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  1.  Superb if you look closely....


    Like alot of people out there i love the COD games.... COD 2 made me buy a 360.... COD 3 was a stage further and better multi-player.... COD 4 was outstanding and online brilliant.... COD WAW had an excellent story.... COD MW2... brilliant online and good story..... Black Ops has a great new angle with the campaign and the Zombies is new and more challenging..... Online COD has brought more excellent maps and gameplay but to me the spawning in Team Deathmatch is horrendous... worst its ever been... you move forward and suddenly the enemy spawn behind and shoot you in the back or you have players sitting on a spawn spot killing you before you can move.... i liked Deathmatch on MW2 but i refuse on Black ops due to this issue.... but with games like search and destroy and domination you can side step this problem.... this is another brilliant game for COD fans and wont disappoint as long as you dont let the spawning factor get to you.... this is my issue but other people might disagree... back to war now!!

  2.  And the winner for Game of the Year is........


    Quite simply... You ARE looking at the Game of The Year....
    The graphics are outstanding... Free Roam is excellent and the map is enormous.. and i mean enormous...
    Any fan of GTA will love this game, i was roaming around on Free Roam with friends when a cougar jumped me on my horse... Ha Ha excellent, then my mate was savaged by a Bear... what game can offer this....
    In my opinion this is a must buy for everyone... but this is only my opinion and some people will disagree.... if you do....I dont care ha ha... BUY IT!!!

  3.  Game of the Year??? DAMN RIGHT!


    Was this game worth waiting for?... everything we wanted?... Oh yes.... the multiplayer is excellent and the scenes are brilliant...
    The Spec ops missions are brilliant alone or even better with a friend.... The campaign is also excellent... you dont need me to tell you how good this game is... just go buy it!
    Another classic by Infinity ward...
    Come on Treyarch what you going to do?
    CLICK BUY its that simple

  4.  Good Fun.....


    I have to say i quite like this game... i know the graphics are not up to COD standard but in terms of fun it has plenty... Trophies are easy to collect and it has funny one liners... if you look past the average graphics you can see a really good game... i would recommend it but... your not me... make your own mind up!

  5.  Good or Evil....you decide!!


    Excellent game and graphics.... this game feels like GTA and Star Wars rolled into 1..... played the demo and i couldn't stop putting it back on.... one for the collection!!!

  6.  Excellent Game.....But.....


    First views of this game are..WOW...superb graphics... brutal injuries and detail... if your a fan of UFC you won't find a better game.... I found the career mode good at the beginning but then the novelty wore off and i got..sorry to say bored... it was frustrating when the CPU got you on the ground it was basically game over as your eventually knocked out... i followed the tutorial defence but it was near impossible to pull off as your man didn't move fast enough..... the other bug for me was kicking the CPU's head off nearly 10 times for him to do 1 kick and knock me out.... EH!!!.... This game is worth buying but i feel alot of people will lose intrest once the novelty has gone.....

  7.  The names Bond...James Bond.


    I have to agree with all the comments on here....what is happening to Bond?....how come he's always covered in Injuries now.... James Bond doesn't get his arse kicked.... yes he's no Jason Bourne either...Let the Amercians run around like headless chickens... James Bond should be the super smooth agent who kills with stealth and style.... They need to take hold of Mr Bond and get him behaving like the gentleman agent who beds the chicks and makes villians look like idiots.... This was an alright movie but defintately rent only... fingers crossed for the next one!!!

  8.  Motor Storm just got BETTER


    I loved the first Motor Storm and thought it would be hard to improve but i was having a blonde moment cos this game is fantastic... great races and new vehicles and smacking people off their bikes and quads is great fun... Great Fun game ...Must Buy!

  9.  Excellent Scenery...shame about the gameplay.


    I have heard so many excellent comments about this game that i had to try it... i love the FPS types and the thought of an open world to explore....great!!!......then i played it.....
    Tell me how boring is the opening sequences to leave the Vault...i was falling asleep after only 10 minutes...
    i made it outside and the scenes were excellent but to be honest the gameplay is awful....Melee attacks are so unrealistic and the weapons graphics are dull....
    Ive never played Oblivion so i cant compare it but if thats your cup of tea you will enjoy it...
    This is only my opinion but i thought this game was poor but you need to make your own mind up.... give it a go and find out!

  10.  War what is good for....having fun stupid!!!


    After playing COD2 i couldn't wait for COD3 and to be honest i wasn't disappointed...the gameplay and graphics were excellent and playing onliine is brilliant...especially the tanks....
    The COD series is so good that its hard to find faults when you love the game so much... a must buy!