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  1.  I'm christian!!!


    Dont understand some of the reviews on here - i thought this film was excellent. Something different than the usual hollywood rubbish we get from the states the east european films are starting to overtake for me.
    I could not do the subtitle's though as kept just focusing on the words and not the picture, so changed it to dubbed english which wasn't that in que but bearable.
    Love the ending and the mystery of the 3 students going missing......

  2.  caesar is home...


    Never been a fan of the planet of the apes so was reserved when i bought this film.
    But i was so pleased i did buy this and on blue-ray the effects are amazing and the story is well scripted.
    It starts of slow but get half way and starts to get going, hopefully another one will be out soon at the cinemas as the next step towards the apes taking over the world.

  3.  you never knocked me down!


    The best boxing film of all time, yes there's rocky & the fighter but this is in a completely different league. De niro is truly amazing, and the story grips you from the start.

  4.  One word Genius!


    Finally the BBC has made something worth wild to watch, truly the best show on terrestrial tv at the moment. Can't wait to buy the 2nd dvd and hopefully a 3rd series will be out this year.

  5.  The daddy of all mafia movies!


    The sopranos is the best mafia series and Goodfellas is the best mafia movie of all time. Brilliantly made, the characters are well acted and the whole storyline shows what the mafia was capable of in them days.

  6.  Ultimate Zombie series


    The walking dead is brillantly done, i have to say i could watch this time and time again and not get bored. The characters are well produced each having their own identity and not some soppy teenage girls running around screaming like you see in movies. Can't wait for the 2nd series to come out on dvd.

  7.  Howard!!!!


    This is up with the best british comedys of all time (steptoe & son, some mother do av em, only fools and horses, fawlty towers).
    I love the 1st series the best will never be bored of laughing at this comedy series. Worth every penny.

  8.  Welcome to the concrete jungle!


    Got this bought as a present, now i already had this on DVD but i have to say this blue-ray edition beats it hands down. The picture quality is brilliant and to sound is out of this world i am purchasing the 1st movie on blue-ray cant wait!

  9.  Rubbish!!


    The worst fifa yet i have had previous fifa's like 09,10 & 11 these were fantastic online gameplay was great. But the new tactical defending makes defending harder - especially online you can easily get beaten by faster players, hope they don't do this for the next fifa if so i won't be buying.

  10.  The Daddy of shootem ups!


    Anyone who thinks battlefield is better than MW3 is in cloud cookoo land.
    The single player story is brilliant, although i must admit a little bit short but it's the online gaming which everyone buys this for. It's awesome the maps are the best yet and the download content is brilliant, just cannot wait until other maps are available.