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  1.  Hmmm


    Yes this is a good game (good, not great). The graphics are amazing, the charachters now feel 'lighter' than in Killzone 2 which makes the game feel faster and there are some interesting new weapons to play with along with the old classics (bolt gun anyone?). However, it is more of the same but with added jetpacks (which are fun but tricky to get the best from). Also it seems slightly too easy (on trooper setting this is). Rico can now reveive you when you get killed and he seems to do alot of the work for you. I came up against a chain gun wielding heavy and Rico saw him off before i had a chance! The multiplayer seems fun but haven't got to grips with it yet. I'm still playing Battlefield 2 online with no sign of boredom yet! Having said that it is alot of fun with some great sound design and lighting effects. This should keep me occupied until Battlefield 3.

  2.  Mmmmmm.......satisfying.


    MW2 or BfBC2? Well they are both different games. Firstly forget about the campaign modes. They are both fun but not that fun (ok if you have to have an answer MW2's campaign is better than BC2's, happy?). The online modes are two different beasts. MW2's is tense run and gun melee's where muppets can spawn camp and pairs of muppets can kill each other repeatedly and then drop a nuke on everyone after 5 minutes. BC2's online is a far meatier affair with games lasting 30 mins plus on huge maps that require teamwork to win, good selections of weapons and extra's and a huge sense of satisfaction when you beat the other team. You can play without a headset (as i have to as {begin rant}NO OTHER PS3 OWNER SEEMS TO HAVE ONE{end rant}) but, with one, a whole new level of teamwork opens up. Summing up, BC2 is a hugely satisfying online experience that hasn't been out of my PS3 since it came out and i'd have paid full price for the online alone, it's that good. Nice graphics too.

  3.  Brilliant!


    Pre-ordered this back on the 5th and it must have got lost in the crush as i've only received it yesterday. Not bothered as it was worth the wait. MA doing what they do best with some amazing tracks like Babel and the beautiful Paradise Circus with its minimalist beat, piano and soaring strings at the end. Everyone should have this album, even if you are only a passing fan of MA.

  4.  Hyperbole!!!!!!!!!


    If you liked the first uncharted you wont be disappointed. This improves on the original in every way. I bought this yesterday and played for about 4 hours (until rene auberjonois turned up in nepal) and can honestly say that my jaw was on the floor for 3 hours and 59 minutes. Sometimes i found myself wandering off just to stare at the scenery. Naughty dog know how good looking their game is as, at one of my scene staring interludes, one of the on screen characters chivvies me on with a sarcastic comment about the view! Looks aren't everything though and although among thieves is amazing to look at, more importantly it is also great fun to play with tense shoot outs and brilliant platforming action. The story also is well written and the voice acting up to par which all helps immerse you in the game. I also had a quick deathmatch online, an option sadly missing from the first uncharted, and was blown away (literally and figuratively). The multiplayer option has several different modes including co-op and capture the flag type treasure hunts. All in all a top quality package that really shows off the ps3. Buy it now!

  5.  Top speaker kit!


    Bought these to go with my PS3 and ASUS 24inch HD monitor as the latters intergrated speakers are a bit rubbish. Easy to set up and the sound quality is great. The "remote" control/MP3 dock is handy too. All in all a bargain at this price and they look good too! What more do you want?

  6.  Brilliant


    All the other reviewers who said fitting this is a piece of cake are right. I was done in 10 minutes.
    I had just upgraded the system software to version 3.0 and had to dowload this from the playstation web site again but other than that and having to download all my PSN games/video's again, this really was easy.
    I wish i'd bought this when i first purchased my PS3 as the 80Gb HD that came installed was filled up pretty quickly. Remeber to copy all your save game data before removing the old drive.