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  1.  Nothing short of phenominal.......So far


    Simply put this is one of the most amazing games (and stories) ive ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The first few hours of this title are aboslutley amazing, literally I was in awe for a long time when I first swiched it on. Im only around four hours in so far but what ive seen upto now has been amazing. Irrational Games deserve a medal for what theyve acomplished, I dont think any other game has even come close to the level of story telling and immersion that infinite has to offer. I am well and truly blown away....... SEE FOR YOURSELF :)

  2.  Very Good


    Being a die hard hitman fan since the original I personally really like this game. Not at all what I was expecting but it does tie in rather well with the previous titles and the story is quite good. Not too keen on contracts mode or the fact that you cannot choose your equipment before a misson but its because of the story that this is the case.

    Gameplay however is extremely well done, very slick and smooth. Feels great and looks amazing.

    I feel that this title has set the stage for the next Hitman game, Its kind of rounded up the previous stories and can now move on to something different. Hopefully the next ones will be more like the previous games with equipment selection and actuall assassinations.

    Overall an 8.5/10 from me :)

  3.  Love It


    I love this game, its sense of humour, the graphics, the gameplay, the guns and action skills, its all amazing. Doesnt feel repetative like the first did and its extremley more fun to play, everytime I play I really enjoy it. Storyline is much better than the first, its no mass effect but it doesnt try to be. Handsome Jack its as funny as he is crazy and claptraps mohawk its awesome. 5/5 from me. BUY IT :)

  4.  Good but the first was better


    Great game but should of been much longer like the first. The new cartoon style graphics look amazing when your tearing someone apart and really does make everything 'pop' out of the screen, but for me the whole thing seemed less serious than the first, and with it being so short I just dont think its worth the price I paid, Which is why today im going to be trading it in for Uncharted 3 :)

  5.  My New GOTY


    Firstly my original game of the year was LA Noire as i thought the charcater animations were groundbreaking (hopefully 2012 will be full of this new tech) but once i got my mitts on skyrim my GOTY had to be changed lol

    I never played the previous Elder scrolls titles as It didnt really seem like my cup of tea but I did play fallout 3 and new vegas, which i love and thought id give Skyrim a try as the hype around this game was like a second coming. lol

    I was expecting this to be like fallout eg with the bugs/freeze's and sketchy load times but how wrong was i. Seems like theyve taken the best elements out of the fallout system, re-worked them and left out all the bugs. Amazing.

    Like I said before this is my first elder scrolls experience and I have to say im completley bouncing off the walls with this game, its awesome. The story and setting may not be everyones favorite genre (thats what put me of originally) but it really does suck you in after a couple of hours and makes you want to explore and experience everything the world has to offer.

    Skyrim is filled with all sorts of people, animals, towns, dungeons, dragons etc and with the amazing graphics youll be seeing, they both make the world come to life in an amazing and beautiful way, it really is great achievment. The word feels warm and comfortable in some places, cold and scary in others but youll feel totally imursed in this fictional land. (much better than real life lol)

    I have to say that the soundtrack and audio are also breathtaking, once you pop the disc in and the menu screen loads up, youll hear the coolest music ever which totally gets your dragon slaying, bandit bashing buzz on. Love it.

    To sum up this game is amazing and even if its not the type of game you normally play or are wondering weather or not to buy it, id say DO IT. Like i said even if its not your type of game you'll deffinatley appreciate all the time and effort gone into this game.

    Oh and if you think it may be a bit overwhelming id say that Bethesda have taken this into account and created a very easy and useful TASK menu which is great to use and very clrear.

  6.  Ermm did we just get blagged?


    2 years, 2 whole years to develop this? come on guys you were watching skyrim videos and playing angry birds werent you hahaha

    Seriously is it just me or have the maps shrunk again? I feel like gulliver walking round this place.lol

    Honestly though I feel so let down with this game, a few years ago I would of defended COD with my life if anyone dared to skit , and with modern warfare I still would but MW3 is just nigh un-defendable. It really is a terrible effort to be this years top FPS and I feel so, so bad I pre-ordered the hardend edition as it just isnt worth it. I totally feel ripped off, both with the money iv lost and for falling for the hype AGAIN. Sorry activision but after this year your profits will be taking a significant hit as im pretty sure nobody will be buying COD games any more. If they used the money we spent to actually fund new ideas, hire new people and generally improve then we would of loved you forever but they went the way of dark side and just pumped out an annual eye sore.

