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  1.  Worth more than their weight in gold......


    .....I mentioned to a colleague that these probably cost more than their actual weight in gold......I think I'm right which should scare you!
    If you do your research you will find a few high-end in-ear headphones that are always well rated. These are one of the pairs - a few others that you'll hear being compared against the SE530s are Sennheiser IE8s and Grado GR8s.........you probably won't find a poor review for any of them that are written by people who are passionate about their music.
    If you bought any high-end headphones then you wouldn't be disappointed. That could be because anybody spending this much on headphones is hardly likely to say that they've just wasted a massive amount of money!
    Having said that - these are exceptional quality. The clarity is awesome. You really can hear things in the music that you can't hear with cheaper pairs of headphones - that is to be expected I suppose. Whether it's important to be able to hear your music as closely as possible to how it was recorded will come down to your wallet and/or the level of your love of music.
    The 'Shure Experience' starts when you open up the package. You'll find a lovely metal box that opens up to reveal the headphones nicely laid out inside - along with all the 'extras' like the PTH unit and extra cables and connectors.
    Personally I'd sooner have them in a cardboard box and pay 10 quid less for them, but you're paying for the whole 'experience' of owning a top-of-the-range set of headphones.
    These aren't headphones that most people will use in the gym - you wouldn't want to get sweat all over them.
    They are very lightweight and fit exceptionally well - to me at least - although wearing the cables over your ears is something that takes a little getting used to.
    Shure reckon that they block out around 90% of external sound and I can believe that. I use mine while I'm drumming and I can hardly hear the drums when they're in - just enough though. :)
    The PTH unit has a small microphone in it that lets you hear stuff going on outside of your perfect little musical world at the slide of a switch. I guess it saves you taking the earphones out, but really is a bit of a gimmick I think - audio purists wouldn't want anything getting in the way of the audio signal, so this might only be used by those who wear their headphones when they're walking out and about on their shopping travels and who can't be bothered with constantly putting them in, and taking them out of, their ears.
    I own a pair of SE110s too - and although they are fantastic, these are even better (obviously) - whether they're 200 quid better comes down to your ears, and the quality of your music files, at the end of the day.
    I don't regret paying a small fortune for these, and they are an extravagance that took me a little while to save up for......worth every bit of saving in my opinion.
    The bottom line is that these are seriously impressive bits of kit with a seriously impressive price tag. You won't buy these to impress your mates, however - just your ears.

  2.  Fantastic hub.


    Has worked with an external USB-powered hard drive, TomTom, infrared port (Polar), Sony e-reader, digital camera, iPod - in fact, anything that I've put on it has worked - and all at the same time.
    No problems, no dramas. Works with Vista (64bit). Has worked with a combination of USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices.
    You can take half of it away with you (if you felt like it!) although the top bit won't be powered.
    Has been working now for about 6 months and has not missed a beat.
    If I needed more (!) USB ports, then I'd buy another one of these. I've recommended this to a relative who needed more USB ports.
    The only way this could be better is if they made one that was totally gloss black.
    Totally worth the asking price.

  3.  Disappointing


    I've had 3 different sets of Sennheisers and they've all been excellent - but these are awful.
    Bought these as a temporary stopgap after my Shure 110s were away under warranty. I wish I'd not bothered - although I got these through a Playtrader and have to assume that the ones I've got are genuine.........although I have my doubts......
    Disappointing fit. Disappointing sound. Disappointing loudness. No detail in the sound - from my Ipod Shuffle - which was fine with the Shures......these are 'fine' if all you're using them for is a cheap pair down the gym and don't mind if they get sweat all over them. If you're buying them for any other reason, don't. If this is all you can afford, then do your ears a favour and don't bother inflicting these on them - save up and buy anything else but these.
    If I bought a genuine pair of Sennheisers then they are shocking. If they are fake, then whoever made them needs shocking.

  4.  Do you really need class 6?


    Excellent price for a lot of storage. Do you really need Class 6? I use this in my Canon 450D with no lag when shooting multiple shots.
    So I saved myself a few quid and got room for nearly 1000 RAW images at full resolution. Really pleased with the quality and price. :)

  5.  My favourite film of all time.


    This should be in everybody's DVD collection. I own three different copies of this film (don't ask). If and when it comes out in HD/BluRay I will own a copy of that too. I even own the book.

    Traditional film - the bad guys lose, the good guys win.

    There's a beautiful princess, an evil prince, a handsome pirate, a gentle giant, a nasty little man, a revengeful swordfighter , an ancient miracle worker and an albino.

    I'm not sure what else anyone would need in a film.

    Usually I like films with fast car chases, crashes, explosions, gun fights, death and glory. This film has none of those. OK, it's has one death. But it's a truly deserved death.

    It's over 20 years old and has aged superbly. I recall Star Wars being 20 years old - time wasn't kind, in my opinion.

    This knocks every other film made to date into a cocked hat. Buy it. Now. You won't regret it. If by some bizarre chance you don't like it, give it to a nephew as a present - they'll love it and your sister/brother will thank you for giving them 90 minutes of peace.

  6.  Motion Sickness Anybody?


    Bought into the hype and pre-ordered this.
    Very disappointing because, for some reason, I can't play it for any more than 30 minutes without it causing me motion sickness.
    Believe me, I've had this long enough to try. And try. And try.
    Nowhere near as good as Battlefield2:Modern Combat (which I can play for hours and hours), in my opinion, although I haven't played Halo online - I can't get good enough without feeling like I want to vomit all over my sofa.
    The graphics are ok, but the whole thing is a bit too much like an arcade game, rather than a FPS/RPG for my liking.
    I'm in the minority, plenty of people think this is awesome - and, let's face it, if it wasn't it wouldn't have sold half as many copies.
    It just didn't get on well with me. Much like marmite, red wine and my first wife.
    If you love it, good for you. If you don't, and haven't tried BF2:MC, then swap or trade it! :)