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  1.  Science Fiction or Attack of the Killer moon rocks


    I love Science Fiction movies and I knew this was right up my street, thats right its pure Fiction! As an amatuer space race historian, Apollo 18 never exsisted as Apollo 17 was the last due to horrendous cost of Launching the massive Saturn Rockets, NASA would have needed a rocket twice as big with fuel to get to the furthest polar regions of the Moon. At that time period it took 10 minutes for a radio signal from the Moon to reach Earth and vise versa not instant telecoms. Also the portable film cameras would have ran out of film in a few minutes plus the polar region of the moon can exceed below -200c in which case the film camera would freeze up or the cine film emulsion would be useless or innert as it loses photo sensitivety in minus tempretures. The technical issues I could forgive including having gravity in the Lunar Module but the final part of the movie fails to follow the Blair Witch Project guidline of explaining where the footage has come from as the Lunar Lander Module crashes into the Command Module???!!!!!!

    Apollo 18 has good production values with realistic looking space suits, equipment, etc thanks to a NASA consultant who helped in the movies style look but was not used to consult on technical issues and declared Apollo 18 as pure fiction the film cost only 3million quid or $5million to make and took $35million in the Box office so technically a hit. The movie is fine if you know nothing about science and film photography.

  2.  Its an Alien invasion that you've never seen before !


    A low $30million budget american/Russian collaboration set in Moscow as U.S Tourists on business and pleasure are on the run from invisible alien raiders who seem indestructible but seem hell bent on vaporization of the human race. Shot on 3D cameras so its a who hum Sci-Fi action flick for 3D movie collectors.

    Directed by Chis Gorak who is normally famed as the Art Director for Coen Brothers, David Fincher and Terry Gillian movies.

    Fans of Skyline which cost $10million by the special effects directors Strauss Brothers should enjoy Darkest Hour.

  3.  Its all Greek to me as Tarsem Singh combines with 300 crew


    Not shot on Fusion 3D cameras like Avatar or Transformers Dark of the moon but has opted for one of the two post production techniques adding 3D later by hand using digital artists, surprisingly the system used is called Real 3D.

    Overall the film is total Hokam and is 100% innacurate on Greek Mythology as there was only 8 Titan Gods who were over thrown by the younger Olympian Gods.

    Hyperion was one of the 8 Titans but the name is used for a angry King who wants to release the Titans who are portrayed as endless hordes of Gladiators with skin problems.

    Theseus is another one of Zeus's illegitimate half God sons which the film doesn't explain as makes out his mother was raped by unknown raiders.

    Enjoyable sword and Sorcery with amazing cinematography and elaborate costumes which are highly accurate of Greece 400 BC along with weapons.

  4.  Greek Mythical names but the whole movie is pure Hollywood


    Another demi-God kid of Zeus is made onto the big screen. Hercules is next on the Hollywood hit list.

    Tarsem Singh's visual flair is beautifully fused with the '300' production crew to deliver an artistic hack'n'slash with highly detailed accurate weapons and costumes indicative of 600 BC in Greece. Unfortunately after this it just parady of the recent 'Clash of the Titans' as the film is total hokam because there was only eight Titan Gods that were overthrown by the eight Olympian Gods. Hyperion is actually one of the original Titan Gods who is depicted as an angry King in this movie looking for some made up Bow.

    The Titans are portrayed as endless hordes of Gladiators with skin rash problems while the Olympians are into Glam rock fashion

    1080P Picture 10/10, DTS Sound 10/10.

  5.  Visual 3D Spectacular from the Director of 'The Cell'


    Tarsem Singh's visual style combined with the 300 production crew is pretty good hack'n'slash with top quality costumes and weapons pretty accurate of the time. As we are taken for rollacoaster ride with another one of Zeus's mortal sons with Theseus, bet you any money Hercules will be next or has Disney put people off.

    Overall this is a digitally 3D enhanced movie and was not shot with Stereoscopic 3D Fusion cameras Technology like AVATAR but its pleasant enough. Similar movie to the recent 'Clash of the Titans'.

    Apart from the mythalogical character names and the fact the that this film is set in ancient Greece, it has like every movie set in Greek mythology is totally inaccurate. Hyperion was one of the original eight Titan gods who were over thrown by the eight Olympian Gods. This ..... film makes the Titans out as growling endless hords of pale skinned Gladiators not the gigantian battle one would expect from a battling Gods, who so happen to be mortal if their on earth ! !

