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  1.  Over hyped bland mindless rubbish.


    Was dragged to the cinema to watch this by my ex girlfriend. I broke up with her at the end of the movie. This film is, frankly, terrible. First of all the "actors" seem to be unable to act, They express one emotion throughout the entire movie. A stony wooden broody look that never changes. They are obviously just there to look pretty. The script is so poorly pieced together monkeys would probably have produced better. At times during this movie I wished I had a sharp instrument with which to gouge my eyes out so I wouldn't have to endure it anymore. I noticed too that many of the moviegoers were crying at different parts of the film, they must have thought it was as bad as I did, because I was crying too. What will future generations think of us knowing that people watched and loved this movie. Surely we will be removed from the history books. For your own sanity, and indeed the sake of mankind's intellectual standards, avoid this vomit inducing excuse for a movie like the plague.

  2.  Lean and mean


    The new Pearl jam album is short, clocking in at around 36 minutes, but all 36 minutes of it is pure killer. Absolutely excellent rock album. Highlights include "amongst the waves", which will no doubt become a fan fave. "The end" - imo eddie vedders greatest lyrics to date, stunning song, and of course the excellent "fixer", "johnny guitar" and "Got Some". Longtime pearl jam fans will love this album, but equally, new comers, or those revisiting the band for the first time since vs or vitalogy will also love it. You will be hard pressed to find a better rock album all year.