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  1.  Brilliant film! A must see in any language!


    Seriously, just as other reviewers before me, please ignore the ones that say this film is rubbish, because its not! I also have Dead Snow, and with it being a Norwegian film with subtitles, did not put me off watching it, in fact, it was truly amazing, as is this. It's filmed in the "shaky cam" style, but really well done. You soon forget about the subtitles as you get so engrossed in the story line. When you see your first "Troll" it is quite scary, especially when you play the film through your surround sound, you actually hear the trolls way before you see them, it was so atmospheric.
    If you want to watch something a little different, and you don't mind subtitles, get this as me and my mate just laughed through the funny bits, and got slightly unnerved through the action bits. Brilliant film, you have to have this for the collection...

  2.  WARNING! Seriously addictive game...


    I played this online for the first time last night, and a quick go on it turned into an hour, turned into 3 hours, turned into "Oh my god, I have to get up for work in 3 hours!". Seriously people, you will lose hours/days to this, the gameplay is that addictive. Graphics are superb, fantastic AI (both Zombies and NPCs). The multiplayer options are brilliant, and you get to use nearly any weapon you can think of, so imagine my surprise when I managed to ditch my crowbar for a beautiful Samurai Sword? Oh this is just too much fun....

  3.  Fancy watching the bext TV series ever?


    Do yourself a favour and do NOT miss the opportunity to watch this. Two brothers who shoot, punch, kick and generally whoop all manner of demons/spirits/ghosts. Coupled with a kick a*s Hard Rock soundtrack, gorgeous girls, an awesome car, and a plot to end all plots, then it is, quite simply, the best tv you will ever watch.
    Oh and if you haven't watched the previous series, book two weeks off work and watch 'em. You won't regret it.

  4.  Fantastic! You MUST see this film....


    went to the cinema not really knowing what to expect. Well, what I did see was a totally original film that left you wanting to see more. The fact that the actors were unheard of made it even better because you concentrated on the film and not the star (although the lead character is amazingly dry and funny). Humour, action, emotion, it had it all. I am buying this the second it comes out.