    I was quite excited to see the Tauras device which I saw on Discovery channel six years ago makes a nice appearance though it was only a single blowing horn with capacity for a single occupant.

  6.  Great fight scenes, lacks the humour of MORTAL KOMBAT


    Post apocalyptic martial arts movie based on the successful video game franchise. The characters from the game are recognisable Some very nice costumes, amazing to see a few of the in-game characters, Raven looked amazing and the ladies outfits showed good muscle tone !

    Overall I feel it just lacked on production value as the budget of $35 million must have gone somewhere, the entire film was shot at night or in dark buildings, after seeing low budget B-movie SKYLINE which cost $9 million you can forgive the actors being stuck in a LA condo and it made a large profit in the cinema excluding DVD/Bluray sales. Tekken however only took less than $1 million in U.S box-office sales and looks like a american TV movie!

    If you like classic Van-Damme movies you'll enjoy this as it reminds me of KICKBOXER, funny coincidence because he starred in STREET FIGHTER with Kylie Minnogue in Raul Julia last performance. The funky techno humorous MORTAL KOMBAT directed by Paul Anderson is still marginally the best film based on a fighting Game, mainly the infusion of humour also if Cameron Diaz had not had an injury she would have launched her career as Sonja Blade . DOA was an Xbox exclusive so didn't have the gaming followers of the playstation on nintendo and Eric Roberts as the big boss bad guy is debatable.

  7.  needs alot of power to capture in SD not HD


    I had to upgrade two PC's, one running on XP and the other running vista just to get this to work. Overall a disappointing result for alot of upgrading as your better off with the more expensive Hauppauge HD PVR from play.

    Main problem is this usb component capture device is vague on how much is required, I found it needs a higher spec than the Hauppauge which captures in 1080i and 720p while the Roxio captures just SD or 520i standard definition but passes through component HD, even with a 256mb graphics card, 2 gb ram, 200gb hdd and the results where flickery compared to any other device.

    Not great but not bad

  8.  Action of Independence day without the humour.


    Part 1, as the sequel is in post production, should be out end 2011

    Picture and sound pretty sharp, though the night scenes are white washy in the helicopter aerial fly by around the LA buildings at the beginning. The bluray version has been edited with some gory scenes missing from the theatrical version I saw last year in the multiplex.

    This is more or less a rework of cheesy 1950's B-movie of the Alien UFO invasion theme with classic body snatching & brain sucking!

    The effects are similar to 'Battle LA' because the same company did the effects 'Hydraulx' owned by the Strause Brothers who directed this movie on a budget of 300,000 pounds (Dr Who costs over 1 million pounds per episode) with final post production of effects costing a further 6 million quid, overall the film was half the money that get Tom Cruise out of bed to make the more serious 'War of the Worlds', with his Top Gun buddy Tim Robbins as the psycho axe weilding survivalist!

    The visuals are identical to a PS3 computer game 'Resistence 2' the fall of man series with the city water scape full of floating beomoth sized alien mother ships with lots of little neon illuminated small ships flying around like insects.

    'Cloverfield' (Alien Godzilla in NY had a $30 million budget) worked better in the dark cinema for its Blairwitch project shaky camcorder cinematography but not so good on bluray as you notice the effects, this film works better as a home cinema demonstrator with great sound similar to the shrill of the Decepticons from the first 'Transformers' movie.

  9.  Best Sci-fi movie of 2010 with amazing visuals & storyline


    If you liked the cheesy original Tron then be enthrolled by the jaw dropping sequel Tron legacy (cinematic 3D version was a must see) with a better story and eye poppin special effects, in my opinion better than Inception. I found myself watching this movie again and again on bluray compared to Avatar the best scifi movie of 2009 which I watched once after seeing it in 3D at the cinema.

    A film for the gamers & matrix fans who like a movie that is just entertaining without being to preachy

  10.  SG Atlantis & the new Battlestar Galactica series combines


    Drama, scene Lighting, conflcts, intense action, confrontation, even the camera work is identical with the spacecraft shots to the soleful singing music at the episodes ending.

    Overall better than the hammy SG1 series and the elongated Stargate Atlantis long road to no where story.