewing websites!