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  1.  Shocking!


    This game promised so much and after Need for Speed Undercover, what do EA go and do? Yep make a complete and utter hash of it.

    First of all, the game itself, concept, looks, is all fantastic, one of best looking racing car games i've seen. Plenty of involvement, plenty to do and good variation in races.

    What lets this game down is the handling, it's like nothing else i've experienced before. I'm not amazing at racing games but i can certainly handle my own and know when it's down to car handling or not. It's almost like the car is on a pivet and even in the slightest of turns you can pivet your car sideways. All you do is slide, Even on long straights the slightest turn either left or right and you can slide your car. Its just horrific. Like a previous reviewer has stated no matter what you do to the settings, it makes no difference. I've tinkered and toyed with them and it still handles rubbish. I've found turning the steering assist off helps slightly but in the grander scheme of things, still awful. Play Race Driver: Grid and then play this. You'll soon see the difference.

    It's almost as if they've tried to make an arcade racer with a realistic driving experience.

    This in my opinion completely ruins this game and it's so frustrating. Oh and another thing, trying to get your car to accelerate from start line, That's just a nightmare in it's own right. Again all you do is skid.

    If you want my opinion, rent this first, borrow it from a friend if they've been foolish enough to buy it like me, whatever, failing that wait for the price to come down because believe you me it will and soon.

    One of the most important factors in a racing game has been ruined.

    Overall, a great game in theory ruined by a software programmer who has no clue what he's doing.

  2.  Fantastic


    This is a great game that i would recommend anyone buying if they love air combat fighting games. If you want my advice download demo first. The trailer is of a level called Glass Hammer which you get to fly on the demo. The plane featured is the Eurofighter typhoon although on the demo you only pilot the SU-27. Still a good plane to fly and everything you get to do in the demo is exactly what you get to do in the actual game should you decide to buy it.

    Online is intense with some serious crackpots but enjoyable. I've only given it 4 stars as i've just completed it which wasn't to tasking. Story is ok, little bit wishy washy with a twist to it but where that is lacking, the gameplay, graphics and sheer playablitiy more than makes up for it.

    Shouldn't have paid what i did but i reckon anything under £30 and you got yourself a bargain.

  3.  AWESOME!


    Appopriate or not but i wish you were able to swear on reviews because this film deserves it! It's awesome!!!!!

    I was dubious because i wasn't sure how they were going to develop a film based on racing across the states running people over for Points as in the Stallone, Carridene film, Death Race 2000.

    I had seen the trailers and knowing Jason Statham was the lead, I was in awe and i'm a bloke!

    The concept, the idea, it's fresh, innovative and in some ways reminds me of The Running Man with Schwarzenegger back in the 80's.

    There's so much to say but where do i start?

    It's a cracking film. Maybe more for the boys perhaps but basically, if you haven't seen it (or even part of it =P) this is a must purchase.

    As for Hi Def well this is what a film like this is meant for. Can't wait for my copy to turn up.

    Definate Blu Ray and DVD purchase for 2009. Must for anyones collection.

  4.  Just not good.


    Ok so i've read a few reviews of this film and it does have a lot of mixed opnions. Personally i think it's one you have to sit down and see and make you're own mind up.
    For me, whether you agree or not it's a huge disappointment. Craig may portray a Bond how it was intended but right or wrong, Bond is about the one liners, the ladies, the cars and the gadgets.

    This for me is what James Bond is all about, Secret Service, the sophitiscation, arrogance and a typical mans man.

    This is what i have grown up with and this is what i expect from a Bond film. Not to suddenly change things and re-design Bond and his Image.

    What was wrong before?

    Ok so the film is good a film but to class it as a Bond film it just isn't. I don't care whether it's how he was intended to be as i said, the fact is since the early 60's we've been led to believe Bond is everything but Daniel Craigs portrail.

    May as well stick Bruce Willis as a lead and call it Die Hard 5.0.

    I hope the next film has the essence of for me Bond is about. Is it about being a hardcore, ruthless killer or being a mysterious, swarve, sophisticated Brit who always gets his man and always gets the girl?

    Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  5.  Just Average


    This game promises so much and in as far as i'm concerned, if stay away from online use it does.
    However, games like this are born to be played online. Unfortunately COD5-WaW isn't.

    I wouldn't say it's awful awful but it just isn't good. I have got to lvl 18 without even getting to the first prestige and already i'm sick of it. It's cartoony, the lvl's are far to big even though they have been downsized and the hype about the vehicles is short lived as if you can survive for more than a minute without getting rocketed you're doing well.
    Not only that the lvl cap has been raised from 55 to i think 65 before you can go prestige. For the people that want to of course.

