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  1.  Intense and terrifying, awesome!


    Saw both REC and REC2 for first time this week, truly brilliant little films. The 28 Days Later/Blair With comparisons are expected but that is too simplyfying for these films. With dross like SAW 7 out there, this is a lesson to anyone trying to make a scary film. Intelligent as well as provocative, I can't wait for the next two, REC Genesis and REC Apocalypse. PS, Manuela Velasco, the Spanish lead actress, is so gorgeous it is worth an extra star to the above 5! Buy them.

  2.  Brilliant but flawed


    As with the other reviews, I have to agree that this show is brilliant. Unique, engaging, exciting, thought provoking and makes you think. HOWEVER, the cancellation after season 2 (when Dan Knauf wanted to do 6 series) leaves it frustratingly open ended. Although there is some closure, many questions are left unanswered. So if you want to watch something unlike anything else on TV, watch this. If you want closure and everything tied off, avoid it. Arrested Development, Firefly, Dollhouse, Carnivale, FOX network a pox on thee!

  3.  Seriously guys?!


    Cannot believe this gets good reviews. I bought this boxset on that basis and wasz promptly bored to tears for weeks. The fact it has been cancelled now only adds to the frustration of watching a show that takes until Season 4 and 30+ episodes to get moving. The idea was great, the application boring and dull. The writers had no oomph about it and that is why it went off air. If you want a thoughtful, slow paced drama a la Brideshead Revisited with a BIT of scifi then watch this, if you want an exciting series, try something else.

  4. It



    Available  used  from  £2.65

     His best ever


    Would have been The Dark Tower series but for his messing it all up by putting himself in it. IT is simply the best piece of horror fiction King has ever written. Terrifying, funny, layered, moving and exciting, this book is an amazing piece of literature. Read this, then The Stand uncut, and see an era (now unfortunately long gone) when King was king.

  5.  Annoying


    I bought these about 3-4 months ago mainly for running. They do stay in your ears and the sound quality is good but the wire last week went dead. The split extension part of the phones no longer works and its not as if I pulled it around or gave it abuse, it just dies so now I have to use the shorter version which is not good for everyday use. Very unhappy about it and will have to buy another brand. Not for those who want something sturdy.

  6.  Happy with this buy


    OK I admit, I started watching Dollhouse on SciFi channel because I want Eliza Dushku's babies. Despite that, one episode and I went off it, too slow for me. However, after numerous positive reviews I bought the season and I am so glad I did. It starts slow but it gets better by the episode. Each character has you interested, bad guys or good guys, and the acting by Eliza and the cast is terrific. At this rate, Season 2 should be a corker. Recommended for those who fancy a change from the norm.

  7.  If it's affordable and goodlooking you're looking for...


    I am very happy with this phone. If you want a top of the range internet organizer wifi walkman type of product, look elsewhere. If you want an easy to handle, sleek design touchscreen that does what a moby should do, then this is a great model. I'm one to keep mobys for 1-2 yrs and this is one that won't look old fashioned anytime soon. One problem, you have only about 2mins after it warns you that battery is low before it dies! Small detail though, all else is great.

  8.  More truthiness, this rocks!


    The Colbert Report is sadly no longer on FX due to rights issues but you can still get it online. This book is perfect for those like me who missed the genuinely brilliant comedy. Anyone who likes Jon Stewart, Arrested Development, The Thick of It, anything satirical, will adore this book. Laugh out loud funny. Colbert Rules!

  9.  Bleak and brilliant


    I only got this recently as I heard they're making a movie out of it and it appears to be awesome. Upon reading I agree, this is a phenomenal story. You can picture the Father and Son and empathise somehow. A must read for anyone with a pulse.