    If your looking for a shooter with depth, skill, new ideas and totally amazing servers then battlefield 3 is right up your alley. That game is a masterpiece, like when COD 4 came out, thats what that game is, a premace to which all future shooters should want to beat. Easily a 9.5/10.

    One more thing to all who were involved in the creation and sale of MW3 ' I usually like to be wined and dined before I get BEEPED'

  7.  Excellent


    This really is an amazing game, theres so much bang for your buck i dont see how people are complaining. By now you should all know how battlefield plays and just blatentley moaning that COD's better this way or that way is falling on deaf ears (pointless)

    I myself have been a long time COD fanboy and didnt really care much for battlefield 2 but I was getting bored of the same type of things MW2 and Black Ops were offering, having played BF2 and knowing that it isnt your average arcade style shooter I thought id try battlefield 3 as its a lot more tactical and you have to use your head in order to take objectives, flank the enemy or just simply escape suppressing fire.

    I love how battlefield makes you think to survive and win, if you dont think you die, your team dies and you loose. Anyone who is complaing that campers are shooting them obviously isnt using their head, if your defending in RUSH you have to camp sort of because you take a position and push the enemy as far back as you can, and to do this you must take cover, shoot/suppres and move rinse and repeat. If your attacking then you have to be kinda sneaky for the most part until some of your squad mates have a good position near the objectives.

    If snipers are bothering you then you MUST relocate. Obvious no? Then why people are moaning I dont know. Find the sniper, spot him, flank him, blow his a$$ up or even hide like a baby but for crying out loud dont nock the game because some lads sat in a bush n keeps shooting you lol thats your bad not DICE's.

    This is deffinatley a thinking mans game, not saying you have to be a rocket scientist to play but im sure most of you will figure out, if someones shooting you MOVE hahaha

    To finish off id like to say that the argument over top FPS shouldnt really include COD and BF in my opinion their both so different, yes their both modern warfare FPS but thats where it ends, no comparing guns or movement or anything, the games are so completley different they shouldnt be compared. In my opinion both are awesome game franchies and one gives you one thing, the other gives you something totally different. SIMPLES

  8.  KERPOW!!


    Absolutley amazing game, tons and tons to do. Dont listen to the review below, batman knows how to swim, he just chooses not to hahaha

  9. Rage



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     Solid but nothing new


    Got this the other day as I needed something to tide me over until battlefield is released next week.

    I have to say that the game is itself is very very strong, good action and gameplay (cant argue with that) totally amazing graphics the guys at ID did a brilliant job and have raised the bar again for what a game should look like, I had no idea my PS3 was capable of the graphics and display that RAGE delivers, epic.

    As people have said before Rage is like Borderlands mixed with fallout but far more linear. There is no exploration whatsoever, so fallout fans may want to watch a few vids before they make a purcahse as this kinda dissapointed me but its not that type of game (just presented that way) .

    The biggest problem I have with this game is that it just feels like every other shooter out there, it does nothing new apart from the graphics. Once the buzz from that dies off your left with a very basic shooter and this is why today im trading it in for BATMAN AC :)

    Dont get me wrong its a very good and solid game which im sure tons of people will enjoy, I just expected it to be more like fallout with tons of scavenging and exploration but instead it feels like killzone 3 with new skins and a buggy to drive. lol

  10.  Top Notch shooter


    For a FPS/RPG I think this game is awesome. The randomly generated weapons is a great touch as no two guns feel the same and who doesnt want a rocket firing shotgun? Plenty of missions and side quests to keep you playing. Graphics and sound cant be nocked as they are also very good. If you liked games like fallout and bio shock then youll probably enjoy this. Two thumbs up from me