    To be honest, it's a joke online. I have tried playing it for a week or so and the end result. I stuck COD4 back in the machine and carried on prestiging with that. It feels newer, more updated and that's nothing to do with the transtion between WW2 weapons to modern day because i'm a huge fan of WW2 first person shooters but COD4, it just feels and plays a whole lot better.

    However 1 good thing about COD5-WaW is the Zombie mode.
    It's awesome, good laugh with your mates but again, it's short lived.
    As the lvl's get higher and it becomes more challenging you're left thinking this is getting more and more 'samey'.

    If you're wanting a zombie challenge get a PC and buy Left 4 Dead. Unless of course it comes out on the PS3....Hopefully!

    All in all COD5-WaW is a good game but online is poo poo poo.

    I wouldn't say don't buy it because single player is very good and so is the Zombie mode for a while, however for general online play, stick with COD4.

    I've heard that Infinity Ward are going to be doing COD6 which i think is going to be Modern Day and not from the World War and to be honest, If I was the head of Activision i'd give them the licensing for Call of Duty development full stop.

  6.  At last!


    About time this was launched on DVD.

    It's been years coming and unless it was purchased Region 1 it was only other European countries where you could buy this. Mainly Holland i found. Great Great price although if you want the other 2 films as yes this is a trilogy, i would imagine you'd have to buy those either region 1 or region free.

    I purchased the 3 together for over £20 a few years back and still have them now.

    Just feel that what with the launch of Blu Ray etc it's a little too late personally. Hope i don't have to wait years for that i can tell ya!

    It's important though not to confuse the 3rd film with the remake series rubbish that came out. The 3rd film called The Never Ending Story - Escape from Fantasia for those who didn't know, stars Free Willys Jason James Richter who plays Bastian and Jack Black who played a character called Slip - Leader of the Nasties.

    Released in 1994 this is also a must for the collection if you can get hold of it.

    I have included the synopsis of the film below:

    On his first day at a new school, Bastian is chased by a vicious gang called the Nasties. He hides in the school library where he finds a magic book that writes itself according to the imagination of the reader. To escape the Nasties (and his troubles at home), Bastian wishes himself into Fantasia, the storybook's phantasmic world of incredible creatures. It's here, away from the pressures of the real world, that Bastian thinks he's safe. But when the Nasties take control of the book, his Fantasian friends get stuck on Earth, and it's up to Bastian to save them. And in order to do that, he must defeat the Nasties!

    Hope this helps.

  7.  Fantastic as is the price!


    I saw this film trailored quite a few times and it looked ok. Thought just a modern day karate kid or summut but woreth a gander so my other half and her brother went and saw it.

    They came back saying it was absolutely brilliant so wanting to check it out anyway i went and had a goosey.

    Gotta tell ya, they're right. I thought it was a craking film and for £12.99 on Blu Ray that's unreal!!!

    There's been a lot of reports saying it encourages violence etc.

    Personally i came away from this inspired to get back into the gym as the shape some of these guys are in is pretty impressive.

    Either way, adrenaline pumping action from start to finish and whether you love or it hate it. I love it and for this price, it's an absolute steal!

  8.  Love or Hate?


    I bought this film the other day and started to watch it today.

    I haven't watched it all i will be honest but so far it seems ok.

    What i especially like is all the old sound effects from the 2 stand alone predator films have been brought back in which really set off the predator and the suspense and also some of the alien effects as well.

    What really is a disappointment is the lighting. Everything is really to dark. I thought previous reviews i read were over exagerating but no, seriously, it's awful. So far it seems ok, good action with good effects, when you can see them!

  9.  Fantastic!!!!!


    The National Treasure films are a must see. The first had everything, puzzle solving, little twists and turns and offered a couple of hours of pure escapism. The second film i was like 'ok lets see' but once i saw the trailor, i was like i have to see this film.

    I was not disappointed!

    Ok so it's the same as the first in which treasure is lost and they go on a hunt to find it, just with different reasonings as to why but that's it.

    And yes there are a few far fetched things in the second film i thought like the buckingham palace scenes and the kidnap of the president, which is why i have only gave it 4 stars rather than 5 but that being said, again, the way it keeps you hooked from one thing to the next. A great great film.

    I also thought that it didn't pan out like i thought the first did. The first was great up until the puzzle solving stopped, then it kinda went flat a bit i thought. This one is go from start to finish.

    Think of it as the way Tomb Raider should have been with Nick Cage rather than Angelina Jolie. More about the puzzles and the hunt for the treasure rather than the adrenaline pumping action to try and keep people entertained.

    I'd recommend this to anyone as it's a decent film that the whole family can enjoy at the same time.